Reducing the cost of air tickets to the World Cup 2022

Flights to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Since November 2022, the World Cup will start in Qatar. Many fans, tourists and independent travelers are preparing for this in advance. The main difficulty is the location of the country; you can only get to it by plane. Therefore, the news of reducing prices for air tickets to the Catar at the World Cup 2022 was the main one. How much has the price of air travel and how many more preferential tickets are left?

Why did the prices of air travel in Qatar decrease

In February, the cost of tickets to Doha was 6000-7000 dirham. These proposals lasted until the end of May. Starting from May 28, 2022, airlines began to offer air travel from 1,400 dirhams. However, this window of possibilities turned out to be small. It is still unknown how many flights are still at the box office at the preferential price.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar

At the same time, the number of flights from the UAE to Doha is increasing. Most begins on November 20, 2022, on the opening day of the World Cup. The reason for the emergence of auction air tickets is the restoration of tourist interest in this region.

At the same time, airlines and travel companies pursue the following goals:

  • An increase in the flow of tourists and independent travelers in the summer of 2022. Attention to Qatar, its resorts, should increase the interest of vacationers in the country.
  • Growth of air transportation revenues. Despite the global crisis, the situation in Ukraine and the still continuing pandemia of Covid-19 many tourists are already actively looking for a country for summer holidays. This increases the demand for flights.
  • Popularization of recreation in the UAE and the countries of this region.

According to Subeir Valappil, the official representative of the Regal Tour company, the number of tickets with preferential cost is limited. As soon as this offer ends, the prices for the air travel will again increase. Therefore, when planning a trip to Qatar at the World Cup 2022, tickets should be book tickets in advance.

Prior to this, Travelindependen reported the countries of the European Union, which removed the restrictions due to Covid-19.

Airlines in Qatar

Currently, the cost of air travel from the Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Hamad Airport, located in Doha, is 1800 dirham. Departure date – from November 20. From Abu Dhabi, tariffs are even lower. So, one tourist must pay for a place in the interior of the aircraft from 1400 dirham. When departing from Riyadh, the prices for air travel to Doha are 1340 dirhams. Kuwait travel companies offer the cheapest tariffs.

The national company Qatar Airways was the leader in the sale of air tickets. Due to increased demand, according to the representative of Al Baker, I had to increase the number of maintenance personnel, expand the network of passenger air transportation.

About the cost of tickets for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022

Due to increased demand for visiting the World Cup 2022 matches, the cost of tickets increased significantly compared to the last championship held in Russia. So, in 2018, the average price for the final meetings of football teams was 1000 dollars. Now this cost has increased to 1600 dollars, which exceeds the average indicator according to the analytical service of Statista.

The cost of tickets for matches of the World Cup-2022

Prices for starting matches are traditionally low. So, for a place on the rostrum, tourists or independent travelers must pay 60-80 dollars. For a visit to the quarterfinals, you need to give up to 400 dollars. They can be booked in advance on the official FIFA website, which will help save on a trip.

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