What European countries can tourists enter without restrictions because of the COVID-19

Restrictions for tourists Europe,

The decline in the pandemia Covid-19 opens up new opportunities for tourism in European countries. Most of the states canceled mandatory certificates of complete vaccination from coronavirus. But there are still PCR tests that need to be done before the border pass in a maximum of 72 hours. The article contains a list of European states; which tourists can enter without restrictions.

EU countries with free access for travelers

Despite the concessions, quarantine rules apply in a number of states. Be sure to wear masks, observance of a social distance. This must be taken into account when planning travel, drawing up a program for inspection of local attractions. The removal of quarantine restrictions within the resorts will be after a decrease in the risk of COVID-19.


All restrictions on Covid-19 were shot in Iceland on February 25, 2022. This increased the tourist sweat several times, and taking into account the summer season, a complete restoration of the tourism industry is expected. Most of the internal quarantine restrictions were also canceled. The exception is school programs and the conditions for the stay of children in kindergartens.

Covid restrictions in Iceland

Prior to this, before arriving in Iceland, tourists are required to do complete vaccination from coronavirus. Now it is enough to present a certificate of a negative test test. Judging by statistics, the level of infection from the beginning of spring began to fall. Perhaps in the future the country’s leadership will cancel even internal restrictions.


She is one of the first Scandinavian state, which can be entered without mandatory complete vaccination. In addition to March 31, the conditions for tourists and independent travelers from states that are not part of the European Union were removed. But they are required to show a negative PCR test when crossing the border.

Entrance rules to Norway

Inside Norway, restrictions on the work of restaurants, cafes and bars, discos and nightclubs were removed. Now these establishments are not required to close by 23:00. Also, tourists may not wear protective medical masks. There is an opportunity to go through a free test on the COVID-19 DJ time for relaxation at the resorts of Norway.


The boundaries of Ireland are open from March 9. All covid restrictions for tourists and independent travelers have been canceled. Vacationers N need to present certificates of complete vaccination or tests on the COVID-19. This opens up new opportunities for traveling in Europe in 2022. When passing border control, you need to follow only the standard verification procedure.

A trip to Ireland

However, when the symptoms of the disease appear, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of HSE (Health Service Executive). You need to go to the hospital, make a test. With a positive result, the self -isolation procedure is carried out. In Ireland, tourists can get free vaccination. However, in Northern Ireland, restrictions due to Pandemia Covid have not yet been removed. This must be taken into account when planning a trip.

Great Britain

The country’s authorities are preparing for the gradual abolition of demands to tourists and vacationers. It is still necessary to present tests on the COVID-19, it is advisable to have a certificate of complete vaccination. However, before the summer tourist season, part of the restrictions will be shot. You can find out about this on the official website of the Government of Great Britain.

Travel to the UK

Now tourists are undergoing a standard procedure after arriving at the airport, sea or railway stations of the country. During a vacation in the UK, it is recommended to observe the minimum requirements – a social distance, in the case of symptoms of the disease, go to the hospital.

Tips for tourists traveling around Europe in 2022

When planning a trip, you need to find out the requirements of a competitive country. Information is posted on the official websites of the government or a specialized ministry. The conditions for crossing the borders of the EU countries while traveling by car are also taken into account. Some of the European Union countries still retain tough Covid-19 restrictions.

The requirements for tourists from the EU and states that are not part of the EU are different. Most often, a certificate of complete vaccination is required from vacationers. But you can cross the border with a negative covid test. It must be saddled no later than 72 hours from the moment the border crosses.

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