Manufacturers of tourist tents for tourism and travel, an overview


Multi-day hikes are impossible without tourist equipment – tents, sleeping bags, special clothing. In addition to performance, you need to study brands – how their products differ, what models they offer for independent travel. For analysis, you can find out which manufacturers of tourist tents are represented on the equipment market.

Trek Planet

In the past, it was a structural division of the German brand High Peak . But over time, the company became more independent, retaining its production potential and quality control system. Tourist tent manufacturer Trek Planet works according to a convenient scheme – European schemes for the manufacture of equipment from materials from European countries are used.

Trek Planet

Features :

  • There are products of all types – for camping, hiking, hiking in the mountains.
  • There is additional equipment – tents, accessories, sleeping bags, backpacks.
  • Prices. The cost of equipment is lower than that of European counterparts, but with the same quality.
  • Protection from precipitation, ventilation system that does not affect the preservation of heat inside.

Models – Moment and Plus 2. They are designed for two people, but a comfortable interior space will make it possible for three tourists to stay. There are separate places for things.

Tip: you can make a homemade fishing scarf based on the factory model. This is true for structures with special requirements for operation.


The brand is owned by Nordsport. Engaged in the development and production of tourist equipment, cooperates with the countries of Europe and Asia. Among the manufacturers of tents for tourism, there is a complete list of goods, there is a network of retail outlets with a delivery service.


Product features – convenient design of camping models. Popular – Anaconda V 2, designed for 5 tourists. There is a large vestibule where you can leave equipment, luggage. The awning is protected from moisture, resistant to influence of ultra-violet radiation. Due to the latter, the surface warms up slowly; a system of ventilation valves contributes to maintaining the microclimate.

The tent for tourism has several entrances – the main and auxiliary ones. It is convenient for traveling with a large group or family. The advantage of an awning is wear resistance. The disadvantage is relatively large weight; it takes a long time to install.

Canadian camper

Production is located in Canada; it is possible to order goods via the Internet. A feature of the product is the use of modern materials with low weight, resistance to mechanical damage, wind loads. An example is tents made of polyester that has undergone special processing, frame arches made of fiberglass. There is specialized models for travel on highlands , forest hikes.

Canadian Camper


  • Most models are domed.
  • Relatively large height – up to 140 cm.
  • Takes up little space after installation, length – 210 cm.
  • Most designs are not equipped with a canopy.

The products are lightweight due to the materials used. Allowed to mount on a backpack, allows you to distribute weight during the trip.


The company makes self-expanding tourist tents. Production is located in Ireland. The frame is made of spring metal, which allows you to quickly assemble the structure even for one person. H disadvantage – folded able takes lot places.


The standard design has one or two vestibules, which allows you to place equipment without using the useful volume of the tent. Some models are forbidden to operate at low temperatures. Capacity – up to 5 people. Complete with mosquito nets, there are air valves for air circulation.