How to choose a winter tent for hiking and fishing

Зимняя палатка

Preparing for a winter hike – choosing the right equipment, hiking clothes, shoes. Equipment must be checked as weather conditions often approach extreme. The main element is a winter tent for hiking, which should be light, resistant to frost.

Requirements for winter tents

The search for camping equipment begins with an analysis of the conditions. Spending the night in the winter forest is different from resting in the mountains. Often tents for winter trips are taken for fishing. Therefore, there should be an opportunity to make a hole, the moisture inside should not adversely affect the microclimate.

Зимняя палатка

General requirements:

  • wind resistance, shape retention;
  • temperature changes do not affect the elasticity of the material, the likelihood of damage due to mechanical stress does not increase;
  • simple installation, this is necessary if there is no time for fastening the tent;
  • light weight so that it does not take up much space in the equipment;
  • good thermal insulation, if there is a heat source inside, cooling should not be fast.

To choose, you need to take into account several factors – budget, capacity, availability of additional functions. If damaged, you can quickly make repairs, stickers on the hole patch.

The basic requirements for winter tents for hiking are wind-resistant, two-layer bedding throughout the entire volume, aluminum arcs are used to reduce weight. For thermal insulation, there should be a vestibule with two hermetic valves in front of the entrance.

A skirt is not necessarily a condition for winter hiking. To increase the weight of the edge, you can dig around, make a snow shelter around the structure. Capacity – the number of people plus one. Need a spare place for things and other equipment.

Types of tents

Synthetic fabric is used for the production of tents. It can be nylon, lavsan or polyester. For winter, fabrics with a polyester base are used. An example is lavsan or polyester. The more fibers, the denser the material. Possibly impregnated with polyurethane or silicone. Model for hikes maybe be various forms.

Виды палаток

Kinds equipment on form:

  • Frame. The building is solid and stable. The disadvantage is a lot of installation time. First, the bottom is spread and fixed, then the awning is pulled over the arcs. The model is taken for a multi-day stay in one place, for example, for fishing.
  • cube. What temporary shelters are made in full growth, stiffeners provide stability and reliability. But with strong gusts of wind there will be windage. The weight is more than the standard, which creates difficulties in hiking.
  • Machine. Advantages – fast installation. It installs in less than a minute. But she is has small stability .

Trekking tents are rarely used for hiking in winter. There are models designed for low temperatures that can withstand strong gusts of wind.

Model overview

There are many companies in the outdoor equipment market that offer winter camping tents. They differ in shape, fabric, function and construction. To select, you need to analyze all the parameters, read the reviews of the owners of a particular model

Tramp Ice fisher 180

The tent belongs to the premium class, has a cubic shape. Cannot accommodate 2-3 people, there will be room for equipment. There is one entrance, there is no dressing room. Made from 2-layer polyester for added protection from wind and moisture. Tourists can stand up to their full height. A good option for independent travel over short distances, winter fishing.

Tramp Ice fisher 180

The advantages of the model are a solid frame, easy installation on snow cover or ice. The disadvantage is the lack of a vestibule. Cost – from 175 dollars.

Maverick ICE 5

For hiking in the forest or mountains, you can take this option as a temporary home. The shape of the structure is hexagonal, sloping surface. Withstands strong wind drafts, the mechanical strength of the carcass. Included _ goes 6 liter stretch marks.

Maverick ICE 5

You can install the lower wide skirt. Oxygen circulation is provided by two ventilation openings. The maximum capacity is two people. Advantages – quick installation, polyurethane impregnation, eight pins for mounting in ice, light weight. The disadvantage is the cost, from 188 dollars.

Tramp Wild

The hemisphere shape protects from low temperatures, sudden gusts of wind. The walls are two-layer, fireproof. It can accommodate a stove, there is a hole for a chimney. In design there is two entrance.

Tramp Wild

Yes, it is better not to insulate the second bottom from a fine mesh. Winter tents for hiking are lightweight, do not lose quality when exposed to sunlight. It can accommodate only 2 people, the fishing model is uncomfortable, low ceiling. Price – from $ 125.