How to choose clothes for independent travel, hiking

Верхняя одежда для похода

Preparing for a trip or a hike is the selection of comfortable equipment. It should be compact, reliable and fit in a backpack. But you also need clothes for travel, tourism, which you can choose from your home wardrobe. To do this, they analyze the material, the properties of the jacket or trousers, taking into account the conditions of independent travel.

Rules for choosing clothes

During the hike, it may start to rain, heavy fog, or the conditions of the route will become extreme. Equipment must withstand these tests without increasing external discomfort. You can buy special clothes for hiking in the store or choose from your wardrobe.

Одежда для путешествий

Short recommendations on choice:

  • No jeans or cotton items. Cotton does not allow water to pass through, so it holds sweat – it does not cool when it is hot and vice versa.
  • For underwear – polyester, nylon or merino wool. These materials evaporate body sweat, fast _ dry.
  • Comfortable, strong trousers, shorts. They do not restrict movement. Branches and boulders can damage thin, stretchy tights or yoga pants.
  • Warm Jacket: Polyester, fleece fabric is great for this. Winter jacket with polyester waterproof lining is comfortable for cold conditions.
  • Rain jacket. It should be waterproof and breathable. Functions – protection from rain and wind. Disadvantage – none withdrawal sweat.
  • Headdress. It is needed from rain and sun. The visor will protect your eyes from water and sunlight. Additionally take glasses.

Sturdy boots, not necessarily leather. Shoes should provide support, protection from rocks and roots, and an easy step on wet and dry ground. In Europe, clothing for travel and tourism is sold in stores; you can order online models from trusted manufacturers.

Choice of basic fabrics

Top gear is essential for the hike. It is the first protection against wind, rain and snow. Qualities – convenience, nothing should restrict movement, repelling dirt and moisture, there are pockets, additional compartments for equipment. Clothes are chosen according to the material and design. Each layer must perform its functions.

Woolen models are not used, as they have disadvantages. Merino wool has fine fibers that make it soft, breathable and moisture wicking. It dries slowly, absorbs the smells of a fire, which are difficult to get rid of.

Polyester and nylon clothing is more affordable than wool. These synthetics absorb sweat and dry quickly. The disadvantage of synthetics is the smell of sweat. Therefore, some clothing for travel and tourism is treated with antibacterial agents. Most branded techie fabrics are a type of polyester or nylon.

Fleece jackets are made from polyester, although their warmth-keeping properties depend on their soft, thick fibers. Polyester and nylon jackets are made in the “hard shell” style. It can be combined with special coatings that protect against rain and wind.

Manufacturers rarely use silk or cotton. These materials do not conduct moisture well, but absorb it. An exception is the processing with special compounds.

Underwear options

For hikes at low temperatures, underwear must have capillarity, in a timely manner to remove sweat from the surface of the body. It does not restrict movement, no rubbing on the skin. They buy branded brands, the usual homemade is not intended for long trips. It is the first comfort zone and the maximum distance in hiking depends on it.

Нижнее белье для похода

Types of underwear for long solo trips:

  • Boxers, briefs, shorts for a boy, bikini panties. We do not buy cotton products. Seamless designs are a good option for hiking.
  • Pullover sports bra without metal or plastic fasteners. They are may damage skin, if will fall under straps backpack.
  • Long underwear. Fabrics by weight can be light, medium or heavy. Choice depends from intensity walk , weather . thermal underwear take in winter.

Take a spare set with you. After 1-2 days of intensive walking, it will become wet, there will be an unpleasant smell. Underwear for hiking, traveling is changed once in 1-2 days.

Outerwear options

The main protection against bad weather is the outer equipment. It is formed from several layers – shirt, sweater, jacket. Take a few sets on a trip. For walking, a lighter option, for spending the night in a camp with a lot of warm layers. To do this, you need to properly pack your backpack so that every item is accessible.

Верхняя одежда для похода

Hats are needed for hiking in the desert or in open areas in the summer. They are included in the mandatory set of clothing for travel, tourism. Options – wide-brimmed hat or cap with a visor. The wide brim can also be a plus to keep out the rain. For cool weather, wool or synthetic products are chosen to warm the head.

Short sleeve shirts or T-shirts are suitable for warm weather, long sleeves for cool conditions. This clothing for travel, tourism is not made of cotton. You can wear a model with a large collar to protect your neck from the sun or wind.

Shorts and trousers are made of quick-drying fabric. Be sure to have pockets, the ability to secure equipment. They do not constrain movements, are not subject to damage due to mechanical influences. Take a spare set on a trip.

Gloves and socks are chosen according to the weather. Socks should be higher than hiking shoes, 2-3 packs. Insulated and waterproof gloves are better suited for winter conditions, and mittens are always warmer than gloves made from the same materials.