We are planning an independent country trip, what needs to be foreseen

Планирование путешествия

It is not always possible to plan a full vacation. Reasons – lack of funds, time or other circumstances. But there is a good alternative – a trip out of town with the whole family. For such a trip, you need a minimum of investment, and the pleasure will be no less than from a vacation on the sea coast. It is important to properly organize a country holiday.

Where to go out of town

The first is to analyze the location and description of local attractions. It can be historical places, museums, entertainment complexes. A separate category is hiking in the forest or mountains. For this kind of travel outside the city, special preparation is needed. Otherwise, the situation from the film of the same name may repeat itself, when the trip turned into unpleasant impressions.

Планирование путешествия

Stages planning.

  1. We determine the route. A list of places to visit is compiled. Need discover them exact location, schedule work, cost entrance.
  2. The mode of transportation is public transport, traveling out of town by car or on foot.
  3. Things to take with you. Mandatory items – first aid kit, spare clothes, communications equipment (mobile phones, smartphones, walkie-talkies).
  4. Alternative routes. This will help if the main one is uninteresting.

Each region and city has many interesting sites worth visiting. An alternative is to go to the nearest recreation center or boarding house. This is convenient for a multi-day vacation. You need to reserve places in advance, find out about the infrastructure of the camp site.

Tip: you can use well-known tourist routes, or create your own based on them.

What is recommended to take with you

The task of this stage is to ensure the comfort and safety of traveling out of town. The list of things is compiled in advance, it depends on the type of route: a hike in the forest, a car trip, spending time at a tourist base.

In the forest

This is the most difficult, but also an interesting type of country travel. The first is choosing the right backpack. Its volume should be 10-15% more than the number of things. For a long hike out of town, a model with a frame is needed to evenly distribute the load. Tent calculated on the amount tourists, with protection from moisture.

Поход в лес

What else you need to take on a forest trip out of town:

  • Sleeping bags and mattresses. Essential for a comfortable sleep.
  • First aid kit with protective equipment, dressings and disinfectants.
  • Communication – mobile phones, chargers, compass, map of the area.
  • Spare set of clothes, hiking shoes.
  • Set marching utensils.

It is important to find out if there are wild animals in the area and what species live. To scare them away, it is recommended to take firecrackers and weapons. This will help protect yourself on a forest hike outside the city. But you need to remember that a trip is planned, not a hunt.

When compiling the route, its complexity is taken into account. So, to cross the mountains you need special equipment and equipment. They think in advance how to remelt rivers. It is recommended that you choose a route that allows you to cross the river on a bridge or similar crossing.

Tip: for the first forest trip out of town, it is recommended to join a group. This will help to develop the basic skills of survival in the forest, necessary for further experience of independent hikes.

To the sights

In any city and its environs there are always several interesting sights. The first is historical monuments. Often, thematic museums are made on their basis, where you can learn history, interesting facts. The second goal of independent travel outside the city for recreation is visiting natural attractions. Here you can have a good time, take beautiful photos, relax in nature in the summer.

Посещение местных достопримечательностей

What you need to take with you before a trip to the sights:

  • Description. It is important to know the location and basic facts. This will help you see interesting places without wasting too much time.
  • Photo and video equipment. Now they can be replaced by a phone (smartphone) with a good camera. According to reviews, this is a convenient option for combining communication and the ability to take a photo.
  • Make an itinerary taking into account places to sleep and eat. This is true for a multi-day country trip.
  • Schedule time on the inspection.

To visit local attractions, you can choose a weekend or plan a long trip. The latter is recommended to be done by car, as it gives freedom of movement, the ability to change the route.

On a car trip

The advantage of car travel outside the city is the ability to adjust the route as you move. This is a convenient option for family and independent recreation. However, it takes a lot of effort to prepare it. The first is to check the condition of the car. Otherwise, any breakdown can affect the comfort of the trip.

Отдых с машиной

Country trip by car, what you need to take with you:

  • Complete set of the car – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare wheel.
  • Navigator, which will facilitate the search for the best path.
  • For child children’s seat.
  • A small supply of food and water.

Car travel can be on regular roads and cross country. In the first case, minimal preparation of the machine is required. For off-road driving, you should choose a jeep or a similar model.

Tip: Driving to a holiday destination is a good way to visit sights and places of interest along the way.

Travel Tips

For a multi-day trip, you need to decide on a way to spend the night. The standard option is to rent a room in a hotel or inn. This must be done in advance; you can book apartments through a convenient online service. But you can consider an alternative way – spending the night in the car. This is convenient to do in large vans designed for traveling out of town.

Advice at planning travel:

  • Accurately calculate the time to be home on time.
  • Take a small supply of food and drinks. This will make it possible to continue the hike or trip without visiting the shops.
  • Compose some alternative routes.

Remember that a trip out of town is a way to relax and get new experiences. From this event you should not expect anything more, leave time for a relaxing holiday.

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