Cancellation of mandatory testing for COVID-19 by Israel, how it will affect the tourist flow

Tourist season in Israel 2022

Effective May 21, 2021, the Israeli government has removed mandatory COVID-19 testing for all incoming tourists. Prior to this, restrictions were lifted for unvaccinated travelers who enter the country for recreation.

Information about restrictions for tourists in Israel in 2022

The benefits of the new requirements for entering Israel were voiced by North America Tourism Commissioner Eyal Karlin. He hopes that tourists and independent travelers will have more freedom and opportunities to visit many of the country’s attractions. New easing should increase the tourist flow, thereby contributing to the development of this area.

COVID-19 by Israel

However, Israel still has a number of restrictions due to COVID-19 that tourists need to be aware of:

  • Mandatory wearing of masks in public places;
  • observance of social distance;
  • at the first signs of illness, you need to be tested;
  • opportunity to be vaccinated in the country.

This should not affect the comfort of the rest. Restrictions are hardly felt in resort areas, and the abolition of the glamor testing for COVID-19 in Israel will not increase the risk of spreading the disease. The main thing is to follow the current rules.

What to expect tourists in the resorts of the country

Summer is a traditional season for active and relaxing holidays in Israel. Tourists go to seaside resorts, plan a trip to attractions in groups or on their own. Israel’s advantage lies in its diversity. Here you can find a good place for a beach holiday, plan a car trip, visit parks and nature reserves.

Tourist season in Israel 2022

An additional plus is possible discounts and bonus programs to attract more vacationers. You can follow the promotions on the official websites of tour operators and hosts, subscribe to the mailing list of cheap air tickets. So you can save money on a trip to Israel.

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