We choose tourist tents for hiking, models and characteristics

Виды туристических палаток

A tourist tent is a place for sleeping, storing luggage, protection from the weather. It should be compact, in the assembled state it fits in a backpack, the weight is small. The complexity of installation, dismantling, and the reliability of protection against moisture are taken into account. It is difficult to study all types of tourist tents, you need to know the main parameters – technical and operational.

Purpose of the tent

It is needed for temporary living in nature with comfort. Therefore, you need to analyze in which cases you need a tourist tent. The condition is the trip time is not less than 2 days, one overnight stay. Otherwise, it makes no sense to take it on a trip, the equipment will take up space, but will not actually come in handy.

Виды туристических палаток

Types of tourism when you need a tent:

  • Amateur. Hiking in places with normal climatic conditions, duration – up to 5 days.
  • Professional. They choose a model with certain parameters – for spending the night in high-mountainous regions, in the desert, in the taiga forest. A tourist tent must be protected from bad weather – a strong temperature drop, wind, heat.
  • For camping. Feature – the ability to attach to the car, a large coverage area. Installation on the long time .

Professional models can be used in amateur hikes. It is important that the parameters correspond to the conditions of residence, the duration of the trip.

For the highlands

They are adapted for low temperatures, the mount can withstand strong gusts of wind. The material does not allow moisture to pass through, tightness is possible to stabilize the level of oxygen. There are assault and expeditionary, combined. The latter are designed for long parking, have a large volume, and are resistant to mechanical damage. adapted for alpine conditions , extreme travel.

Высокогорная палатка

Assault vehicles are designed for a long transition. They must quickly assemble and understand. Requirements – light weight, the ability to install on a rocky surface, wind protection. Models are not very roomy, they can accommodate 2-3 people.


  • Made from a strong frame, awning with fire protection.
  • Wind resistance, withstands gusts up to 30 m / s.
  • High cost .
  • Possibility accommodation inside backpack .

Models – Terra Incognita S Team 2, Tramp Peak 2, Terra Incognita Canyon. Feature – there are chippers to protect the entrance from falling asleep with snow. Snow accumulates on the sides of the structure, without interfering with the exit or entrance.

For midlands and plains

They have better comfort, but this is reflected in the mass. The frame is rigid, several types of fasteners. Many species differ from the conditions of independent travel, weather factors. Capacity – from 2 to 12 people. The interior space can be divided into several compartments. Different material in terms of moisture permeability, resistance to mechanical damage, low temperatures. It must be elastic so that cracks and holes do not appear at low temperatures.

Палатка для кемпинга

Kinds tents this type :

  • For camping. Used for long stays, have a large capacity. You can stand in full growth, there are several branches. The disadvantage is a large volume, which makes it impossible to warm up, difficult installation, and a lot of weight. Benefits – comfort recreation , protection from wind .
  • Universal. Can be used for hiking on plains, low mountains. They have a rigid structure, the bottom flooring is required. Protection from rain, wind. Weight – up to two kg .
  • Special. They are designed for specific operating conditions. Examples – for winter fishing, spending the night at altitude. They have a specific shape, different mounting options.

Of all types of tourist tents, universal ones are chosen. They are suitable for many independent trips, hikes. In addition to the price, you need to study their technical and operational qualities, the manufacturer.


The design of a tourist tent affects the comfort of staying in it. The height, the angle of inclination of the walls is taken into account. The latter affects the usable volume – the larger it is, the less space there will be in the tent. The reverse side is streamlining. Sloping walls resist the wind better, do not have windage, like straight ones.

Конструкция палаток

In the form of tourist tents are:

  • Gable. The classic form, when vertical posts hold the upper points of the roof. It is rarely used, as it has disadvantages – poor streamlining, space limitation, labor-intensive installation. advantage is small price .
  • Barrel. The frame consists of two bent spirits arranged in parallel. They have good streamlining, a lot of space for tourists and equipment. It is installed with pegs, which makes it problematic to mount on a rocky surface.
  • Sphere. The shape may repeat or vaguely resemble a hemisphere. The advantages of this type of tourist tents are simple installation, there is space for campers. The disadvantage is the relatively large weight. Can fast postpone on the other place .
  • With rigid frame. It consists of aluminum pipes interconnected. A rigid structure is formed where you can stand at full height. Used for hiking with long stops, camping.

Combinations of structures are possible. This expands the functionality, but with the advantages come new disadvantages. Output – you need to analyze the performance of each model.


All types of tourist tents differ in maximum capacity – 1-8 people. A larger value of this parameter makes the structure too large, which makes it difficult to use on foot. Some manufacturers have found a way out – their models can be interconnected, forming a single area for relaxation with a division into zones. This is relevant if on a hike heading off some person.

Характеристики туристической палатки

Other characteristics tourist tents :

  • Number of layers. Most of the models are two-layer. The interior consists of mesh fabric, which is comfortable for tourists. External is needed to protect against rain, snow, wind. This ensures good ventilation, without the penetration of moisture into the tent. Single layer are bought rarely , application for lengthy hikes not recommended .
  • Water resistance. In the specifications, this value will indicate the maximum column of water that the awning can withstand without moisture penetrating inside. The parameter is 1000-8000. For summer trips use models 1500-3000. Everything above is used for regions with heavy precipitation – snow, rain.
  • Design. The presence of a vestibule is a must for winter travel. This volume is needed for storing equipment. Convenient, but increases the weight of the tourist tent. Number of outputs – 1 or more. Two and three are relevant for large models.
  • Mosquito net available. This is a must have accessory. If it is not in the design, you can separately buy and install the grid on the window valves, the entrance. Convenient for summer travel .
  • Frame. Material – aluminum or fiberglass . The first is light in weight, but often bends, breakage is possible. Fiberglass more reliable so as has the best flexibility on the break .
  • Internal organization. The presence of pockets, compartments, the possibility of dividing the space into several zones increases comfort. So can do comfortable sleeping places , place equipment .

The price depends on the manufacturer, and other characteristics. Types of tourist tents must be combined with other camping equipment. They must complement each other. Example: convenient placement of a tent in a backpack or the possibility of attaching it to an external frame .