Spain allows non-EU tourists to enter without full COVID -19 vaccination, conditions

Rules for entering Spain for tourists

The Spanish government allows tourists and independent travelers from countries outside the European Union to enter the country. Prior to this, a prerequisite was the provision of a certificate of completion of the full course of vaccination against COVID -19. However, to increase the tourist flow, this restriction has been lifted.

Rules for entering Spain for tourists in 2022

For EU citizens, entry into the country was free, without any restrictions. However, in order to protect against a possible increase in the pandemic, the government of the country made special requirements for people living outside the European Union. They had to provide a certificate of full vaccination against coronavirus, or a conclusion on natural immunity as a result of recovery from the disease.

Rules for entering Spain for tourists

General rules for tourists to enter Spain in 2022:

  • Certificate of complete recovery. It is issued by a medical institution no later than 11 days after the detection of antibodies.
  • COVID -19 test taken no later than 72 hours after the traveler’s departure for Spain.
  • Children under 12 are exempt from all requirements.

During a holiday in the country, medical restrictions must be observed. Masks must be worn in public places and social distancing must be maintained. The rules can be found at the time of entry into the country or on the official website of the Ministry of Health . Here you can get additional information about the epidemiological situation in the country.

What is happening with COVID-19 in Spain

For tourists, the issue of health is important when choosing a country for a relaxing or active holiday. Therefore, before traveling, it is necessary to study the current situation in Spain, assess the risk of being infected with COVID -19. To do this, you can analyze the current statistics. It is in the public domain.

The situation with COVID-19 in Spain

According to the results of recent months, a decline in incidence by 9% has been observed in the state. The reason is the current security measures, the correct attitude of the local population to the restrictions. Thus, only 229 citizens fell ill per 100 thousand people. This allows you to plan holidays in any resort in Spain in the summer of 2022. However, there is an increase in air travel prices. Therefore, you need to book tickets in advance. The same applies to hotel bookings.

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