Do-it-yourself tent for winter fishing

Самодельная палатка для рыбалки

The tent is designed to protect tourists, travelers from bad weather, contributes to a better rest. But for fishing, standard tourist structures may not be suitable. The reason is the requirements for arrangement, optimization of the internal space. Therefore, a homemade fishing tent can be better than classic factory models.

Types of structures

First, you need to choose a design. A good homemade do-it-yourself winter fishing tent will differ from the summer version. One of the criteria is size and weight. In winter, it can accommodate a maximum of two people. This is due to space saving, weight optimization. Summer options are completely identical to factory models, since the fishing process does not come from it.

Самодельная палатка для рыбалки

The following structures can be used as a basis:

  • Umbrella. This is a dome, the frame of which is made of aluminum pipes. They join at the top to form a protected area. The bottom can be made separately. The awning must withstand not only wind loads, but also mechanical ones. Disadvantage – Relatively large weight , difficulty installation .
  • Machine. Spring steel frame, takes up a lot of space when assembled. No attached to the base, non-separable design. Advantages – quick installation, dismantling. The disadvantage is that with a small weight it can take up a lot of space, the complexity of self-production.
  • Collapsible frame. Optimal for making a fishing tent with your own hands. The design and shape can be selected based on operational requirements. Use improvised material.

A handy homemade fishing tent is often made based on a factory model. Changes in the scheme should not affect reliability. Therefore, after production, it is recommended to conduct “field tests”.

Tip: in addition to the design, you need to think in advance how to heat the tent during winter fishing.

Requirements for a homemade tent

There are no special requirements for the summer version of the equipment. It should be easy, but it doesn’t have to be either. Fishermen often travel by car. Winter fishing is difficult climatic conditions, when not only comfort and catch, but also safety depend on a properly made home-made tent.

Палатка для зимней рыбалки

General requirements:

  • Light weight and dimensions. It should be compact when folded, easy to fit in a backpack.
  • Possibility of movement in assembled form. This is important for winter fishing.
  • The fabric is thick but breathable. The reason is that an open fire is sometimes lit in a makeshift fishing tent.
  • wind resistance loads.

Arrangement of the internal space is done independently. Breakdown into several sections is not recommended, but you can make convenient pockets for storing equipment, fishing tackle. The color of the awning is bright, it increases safety, the tent will be visible from afar.

Drawings of a winter tent

The standard model should consist of a frame and an awning attached to it. It is advisable to do a double lining. The first will protect from the wind, partly from the temperature difference. The second layer, the inner one, is needed to circulate air through the valves. The framework is made of aluminum pipes or spring steel bars. The first one is easier to make, but it will take more time to install and dismantle.

Чертеж палатки

The dimensions of the base are 150-180 cm. This area is enough to accommodate one fisherman and all the gear. Height – up to 150 cm. There is no need to stand at full height in a makeshift tent for winter fishing. If you increase this parameter, the windage will increase. Can be done without a bottom or with a partial closure of the base. Reason – need leave place for wells.

Чертеж самодельной палатки

An interesting solution is to install the frame on the skis. A fishing box is attached to them. This increases mobility, but complicates assembly and disassembly. A drawing of a home-made design is convenient when traveling by car, as it will be difficult to carry it. Recommended use lungs materials to do the weight minimal.

Самодельная зимняя палатка


  • Calculate the volume, weight and area of the base.
  • Determine the speed of assembly and disassembly.
  • Choose materials and accessories.
  • Mobility , opportunity quick transfer.

The original drawings can be upgraded, modified. It is important that adjustments do not affect functionality and reliability. It is recommended to calculate the wind load, total weight and dimensions.

Materials and tools

For manufacturing, you can use improvised materials. Requirements – resistance to corrosion, temperature extremes. Therefore, aluminum tubes are used as the base. They have good stability indicators, low specific gravity. The problem is the complexity of processing. Welding aluminum is difficult, it is recommended to use mechanical joints.

Зимняя палатка своими руками

To make a homemade tent for winter fishing with your own hands, you need a standard set of tools:

  • hacksaw on metal;
  • UShM ( Bulgarian );
  • roulette , ruler ;
  • pipe bending machine or its homemade equivalent;
  • drill.

Aluminum diameter – 4 cm. Wall thickness – from 0.5 cm. Smaller sizes are difficult to process. It is not recommended to make a waterproof awning yourself, it is better to buy ready-made material. A pattern is preliminarily drawn up. Mechanical connections – hinged, bolted. To fix on ice, add a braided rope, aluminum pegs.

The awning must be rigidly attached to the frame. In the field at low temperatures, it will be difficult to deploy a homemade tent. Carabiners or similar devices can be used to connect individual elements.

For transfer, make a case made of waterproof fabric. Separately for components – pegs, frame elements. This will make it easier to carry, assemble and disassemble. The case must have fasteners for fixing on a backpack or other equipment.

Making a fishing tent

Assembly begins with the manufacture of the frame. First, the base is made of aluminum tubes. Then the load-bearing elements of the side walls, the ceiling are fixed. The optimal drawing is a dome design. after the frame is made, it is checked for mechanical strength and reliability. Steel components with rust protection, stainless steel or special coating.

Изготовление палатки

Verification of patterns and fabric sizes. It is recommended to leave a small margin at the edges, 2-3 cm. The tent is sewn in two stages – first the outer and then the inner layer. You can make loops for attaching to the frame, on removable rivets. The use of lightning is undesirable, since if moisture enters it will be difficult to open, over time the metal will rust.

From experience, the first homemade fishing tent rarely turns out well. But the design can be modernized, changed. So you get good home-made equipment, which in terms of quality will not be inferior to factory counterparts.