On the population of Montenegro – nationality, culture and life

Население Черногории

Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic Sea. The coast, tourist infrastructure and attractions have caused a growing flow of tourists. But there is one factor influencing the comfort of travelers – the population of Montenegro, its character and national characteristics.

Country Nationality

The bulk of the population – Montenegrins. According to historians, they are part of the peoples of Serbia, these countries were often united. In Montenegro, part of the population still wants to join Serbia. The reason is common traditions, national cuisine, very similar languages. However, compared with the past century, this trend among the population is decreasing. Gradually, the Montenegrins become aware of themselves as a separate ethnic group.

Население Черногории

The main nations of the country:

  • Montenegrins – 45%.
  • Serbs – 29%.
  • Bosniaks – 9%
  • Albanians – 5%.

About 1,000 Russians and as many Turks reside in the country. Therefore, the mentality of the population of Montenegro is very close to the Slavs. The Montenegrin ethnos was formed in the 15th century, at the time of the Turkish company. Most of the population fleeing the conquerors went to the mountains. After the liberation of the territories, they returned to their former places, but their stay and difficult living conditions made the Montenegrins different from the Serbs and other peoples of the Balkan Peninsula.

Demographic data

Population growth in the country began in the 50s of the last century. Until 2000, the increase was significant, but then it slowed down. The reason is emigration to the European Union, lack of state support for newborns. Now this situation is being corrected, but there are still problems with work in the country. The most developed industry is tourism and holiday services. According to the results of the last census, the population is 670 thousand people.

On the population of Montenegro - nationality, culture and life

Facts about a country’s population:

  • The ratio of men and women is approximately equal.
  • In 2019, the projected emigration will be about 300 people.
  • About 12 new citizens are born per day.
  • The planned increase in the number of – 320 people.
  • Density – 45 per 1 km².

In summer, the population of Montenegro increases due to tourists and independent travelers. Some of them rent villas or apartments, some buy houses and apartments. The last convenient way to invest money.

Most of the citizens live on the Adriatic coast, the most numerous city is the capital Podgorica. There are several enterprises that provide a steady income to citizens.

Montenegro has a relatively long life expectancy. For men, it is 74 years, for women – 76 years. The reason – a calm life, healthy food and good ecology. Mostly longer life in mountainous areas.

On the nature of the Montenegrins

Historical feature – the population of Montenegro was constantly in a state of war. These were internal conflicts, the conquests of neighboring Turkey or all-European wars. Such a situation was reflected in the character of the inhabitants; for several centuries, in addition to the official power, tribal clans ruled. Their influence is still strong in the mountainous regions. In the resort towns and large villages it is less.

On the population of Montenegro - nationality, culture and life

Now the population of Montenegro is friendly, sociable and hospitable people. For them, the guest is the messenger of the gods. It is a pity that this does not apply to tourists and independent travelers. Since 2000, there have been more cases of deception of holidaymakers, and overcharging by taxi drivers is a well-known feature of the country.

The Montenegrin peculiarity is slowness. If you made an appointment with a local resident, you need to remind about it several times. Slow life is a national tradition. Women have a special place in culture. Mothers of families often have more weight than men. Exception – Gypsy settlements.

The language in the country is Montenegrin. But most of the locals know Serbian and Russian. The resorts staff speaks English. The reason – a lot of tourists and vacationers from Europe. In Montenegro on holiday often come from Germany, neighboring Italy, France. Tourists from these countries do not always behave well, but locals hardly make any comments to them.

For tourists

Arriving in Montenegro, you need to know that it looks very similar to other Slavic countries, but there are a few differences. The first is a culture of behavior. Handle waiters, staff in hotels, villas should be culturally. The population of Montenegro is very touchy, if you show disrespect to them, conflicts are possible.

One should study the features of the Montenegrin language, in particular, obscene words and expressions. These include “chicken”, “match”. It is not recommended to use them during intercourse and just on the street, these are ugly expressions for each Montenegrin person. At the resort, it can be forgiven, but in distant villages they will be considered an insult.