Morocco cancels PCR tests for tourists, new conditions for entering the country

New rules for entering Morocco

After the opening of Morocco in February 2022 for tourists, entry restrictions remained. Each traveler had to present a PRP test, issued no later than 72 hours from the day of crossing the border of the country. However, this affected the tourist flow. Therefore, the authorities decided to remove this condition.

New rules for entering Morocco

Before the new summer holiday season, the country’s tourism industry should receive the maximum number of tourists. Restrictions due to COVID -19, which have been in place for almost 2 years, have reduced the income from tourism activities to the minimum. Therefore, along with other states, Morocco will cancel the mandatory PRP test for tourists and independent travelers.

New rules for entering Morocco

How it will work:

  • The entry rules before the coronavirus period are back.
  • The check is standard, at road border posts, at airports, upon arrival at seaports.
  • Presentation of hotel booking confirmation, voucher.

You can find out more information on the official website of tourism in Morocco . General requirements are placed here, sights of the country, resorts are described. Additionally, you can get acquainted with the reviews of tourists. According to the government’s plan, the abolition of mandatory PRP tests in Morocco should increase the flow of tourists.

Previously , TravelIndependen reported that non-EU travelers in Spain are now less required to present full COVID -19 vaccination certificates.

How to relax in Morocco in 2022

Most often, tourists go to the resorts of the country for a sea holiday. On the coast there are large hotels and hotel complexes. Here you can book a room with breakfast or according to the All program inclusive. Additionally, they offer excursion programs to local historical natural attractions.

How to relax in Morocco

Independent travelers can schedule a train to the resorts of Morocco in a rented car. So you can see many interesting places, visit the famous resort cities – Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouira. For lovers of culinary tours, a special program has been prepared. Here you can try dishes of national Moroccan cuisine – tagine (vegetable stew), couscous, mint tea and various types of sweet pastries.

Given the desire of many tourists from Europe and North America to visit the resorts of Morocco for a quiet and active holiday, the abolition of the mandatory PRP test will make this trip easier. This should increase the number of holidaymakers in 2022.

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