The current map of the slopes of the ski resort La Plagne, the cost of a ski pass

Описание спусков лыжного курорта Ла Плань

The ski resort of La Plagne is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding skiers. It is located in France, in the Savoy region, in the highlands of the country. Features – tracks for beginners and professional athletes, developed infrastructure. Entertainment for adult tourists and children. Before the trip, it is recommended to study the map of the slopes of the La Plagne ski resort – the location of the slopes, lifts, rescue stations and equipment and equipment rental points.

Scheme of the slopes of the La Plagne resort

Firstly, the ski resort consists of several bases, which are united by a common lift scheme. The height varies from 1800 to 2000 m, which makes it possible to choose the best route for skiing. The most interesting places for winter recreation are Aime-la-Plagne, Plagne-Bellecote, Village / Soleil and Plagne Center. The total length is 425 km, most of the tracks are blue, but there are also red ones for professional skiers. The advantage of this approach is that you can always change the place for the descent, focusing on the difficulty and weather.

Map of the slopes of the La Plagne ski resort

About the map of the slopes of the La Plagne ski resort, useful information for tourists:

  • The total number of tracks is 225, in addition to the standard ones, there are educational and children’s tracks with simplified difficulty.
  • There are special buses for moving between different skiing points.
  • The number of “blue” tracks – 65% of the total. Reds make up 17%. Beginner skiers can choose from 10% pistes.
  • There is the possibility of freeride, part of the slopes will be preserved for extreme sports. But you need to be aware of the weather conditions.

Snow groomers and artificial snow systems work for comfortable skiing and snowboarding. Most of the slopes have artificial lighting, which makes it possible to ski after sunset. Sometimes preparatory work is carried out for local or international competitions. This is previously written on the official website of the La Plagne ski resort, where there is a map of the slopes.

Lifts, location

If you need to climb the “black” slopes near the Belcote or Biolei glacier, get to the Roches de Mio freeride areas or choose one of the middle slopes, use the lift system. Each has a convenient system of boarding and disembarking, often at the top there is a small cafe or restaurant for relaxation. During the peak season, you need to carefully choose the map of the slopes of the La Plagne ski resort, there are often queues at the lifts, especially on popular slopes.

Types of lifts of the French ski base

Types of lifts at the ski base:

  • Ground models, installed on small slopes, amateur and student trails. Relatively low lifting speed.
  • The most numerous type of open-type lifts, designed for 2 or three tourists.
  • Gondolas and cabins. Equipped at the highest points of the resort, they protect skiers during the ascent from wind and snow.

Belt lifts are installed on student tracks. They have a small lifting speed and length. But they differ in maximum safety. Some of them have a protective dome, which is convenient during a snowfall. Can be used for skiing, snowboarding and even sledding.

Ski pass and equipment rental

For a comfortable stay, a ski pass system has been earned on the entire map of the slopes of the La Plagne ski resort. It applies to all ski lifts of the winter base, regardless of their location. Children under 6 years old and senior skiers over 72 years old can climb the slopes for free. For other tourists, several types of ski passes are provided, differing in duration in days. The minimum term is 1 day. To purchase a three-day subscription and with a longer duration, you need to provide a photo.

Ski pass price, equipment rental

The cost of a ski pass for an adult skier is 299 Euro for 6 days. This rate applies to the entire ski area. For beginners and first-time visitors to the winter resort, a special decouverte program has been developed. The subscription price for it is 271 euros. In addition to using the lifts, it is possible to visit the sports center. Family ski passes are available for family holidays.

It is not always possible to visit a ski resort with your own skis and suits. To solve this problem, there are ski equipment and equipment rental points. Here can take models from brands Rossignol, Salomon, Tecnica and Dynastar, Dullard, Trespass, Scott, Bolle, Tracer. The cost of renting standard equipment in La Plagne is from 75 Euros. You can only take skis, a snowboard or some equipment.

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