The longest glass bridge opened in Vietnam, what tourists can expect

In the northwestern province of Vietnam, Son La opened the longest glass building, which has become a new landmark of the country. This suspended structure is made of a steel frame, on which plates of tempered glass are installed. The height of the complex is 150 m, and the length is a record 630 m.

The name of the new glass bridge in Vietnam is Bach Long, which means “White Dragon”. It connects the two sides of the mountain gorge; convenient viewing platforms are located nearby. According to the engineers, up to 450 people can be on the structure at the same time. In this part of the country, tourists visit the mountain park and the popular resort of Mộc Châu Island.

Bach Long

The purpose of the construction of the Bach Long Bridge is to attract new tourists and independent travelers. It is 103 meters longer than the Chinese counterpart in Guangdong. This attraction will be one of the factors in the return of the tourist flow along with the easing of covid restrictions.

What else can tourists expect in Vietnam in 2022:

  • Registration of 15-day visa-free trips for vacationers from 15 countries.
  • Simplification of visa control at border checkpoints and airports.
  • Reduced prices for food and accommodation in Vietnamese hotels before the start of the tourist season.
  • Opening of the Southeast Asian Games in 2022.

More than 10 thousand athletes from different countries will come to the last event. These actions and the construction of a new glass bridge Bach Long should increase the tourist flow to the country’s resorts. In addition, tourists can visit the beaches, historical and natural attractions of the state.


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