Features of catering on the train, what you can take with you

Советы по выбору питания

A long train journey without catering is impossible. Even if there is a dining car, you need to take food and groceries with you. However, travel conditions do not always meet the most basic hygienic requirements, there are no conditions for food storage. Therefore, it is important to properly organize meals on the train, choose food and drinks.

Nutrition Tips

The first is to calculate the exact time on the road. If the train travels to the destination for several days, in addition to your own food, you will have to buy it in a restaurant, at railway stations. The reason is that there are no storage conditions. Passenger cars do not have refrigerators, food will spoil. It is necessary to think over the packaging, the possibility of hermetically sealing the food. This will increase its shelf life, will not cause unpleasant or pungent odors.

Советы по выбору питания

How to organize your trip:

  • Determine the exact time of the train journey, calculate the reserves for each tourist.
  • It is not necessary to take a full supply of food on the train, for example for one day. Some products can be bought at the stations.
  • Find out about the availability of a restaurant car, the possibility of buying light snacks from the conductor.
  • Provide personal hygiene products – wet and dry wipes, garbage bags.

Do not take perishable food with you. Such food on the train can quickly disappear, causing poisoning. From semi-finished products, they usually stop at instant noodles. Boiling water can be taken from the conductor.

Important: the standard menu and the possibility of ordering it can be found on the official website of Russian Railways, its cost is also indicated there.

What not to take with you

Firstly, when catering on a train, you cannot take perishable products with you. These include dairy formulations, dishes with mayonnaise and sour cream (salads), culinary products with cream. It is often difficult to tell by taste that food is missing. Consequences – poisoning, malaise. An additional minus is an unpleasant smell. Due to the relatively poor ventilation in a compartment or reserved seat, the smell will be persistent. This is a problem for many wagons in Russia.

Что не нужно брать с собой

Additional catering rules:

  • make a list by answering the question of what will be useful during the trip;
  • do not take loose and crumbling products;
  • if with a strong smell will bring discomfort to others;
  • seeds, nuts, everything that has a shell;
  • liquid dishes – soups, borscht.

For long-term preservation of products, you can purchase a special cooler bag. It is comfortable for long trips. So you can take food on the train with you for long trips, travel. It is important to correctly calculate the temperature rise time for a particular model.

Tip: you need to cut the products in advance. After that, they are placed in a sealed container.

Meals for adult passengers

The best option is semi-finished products. They have a long shelf life, more than one year, a convenient form for transportation and storage. But such products are not always tasty, and most importantly – useful. Therefore, before the trip, they strive to diversify the menu, make it high-calorie, with a lot of vitamins.

Vegetables and fruits

Cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pears, sweet peppers and similar products are suitable for this. Fruits and vegetables should not be overripe; an airtight container is used for storage. It is not recommended to pre-cut, as this reduces the shelf life of the food. Additionally, you can take nuts and dried fruits with you on the train.

Овощи и фрукты

Preparation recommendations:

  • there should be no signs of damage on the surface;
  • jacket potatoes can be stored without harm at room temperature for up to 1 day;
  • be sure to rinse with water before use;
  • canned vegetables – green peas, corn, squash caviar.

The latter loses its properties after opening the jar within 1 day. Therefore, it must be eaten first. It is important to prepare bags for quick disposal of leftover food, otherwise an unpleasant odor may appear.

Tip: You can use a small cutting board for cutting. It will also serve as an additional stand.

Meat products

Meat and poultry are a high-calorie food, a convenient meal on the train with you for long trips. These projects can be consumed separately or used as part of other dishes – salads, for making sandwiches, sandwiches. It is necessary to properly prepare the meat so that it does not deteriorate during a long journey.

Мясные продукты

What meat products can you take with you on a trip, how to cook them:

  • chicken fillet, can be made boiled or baked;
  • beef, veal, cooked in the oven;
  • refrigerate before travelling.
  • put food in a container, put it in the refrigerator;
  • Do not pack in film or aluminum foil.

From the latter, the meat can quickly deteriorate. The reason – there is no air flow, rapid decay occurs. Signs – a characteristic pungent odor, the appearance of mold, mucus on the meat. If you take such food on the train with you, you need to eat it first.

Important: it is not recommended to take ready-made meat products at railway stations or other stores. Their expiration date often does not correspond to the real one.

Bakery products

This is the perfect starter for any meal. On the road you can take bread, pita bread, muffins, khachapuri and other similar food. They have a long shelf life, for this you do not need to create special conditions. However, over time, the bread begins to stale, so you need to cut it before eating. The remains should be stored in a bag, but with air access.

Хлебобулочные изделия

You can take white or black bread with you on the road. In a whole package, it can be stored for several days. However, after opening, it becomes stale in 1-2 days. It depends on the humidity and temperature in the car. Advantages: long shelf life, no peculiar smell. The exception for the latter is garlic bread.

With confectionery you need to be as careful as possible. The reason is that the cream or other filling is not designed for long-term storage. They lose their taste properties relatively quickly, after use they cause nausea.

Tip: in the dining car you can order food in the compartment. This service is provided through train conductors.

What do kids eat on the train?

When breastfeeding, you need to take special mixtures with you. For their preparation, you can order water from the conductor. If you go on a trip with an adult child, they take the same food. An exception is the organization of individual meals on the train.

It is important to buy special water without gas. Jars of puree or other nutritional products should be stored in a dark place. You can warm them up in a small container. It is not recommended to take food on the train with you, which the child has not yet tried. This can provoke a response negative reaction of the body. No need to stock up on a lot of food.

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