Backpack for long hikes in the forest, how to choose

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Equipment for long-distance independent trips is chosen carefully. The characteristics, convenience, and capabilities of a particular thing are analyzed. The main load is placed in a backpack for hiking in the forest, which should be securely located on the back, have several points of fixation and volume for storing equipment.

The volume of the backpack and the choice of height

To buy, you need to measure the size of the back and pelvis. This is not done for ordinary clothes – just trying it on is enough. But a backpack for hiking in the forest in an empty state is different from a loaded one. If he lies comfortably when trying on, this does not mean that in the future his position will not change during long walking.

The size of your torso is important when it comes to choosing the right equipment to carry a load. Most backpacks have three attachment points – straps that go over the shoulders and straps on the sternum and pelvis.

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They have to work in harmony so that your equipment is fixed on your back. Women should try special backpacks for hiking in the forest. The reason is that 75%-80% of the weight of the equipment should be supported by the hips (for men and women). Every woman has a different hip shape, so it’s especially important that they fit the backpack.

To measure the torso, a tape measure is placed at the base of the lower neck where the top one meets the top of the shoulders. Run the tape measure along your back between both thighs.

The volume of the bag in liters depends on the distance and time of an independent trip:

  • 20-30. Used for a one-day walk and one night in the forest.
  • 35-50. It will fit the voltage for three days’ maximum.
  • 50-70. With such a backpack, you can travel up to five days, stopping for the night.
  • Over 70. For long trips, more than 5 nights.

When calculating the volume, the tent is not taken into account. It is attached to the outside so that there is enough space in the bag for the rest of the equipment. Manufacturers make adjustable straps that fit the hiker’s waist. If the waist size is less than 60 centimeters or more than 130, a special belt for the hips may be required.

Backpacks for hiking in the forest with an internal frame

The inner frame has a smaller profile and when properly packed distributes the load according to the center of gravity for better balance. Balance is extremely important when walking for hours and days. Rough terrain and imbalance in equipment distribution can lead to injury.

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Internal frames can carry more gear, more comfort and provide more mobility; you have to consider the length of the walking tour and understand that they are best for long hikes. Especially if your activities while hiking may include skiing, climbing, hunting (shooting) or just knowing that you will be going through difficult terrain.

Since the inner frame is located on the back, there will be no ventilation. This will lead to sweating. For a solution, they buy a backpack for hiking in the forest with microfiber, which does not allow moisture to pass through, but allows air to penetrate to the back.

Backpacks with outer frame

External frame models are cheaper, but designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. You can attach equipment to the side, where built-in pockets, straps and drawstrings. The ability to quickly get a knife or a medical package is the advantage of backpacks for hiking in the forest with an external frame. They have good ventilation as the bag does not fit snugly against the back.

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  • the possibility of changing bags, installing cargo on the frame;
  • good ventilation;
  • even distribution of load along the back and hips;
  • additional equipment or clamps can be attached to the pipes.

The disadvantage is that the frame can cling to branches in the forest if the model is not chosen correctly. Therefore, the weight of the load must be distributed in the lower part, to avoid its “peeping” out of the frame. Such backpacks are suitable for professional travelers and can be used for hiking in the forest, mountains over long distances.

Loading types

For uniform distribution of cargo, standard packaging is used through the upper compartment-tube. This allows you to reduce the load on the back, there is a snug fit. However, this method is suitable with the correct distribution of cargo – the necessary things should be located at the top, rarely used – at the bottom.

To solve this problem, manufacturers have provided many external pockets, compartments and belt fasteners. Inside put food, parts of the tent, the main supply of water. WHAT you may need during an independent trip remains outside.

Advantages rear downloads:

  • you can quickly get anything;
  • the load is located importantly from the back, and not from above;
  • stacking large items – tripods, cameras;
  • use of the hatch for fixing small things.

The disadvantage of these models is that it is difficult to achieve a balance. Therefore, they are used for hiking short distances or take a backpack with a small volume, up to 30 liters.

Choice of models

There are many models of travel backpacks on the market. But to choose, you need to try on each, you can’t order in online stores without first trying it on. This can lead to inconvenience during independent travel, which will reduce comfort, lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, first we try, and then we buy.

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How to choose a backpack for a forest trip:

  • Carrying capacity, maximum load. The total volume, the size of external cells and pockets, the ability to attach equipment to the frame are taken into account.
  • Functionality. Is it possible to effectively manage your backpack in the dark if the flashlight fails.
  • Moisture protection. While hiking, you can get caught in the rain, fall into the water. Equipment should be kept dry, and a spare set of clothing is usually kept there.
  • The weight. Most backpacks are made from alloys of aluminum, which is used to make bicycles. His mass too need consider at calculation cargo .

The model needs to be tested. It should fit snugly to the back, have free access to things fixed on the outside. Are the straps adjustable for a perfect fit. Ability to keep accessories within reach and convenient. Can you sort out and unpack the side pockets when the backpack is on the back.

The fabric is water-repellent; dirt is well washed off in field conditions. The operation of zippers, hooks, hooks is checked. In order to get the right equipment, you do not need to open two or more compartments.

The cost of a backpack for hiking in the forest depends on its volume and design. The average price is from 125 dollars. Cheap models do not have the necessary functionality, and can fail at an important moment.