Opening New Zealand for tourists, basic conditions

New Zealand will open in 2022

The New Zealand government has said it plans to open all border crossings to tourists and passenger shipping by the end of July 2022. However, new conditions for vacationers were announced – the countries from which tourists stay must be in the “green” zone. These include Australia, the UK, the US and 50 other countries.

These restrictions will be lifted from July 31, 2022 for citizens of other countries. At the same time, a program is being developed to abolish mandatory testing for COVID-19 before leaving the country. These measures should attract the number of tourists and independent travelers to New Zealand. This was stated by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

New Zealand will open in 2022

What else you need to know about the changes when entering New Zealand in 2022:

  • Formation of a list of 56 professions that are in demand on the labor market. Foreigners with these specialties will have priority when processing documents.
  • Simplification of the conditions of stay of tourists in resorts, removal of a number of restrictions.
  • Free movement throughout the island.

The main purpose of these adjustments in the legislation is to increase the number of tourists in the summer. This will help restore the country’s tourism industry and improve its attractiveness among travelers.

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