TOP 5 best countries for organizing independent travel


Vacation planning is a difficult but economical process. Buying a tour will be more expensive than organizing a trip yourself. The first stage is to choose the state or resort where you want to go. To do this, you need to explore countries for independent travel, convenient and safe for recreation.


This country is located in the western part of the Caucasus Range, has access to the Black Sea. It is convenient for recreation. Advantages for tourists from Europe – visa-free regime is also close. Among the countries for independent travel, it ranks first. It can be reached by car, train or plane.


Advantages holidays in Georgia:

  • Hospitality. This is a national feature of Georgians, expressed in non-resort areas. Tourists do not need knowledge of the language, the majority of the population understands and speaks English.
  • Close quarters. Flight time from Moscow is 1.5 hours. Georgia has two international airports.
  • Vacation options. In summer you can swim in the Black Sea in Batumi, sunbathe on the beach. in winter work ski resorts Georgia .
  • The choice of accommodation – hotels, hotels, private apartments.
  • Prices are lower than in Europe.

The advantage of staying in this country is the national cuisine. During your vacation, you can taste Georgian dishes and wines. Excursions are analyzed separately. There are many natural and historical attractions here. You can go to them as part of a group tour or plan an independent trip.


For a good rest at sea, countries are chosen for independent travel on the Balkan Peninsula. It is divided into two regions – the Adriatic coast and the flat part. Holidays are spent on the first, on the second there are many attractions. A visa to Montenegro is issued at the airport or at the border. It is enough to have a passport. This is convenient for organizing independent holidays abroad.


Peculiarities holidays in Montenegro :

  • Ways to get there. You can order air tickets for a charter, drive by car through the countries of Eastern Europe. The alternative is by train from the Moscow railway station. It’s cheaper to fly by plane.
  • Housing. You can rent a room in a hotel, hotel, villa apartment in advance. On the place This maybe be more expensive .
  • Resort selection. For the first stay in the country on an independent holiday, it is recommended to stay in Budva or Herceg Novi. This is most developed cities Montenegro .
  • Vacation time – the end of spring, the beginning of autumn. Most tourists in August.

Plan ahead to visit local attractions. To save money, you can contact any tour agency after arrival.


The Baltic countries for independent travel are convenient for those living in St. Petersburg and the region. They are located close to the border, there are many ways to get to rest. The advantage of Latvia is the large coastline of the Baltic Sea. Here you can combine vacation with swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beach.


What you need to know before traveling to Latvia:

  • Necessarily registration Schengen visas.
  • Booking a hotel room in advance. It is possible to rent an apartment after arrival.
  • Rest on the sea in Jurmala or coastal cities. In the summer there are high prices, if possible – go on vacation in September.
  • You need to take warm clothes with you. In the evening maybe be cool .

For catering, cafes or restaurants are chosen farther from the tourist areas. The prices are cheaper and the level of service is better. The main attractions are concentrated in Riga; you can allocate 1-2 days for their inspection.

The advantage of this country for independent travel is the absence of a problem with understanding the English language. Almost the entire population knows it, respectful of tourists. But you need to observe local customs and traditions, especially towards the police.


This country has no access to the sea, but it is famous for other things – healing thermal and mineral springs. Most of it is located on Lake Heviz. There are clinics, hospitals, dispensaries. To travel to Hungary, you need to apply for a visa. For independent travelers it is obligatory to book a hotel or inn.

Лечебные курорты Венгрии

Memo tourists:

  • You can get to Hungary by train, plane or car.
  • If you plan to travel for treatment, you need to make a correct diagnosis before that.
  • You need to book hotels or places in the sanatorium in advance, 3-4 weeks before the start of the trip.

Each city in Hungary has unique sights. It can take a long time to visit them. Therefore, you need to make an excursion program in advance. The advantage of Hungary is a small area. You can plan to stay in one city for 1-2 days, and then move to another.

For the latter, you can rent a car or use the rail transport system. To reduce the cost, you need to buy a ticket for 1-2 weeks. It applies to buses.


To get thrills and travel to an exotic country, tourists choose Thailand. Here you can find the splendor of bustling cities, the charm of the beaches and the many green uninhabited islands on the coast. However, such countries for independent travel are not suitable for families with children. An exception is the purchase of a tour to a hotel. But then it will be impossible to see all the features of the state.


Peculiarities rest:

  • The visa is issued at the airport, immediately after arrival.
  • Almost all residents know basic English, there are no problems with understanding.
  • Convenient transport system. You can get to any part of the state by bus, fly by plane or order a taxi. This is facilitates independent travel on country .
  • Low cost vacation. This applies to hotel reservations, service, catering and excursions.

Tourist police are organized to protect the interests of vacationers. Since income from the tourism business makes up a large part of the budget, the government takes care of the attractiveness of the country for visitors.

No need to wait for excellent service, but an order of magnitude lower than in the UAE. But people go to Thailand for the exotic, there are many types of extreme sports. Be sure to do a tasting of the local cuisine. But impressions and original souvenirs will be a pleasant memory of an independent trip.

Apps for solo travel

It takes 3-4 weeks to organize an independent vacation. During this time, they choose a country, a way to get to it, a place of residence. be sure to explore the sights and memorable places. You need to find out the order of prices, find offers with a bargain price. For visa states, it will take a long time to obtain an entry permit. For relief these tasks can use applications.

Most popular:

  • Here you can find offers for free accommodation in a particular city.
  • Used to search and book airline tickets.
  • Designed for online booking of hotels, inns and apartments.
  • Tour guides are registered here.

These applications will help organize holidays in the country around the world. Need compose plan travel and budget .