Beach holidays in the emirate of Sharjah – where you can sunbathe and swim in the sea

Пляжи в эмирате Шарджа

Rest in the United Arab Emirates is a view of modern and historical sights, a beach. For the latter, they prefer to choose remote emirates, where there are fewer tourists and large coastal areas. One of them is Sharjah, which has much larger and better beaches than nearby Dubai.

Features of a beach holiday in Sharjah

This emirate is located east of the Dubai border and is actually its satellite city. Over the past 10 years, the infrastructure of Sharjah has grown significantly – new hotels, a water park, an oceanarium have been built, and the exposition of the local zoo has been increased. For a beach holiday, better conditions are created here than in other emirates. Lots of urban areas for sunbathing and swimming. There are beaches in Sharjah that conditionally belong to hotels and private organizations. Conditionally because, according to the laws of the UAE, they are obliged to provide access to the coastal territory for everyone.

Пляжи в эмирате Шарджа

What you need to know about a beach holiday in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Choice of location. Sharjah is washed by two seas, more precisely – bays. The main part is in contact with the Persian, in the east – with the Gulf of Oman. The first one is not rich in flora and fauna, the second one has good places for diving and spearfishing.
  • Umbrellas and sun loungers are available only on hotel beaches. They are free for hotel guests, but other visitors must pay rent – from 10 dirhams.
  • Season. In summer, you can come to the beach in Sharjah either early in the morning or late in the evening. During the day the temperature rises to +50°C, the sand becomes very hot.
  • The entry into the sea is gentle almost everywhere, it is convenient to relax with children.

Not all beaches in the UAE have lifeguards and medical facilities. Therefore, it is recommended to take basic sun protection and basic medicines with you. For children, protective footwear must be purchased. The beach area has fine-grained sand, no stones. But it gets very hot during the day, young tourists will be uncomfortable.

Tip: during the low season, hotels charge a nominal fee to enter the beach. The price is from 10 dirhams. To ensure safety, the beach areas of hotel complexes are protected by breakwaters or fences.

Rating of free beaches

The total length of the coastline of the emirate of Sharjah is only 16 km. It housed several public places for swimming and sunbathing. Access to them is free, the exception is Tuesday. In this child the beaches of Sharjah are available only for women girls. Even mothers with small sons are not allowed to pass. Dress code must be observed; topless sunbathing is not allowed.

Al Corniche Beach

Located next to the embankment of the same name, in the central area of the capital Sharjah. Geographically borders with Dubai. Most of the territory is not landscaped for swimming, there are separate areas where you can sunbathe in comfort. It is recommended to do this at the Radisson Hotel Blue Resort or in the center of the beach area. There is a separate place for women, it belongs to the local club Sharjah Ladies Club. Only members of the weaker sex can swim here. According to the official description, taking photos is prohibited.

Пляж Аль-Корниш

Information about Al Corniche Beach in Sharjah:

  • The total length is 1.2 km.
  • Near Corniche street Str .
  • The fare for a taxi is up to 20 dirhams.
  • Few restaurants and bars. Food and drinks must be taken with you.

The sea is relatively calm here. Large waves rarely appear; many breakwaters are installed. There is no entertainment, you can only sunbathe and swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf.


This beach in Sharjah is considered the most popular. Tourists are brought here from city hotels of the city, so it is crowded in the morning and evening. Advantages – convenient location, you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas. There are cafes and shops nearby. Independent travelers can come by bus, there is a bus stop, ample parking. Many city hotels provide a free daily shuttle to the beach.

Пляж Аль-хан

Most of the beach area is occupied by hotels, luxury housing. Tourists are allowed access here, but there is no infrastructure. The free zone remains, with a total length of 500 m. It is located to the west of the Al-Khan watchtower. The beach line of the hotel complexes is fenced; the entrance is paid.

Tourist information about Al Khan Beach in Sharjah:

  • The total length is 3 km.
  • The sand is very soft; you cannot relax on sunbeds.
  • Rescue services work, there is an ambulance station.
  • Nearby is an oceanarium, a large city park.
  • Swimming in the sea is limited by buoys, next to them the maximum depth is not more than 1.5 m.

The latter is a disadvantage for many tourists, it is difficult to dive here, since the depth is insufficient. If the conditions on the public beach of Sharjah are not suitable, you can go to the wild one. It is located 600 meters from this zone. There are very few tourists here, always clean.

Interesting: this beach area in Sharjah borders the Deira district in Dubai. Theoretically, you can swim there, the distance is only 300 m. But this is prohibited.

Sharjah Beach

This is a large stretch of coast, 3.3 km long. It starts from the Sheraton Sharjah Beach Hotel and ends at the border with the emirate of Ajman. For tourists and guests of the UAE, only a small section works here, the rest is being reconstructed. According to the plan, a large embankment with tourist infrastructure will be built – restaurants, hotels, spa complexes. Reconstruction has just begun; subsequently, some of the beaches in Sharjah may be closed here.

Пляж Шарджа Бич

Now on the beach area of Sharjah Beach (Sharjah Beach) there is a lifeguard service, guests can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. According to the reviews of tourists and independent travelers, there are relatively few people here, even in the peak season. Advantages – gentle entrance to the sea, soft sand, no stones, flat surface. During the day it can be too windy, there is no natural protection from air currents. The route runs relatively far; the noise of cars does not interfere with a relaxing beach holiday.

Khor Fakkan beach area

The Emirate of Sharjah owns part of the land located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean. Here is the most remote beach of Sharjah – Khor Fakkan. It is located next to the village of the same name. This part of the emirate is still developing, because of its location and transport interchange, it is inconvenient for independent tourists and travelers.

Пляж Хор-Факкан

Features of the beach area Khor Fakkan:

  • Located 100 km from the capital.
  • Only two hotels have been built on the first line – Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa and Khorfakkan Hotel.
  • There are no public beaches.

These beaches in the emirate of Sharjah are only convenient for those staying in local hotels. Going here for swimming and sunbathing is not recommended. The road runs through the desert, the distance is more than 100 km.

Important: Restricting access to the beach area in the UAE is formally illegal. However, you will not be able to walk through the territory of the hotel or inn without the permission of the local administration.

Small beaches in the emirate of Sharjah

On the territory of the coastal zone of the emirate there are several small places for a beach holiday. In part, they refer to the large beaches in Sharjah, but may have slight differences. These places are often used for a quiet, secluded holiday. But their main drawback is the difficulty of travel, there is no good infrastructure. Therefore, before the trip, you need to collect the minimum set – food, drinks, prepare bedding.

Пляж Аль Монтазах

Small beach areas in Sharjah:

  • Al Muntazah. Located next to the park of the same name. This is a small strip of the coast of the Persian Gulf with comfortable sun loungers and the possibility of renting sun umbrellas. Features – palm trees grow on the territory, in the shade of which you can hide from the sun’s rays.
  • Al Mamzar. In fact, it is located on the territory of the Deira district, Dubai. You can get to it only by driving to the metropolis by taxi, car or bus.
  • Al-Sharik / This is a small beach area located on the territory of Al-Corniche. It belongs to the Sheraton Hotel, but access is open to all vacationers.

The advantage of small beaches in Sharjah is that there are relatively few tourists here. however, poor infrastructure is reported. It is convenient to relax here on your own, but for families or groups of travelers it can be boring.

The best hotel beach areas

There are relatively many hotels and hotel complexes located on the first line in the emirate. They have made their own beach areas, which allows guests to relax in comfort, there is no need to plan trips for swimming and sunbathing. Additionally, hotel guests are provided with free beach umbrellas and sunbeds, comfortable mattresses. Before buying a tour in the UAE, it is recommended to study the list of Sharjah hotels with their own beach.

Пляж отеля Sheraton Sharjah

Hotel complexes with their own beach areas:

  • Sahara beach Resort. A small area for a beach holiday has been made here, but with all amenities. Guests can rest for free, other visitors must pay 100 dirhams. The advantage is a calm environment. The disadvantage is that it is located in the distance, you can only get to the center of Sharjah by taxi.
  • Hilton Sharjah. Located on the second line, but residents have free access to the Sahara beach Resort. This accommodation option is convenient for tourists who want to combine a relaxing holiday and sightseeing trips.
  • Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa. It is located on the border with the emirate of Ajman. This hotel complex was built relatively recently. According to tourists, the beach is well equipped, but has a small area.

Most city hotels in Sharjah have an agreement with beach resorts for guests to visit their part of the coast for free. But this needs to be clarified in advance. It is better to book a tour to the UAE in a hotel complex on the first line.

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