Miracle Garden in Dubai, what interesting things can be seen

Miracle Garden

What do tourists expect from visiting Dubai, the unspoken capital of the United Arab Emirates? This is a complete vacation on the coast of the Persian Gulf, interesting excursions to local historical and natural attractions. But there is another direction for tourists and independent travelers – visiting parks. One of them is the Miracle Garden, which combines millions of flowers, an unusual butterfly park and a lot of entertainment for children and adults.

History of Miracle garden

The idea of turning the desert into a real garden is the basis for the development of tourism infrastructure in the UAE. Therefore, the appearance of the flower park project in Dubai has become a natural, the next step towards improving the tourist attractions of the resort. Responsible for the emergence of Miracle Garden is Dubai land’s state-owned company and Dubai construction firm Properties group. The main contractor was the Cityland company, which specializes in the creation of objects that combine urban architecture and natural space.

Miracle Garden

The main stages of creating Miracle garden.

  1. Creation of the project, selection of contractors, location of the future attraction of Dubai.
  2. year 2013. Completion of the first stage of arrangement, opening of several thematic sites on the territory of 64 thousand m².
  3. In June 2013, the final arrangement of the park was completed. A large covered parking lot was opened, a flower clock and a unique mosque were built.

The Miracle Garden in Dubai consists of several themed areas. More than 250 million plants and flowers grow on their territory. Irrigation and control systems are automated, most of the staff is busy serving visitors. A convenient map has been developed, which can be found on the official website of the park.

If you are tired of walking among flowers and butterflies, you can go to the Dubai ski resort, which is open all year round.

Location of Miracle Garden in Dubai, how to get there

Garden built in Al Barsha area. It is located next to the famous Palm, a group of artificial islands. Get to Miracle Garden is possible by public transport, taxi or rental car. Tourists living in the area can walk to the sights.

Miracle Garden map

How to get to the park, possible options:

  • You need to transfer to the red line and get to the station MOE (Mall of the Emirates).
  • The bus route number is RTA 105. But it may not be available, you need to check on the official website of Miracle garden.
  • The car can be ordered from the hotel, through a mobile application or at the taxi ranks.

It is recommended to plan your trip in advance, taking into account the opening hours of the garden. During the peak season, there are many visitors, most of all in the afternoon. The way out is to buy tickets on the official website of the Miracle Park in Dubai.

Tip: when traveling from other emirates, you can get to the nearest metro station.

Park map, overview of interesting places

The garden has a round shape, from the center of which it is divided into sectors. Each has a thematic area, which allows you to plan your acquaintance with all the sights and interesting places of the park. Near the work is a large car park, places can be booked in advance. This is true for tourists traveling by rented car.

Miracle Garden shema

Before the trip, it is recommended to explore all areas of the “Wonder Park” in Dubai, plan an inspection plan. You can spend the whole day here, so the organizers have provided for the possibility of eating on site. There are several restaurants here, a cafe with sweets for children, and open food outlets.

Teddy bear, Teddy B ear

This is a large composition in the form of the famous Teddy bear. In his hands he holds a heart made of bushes. Features – beautiful photos and videos are obtained against its background. They are often placed by tourists in Miracle reviews. Garden in Dubai.

Teddy Bear

The bear is located next to the main entrance. Comfortable benches were placed next to it. This is one of the favorite places for children to have fun. It is also liked by adult tourists. Feature – a combination of colors of various shapes and shades on the green background of the bear’s body. Young tourists are attracted by the unusual yellow Teddy nose and elegant butterfly.

floating lady

This is a novelty of the “Miracle Garden” in Dubai, which appeared relatively recently. The composition is a young girl floating in a sea of flowers, who spread her arms wide. The authors were able to convey the calmness and tranquility of the young lady. Hair and body are made of environmentally friendly materials, the body is enveloped in a sea of flowers of different shades.

floating lady

A frame is used as the basis of the composition; it raises the body of the Floating Lady in Dubai to a height of 5 meters. It can be viewed from afar to see the combination of the flower sculpture with the surrounding landscape. Up close, travelers like to relax in the shade of the sculpture, enjoying the scent of the flowers and the view.

Airbus A380

It is the largest aircraft of Air Emirates, which was provided to create a special themed area in Miracle Garden. The life-size flower installation is located in the far part of the park and occupies a large area. The hull is decked with white and red colors, repeating the colors of the airline’s logo.

AirBus A380

flower arrangement A 380 won the Guinness Book of Records for the largest garden installation. The best engineers and garden designers worked on its creation. However, visitors cannot enter the cockpit and cabin of the aircraft. Next to it are observation platforms and places for recreation – gazebos, benches.

Butterflies Miracle Garden

A large number of flowers began to attract local butterflies. The creators of the miracle garden in Dubai took advantage of this and organized the conditions for their existence. Additionally, new species of butterflies were added, which now number up to 1500 individuals. They fly throughout the park, pollinating plants.

Butterflies Miracle Garden

Tourists and solo travelers should not touch or catch butterflies in the Miracle Garden in Dubai. These are monitored by the staff, there are rules of conduct, which can be found on the official website. In the reviews of tourists there are many photos of these beautiful insects.

Other attractions

The exposition of the park is periodically replenished. New flower sculptures and installations are being created. The reason is that each type of flower has a certain flowering period. Therefore, the staff has to change the already existing observation decks, supplementing them with new plants.

Other attractions

About other flower installations Miracle Garden:

  • Umbrella tunnel. These are arched structures, a state of umbrellas in which flowers and other plants are planted. They are located above the footpaths.
  • Compositions from flowers. They take one or more objects as a basis and turn them into works of floral art.
  • Smurf village. Thematic playground for children, where young tourists can see fairy tale characters. Take a photo with them.
  • Flower clock. Located in the center of the Miracle Garden, their large dial is decorated with dozens of species of flowers and plants.

Before going to the park, it is recommended to study the location of the main attractions and make a route. Please note that the tour may take several hours. So schedule time for meals and sweets for the kids.

Ticket prices, opening hours and contacts

The opening hours of the park are on the official website of the Miracle Garden. On weekdays, its gates are open from 9:00 to 21:00. On Saturday and Sunday, you can stay here until 23:00. However, some exhibits may be closed for maintenance. Once a year, the park is closed for a comprehensive renovation of thematic areas.

Job information. Contact details:

Entrance fees for adults and children over 12 years old are AED 55. Young visitors aged 3 to 12 – 40 AED. Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge. Additionally, there is a large car park nearby.

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