Organizing travel without the help of agencies or tour operators is a growing area of ​​tourism. Description of services for ordering air tickets, searching for accommodation options, meals and excursions - you can do it yourself. The advantage of this approach is budget savings, the ability to change the holiday program at will.

Medical tourism

Would you like to combine a tourist train and wellness? Familiarize yourself with the materials of the heading "Medical tourism". Up-to-date information about sanatoriums, prices, services. Reviews of vacationers will help to form an objective opinion. Medical specialization of resorts, institutes and sanatoriums. The cost of treatment and accommodation, options for beach and sightseeing holidays.

Solo travel

Get ready for a hike - the section "Independent travel" will be useful. The choice of tent, backpack, equipment for the forest or climbing the mountains. Organization of an overnight stay in the forest, what to do in extreme situations, what to take with you on a hike - the answers are in the articles. For car enthusiasts, information about campsites, car routes.

Winter holidays

You can also plan a trip for recreation and entertainment in winter. The choice of countries is large - from the "warm" Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to the ski resorts of Europe. Everything about the features of winter tours - the search for plane tickets, hotel reservations, the selection of equipment for skiing, snowboarding. Overview of vacation options in Russia at popular resorts.


Topical tourism and travel news. Which direction will be interesting this year, how to plan a trip and what do tour operators offer? Interesting facts about countries, resorts, bloggers' reports about their tours. What countries offer to attract tourists, events - exhibitions, festivals, concerts.