Airlines increase carry-on baggage fees, for which tourists will have to pay

New fees for hand luggage

To increase the profitability of flights, following low-cost airlines, large airlines are introducing new rates for hand luggage. Additionally, new systems for baggage control, its safety and timely arrival at the airport are being developed. More about this in our material.

New fees for hand luggage

Getting income from additional services was the difference between low-cost airlines and traditional companies. However, economists’ global assessment of luggage fees found a total fee of $20.9 billion for 2021. This was the reason for the abandonment of the old schemes of work with passengers, new service methods began to be developed. They have 2 goals – to increase profitability and improve the quality of travel for all categories of passengers.

New fees for hand luggage

This upgrade was spearheaded by travel technology provider CarTravel. The Smart system he developed Airlines allows you to automate all the processes of servicing flights, from baggage analysis to payment through special terminals. The company would provide a report on the effectiveness of the increase in carry-on baggage fees for 2021.

Innovations of air carriers to control and organize the luggage of tourists and independent travelers:

  • Air Lingus. Changes in the baggage allowance program have reduced the fare to a minimum compared to similar airlines. Saver is only valid in Europe so far; large hand luggage is not taken into account.
  • Increase in the limit from 7 to 14 kg for an additional fee. The doubling of the maximum figure has expanded the opportunities for travelers.
  • America Airlines. In 2021, the company achieved $1.22 billion in baggage revenue. The average cost of the service per passenger was $7.42.
  • Allows you to select seats that depend on the size of hand luggage. Tourists have free legroom in the front of the aircraft cabin.
  • Spirit Airlines. The air carrier received the maximum baggage revenue of $21.51. for 1 person. This is combined with low fares for air travel, including to popular tourist routes.
  • A maximum MXN bet of $1,000 has been introduced. Also, the passenger is paid compensation of 80 dollars if the baggage did not arrive on the same flight.

Such systems are being optimized, the task of this work is the optimal ratio of the cost of the service and comfort for passengers. It is important that additional costs are combined with new opportunities for tourists and independent travelers.

Airport baggage rules

For all passengers, there are uniform rules for the delivery of baggage and hand luggage. The process begins after the opening of registration for the flight. This usually happens 2-2.5 hours before departure. The exact time can be found at the counter. There is also the delivery of hand luggage. With the help of special scales, the weight of luggage is checked, payment is made according to the tariffs of the air carrier.

Airport baggage rules

Some airports have an automatic baggage claim system. The scoreboard indicates the numbers of car repair racks for receiving things. If you exceed the maximum allowable weight, you will have to pay extra for taking hand luggage.

Tips for dropping luggage at the airport:

  • check if there are documents, money, clothes necessary for the flight in the suitcases;
  • close the suitcase with a lock, wrap it in a special cover or cellophane film;
  • check where the tag or barcode was attached to the hand luggage$
  • when checking hand luggage, they may be asked to open the bag and check the contents.

When choosing an airline, it is recommended to check not only the cost of air tickets, but also the prices for additional services. If the maximum allowable weight for free carry-on baggage is less than the weight of your belongings, be prepared to pay extra for baggage transportation.

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