TOP of the best trains for traveling in the world: description, photos, prices

Особенности поездов для путешествий

For many tourists and independent travelers, a train ride is a necessary measure to get to a resort, another city, or a country. However, some people use such routes for entertainment and educational purposes. Special trains for travel have been developed, which differ from ordinary trains in comfort, an interesting program, appearance and interiors.

Travel Train Features

Tourist rail routes can be compared to sea cruise liners. By purchasing tickets , vacationers want to see new places, plunge into the atmosphere of the trip. Special programs for visiting cities and sights are being drawn up. In addition, the best travel conditions are organized – a compartment with all the amenities, service, entertainment events.

Особенности поездов для путешествий

Peculiarities organizations travel:

  • Routes. A plan is made to visit interesting cities, interesting places.
  • Events. During the stop, excursions to historical or natural attractions are possible.
  • Programs. For a change, an entertainment program is created on the travel train.
  • Service. You can order food in a compartment from the dining car, the conductors are always in touch.
  • Travel conditions. Coupe of increased comfort, with large panoramic windows. So can do beautiful photo , observe behind locality .

However, the train for travel has the only drawback – the high cost of tickets. Additionally, they do not run regularly like regular rail passenger trains. But all this is compensated by good impressions about the trip, which tourists often write about in reviews.

Rating of foreign tourist trains

Most of the routes are created for excursion purposes, to change the situation. The trains pass through interesting places, there is an opportunity to visit the sights. Modern travel trains are mobile hotel complexes with all amenities. To choose a tour, it is recommended to study the main directions, features.

Belmond Northern Belle

The basis for the manufacture of the composition was the old models of cars, which were adapted to modern requirements for rail travel. It runs through the northern regions of England, focused on one-day cyclical trips. The first launch of the route took place in 2000. The train consists of 7 wagons, there is a restaurant. Apart from standard conditions travel there is introductory materials.

Belmond Northern Belle

Description, features:

  • Route. Departs from London to Chester.
  • Stop in the city of Bath to visit the old street, where houses in the architectural style of the 30s have been preserved.
  • Walk on pavement Canterbury.
  • visit museums Edinburgh.

The cost of a trip on this train for travel is from 300 Euros. Places must be booked in advance; this can be done on the oval website of the travel agency. It is possible to change the trip plan, which is reported in advance.

Tip: It is recommended to try the Scottish cuisine served in the dining car.

Belmond Andean explorer

This is a relatively new tourist route that began running in 2017. It passes through the territory of Peru. Feature – each car has the name of a unique local plant or animal. In accordance with this, the design of the composition was made. The trip is multi-day, so there are places to sleep, full bathrooms.

Belmond Andean Explorer

Description railway travel:

  • The route is from Puno to Cusco.
  • On the way, the travel train visits Lake Titicaca, organizes excursions to Lima and Machu Picchu.
  • There is a lounge car where you can order cocktails, light snacks, take photos and videos from the panoramic windows.
  • Duration trips – 2 days.

Ticket price – from 1100 dollars. The price includes meals, service, excursions. According to tourists’ reviews Belmond Andean Explorer is an opportunity to see all the sights of Peru with comfort.

Important: the train staff communicates with passengers in English. All signs, notices, advertising and excursion brochures are made in the same language.

Eastern and Oriental Express

For wishing closer get to know Asia developed Eastern and Oriental Express route . The train runs between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The structure includes 8 cars, there is a separate restaurant, which serves local cuisine, offers a European menu. For sightseeing during the trip, it is recommended to visit the car with large panoramic windows.

Eastern and Oriental Express

About tourist route:

  • Passes through Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.
  • Duration trips – 4 days.
  • Guided tours are organized in each city.
  • Large restaurant, you can order dishes in the compartment.

The ticket price for this travel train is $2,900. However, you can get a discount that applies to certain travel dates. This information is available on the official website of the travel agency.

Important: during city tours, you do not need to plan a walk on your own. The train will not be delayed if any of the passengers are late.[ / su _ note ]

Indian Pacific

This travel train runs along the coast of Australia. The carriages are made in the style of the 19th century with an authentic interior. There are 2 restaurants – Queen Adelaide and Platinum Club. The latter serves only VIP passengers. The cars are divided into 3 classes – Gold, Platinum and Chairman ‘s . The latter is designed for a group of tourists up to 8 people.

Indian Pacific

Program travel:

  • Itinerary – departure from Sydney, then visiting the city of Adelaide and a stop in Perth.
  • Duration trips – 2 or 4 days.
  • On the way, you can see and photograph the Nullarbor Plain, the famous Blue Mountains.
  • There are entertainment activities during the trip.

The cost of tickets for this train for travel is from $640. Most of the services are included in the fare, with the exception of a visit to an elite dining car. It can be accessed by all passengers.

Tip : during stops, do not move far from the train. The fauna of Australia is different from the European one.

Venice Simplon - Orient - Express

This is one of the oldest railway routes in Europe. It starts in London and passes through almost all major cities, including Istanbul. The final stop is Venice. The travel train has 3 dining cars and 1 bar. Passengers are accommodated in compartments decorated in the Art Deco style. This composition became the prototype for Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Description for tourists:

  • The route is London, Istanbul, Venice, Paris, Berlin.
  • Duration - 8 days.
  • In each city make long stops for sightseeing programs.
  • The restaurants serve European and Oriental cuisine.

The price of a ticket for the Orient Express is from $3,700. The price includes breakfast, excursions, passenger escort, all services. You can order additional ones, the cost and description of which is available from the administrator of the composition.

Interesting: the last film about the Orient Express was filmed on this tourist train, which increases the popularity of traveling on it.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

The train runs through Scotland, consists of 9 cars, several restaurants and bars. The first departure took place in 1985. Feature - you can visit the spa, located in a separate car. Mahogany, genuine leather, fabrics were used for decoration. The restaurants serve national Scottish cuisine. Can to order traditional European menu.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

Description lineup of Belmond Royal Scotsman:

  • The route - Kyle of Lochalsh, Edinburgh, Keith, passes through small historical cities.
  • Time travel - 6 days.
  • During the trip they visit ancient castles, local historical sights.
  • Excursion to the whiskey distillery with tasting.
  • Informational program.

For a ticket for this train for travel, you need to pay from $ 4,700. The price depends on the selected compartment class. You can order a separate excursion program. Tickets are issued on the company's website.

Tip: it is recommended to study Scottish cuisine before the trip, not every dish is suitable for the traveler.

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