Choosing vans for independent travel

Фургон для путешествий

Independent travel by car allows you to build a route to interesting sights. To organize a tour, you need to choose a car and prepare it. A minimum investment of money and time is required by car vans for travel, which are designed for long trips.

Requirements for vans

First you need to choose the type of car – motorhome, van, trailer or camper. This is affected by the availability of parking space, budget and the number of travelers. Motorhomes offer maximum comfort, but they require separate parking and are more expensive to maintain than a standard travel car. In Europe popular factory models or converted their hands.

Фургон для путешествий

Vehicle Requirements:

  • accommodation for 5-6 people, at least 3 beds;
  • full bathroom – toilet, washbasin, shower;
  • place for cooking food;
  • heating and air conditioning ;
  • the smell of drinking and industrial water.

Off-road vans have separate requirements. To do this, they take middle-class trucks and install equipped KUNG on them, converted for passengers and long trips. An alternative is mounting on the frame of a motorhome. But depreciation will be worse, when driving off-road, comfort is reduced.


For outdoor activities in Europe, you need to pick up reliable cars, vans for travel. The purchase of used models is done after a detailed inspection – suspension, engine, heating systems, air conditioners. Technical and running parameters depend on the type of independent travel – on the roads of Europe or off-road.

Салон фургона для путешествий

Features of the van for long trips:

  • engine power – not less than 120 hp;
  • clearance, important for cross-country ability, – from 160 mm;
  • zone climate control;
  • type of fuel – diesel or gasoline, installation of gas equipment is undesirable;
  • electric generator – from 6 kW;
  • pumps for creating pressure in the water supply system;
  • compartment for storage of sewage waste.

By default, the car should have a refrigerator, a gas stove for cooking. The use of electric models is irrational; they consume a lot of electricity. A separate compartment is used to store the gas cylinder.

Places for luggage – in the cabin, external trunks of large volume. Vans for off-road travel must have a winch. To save space, an expeditionary trunk is installed.

factory models

Automakers do not mass-produce ready-made cars for travel vans. This is done by small companies that adapt cars for specific conditions. The approach allows you to get a vehicle with good driving characteristics, a level of comfort for independent travel.

Peugeot boxer

This car is suitable for conversion into a van for long trips. The model has a roomy interior, without a partition for the driver. The power of the power plant is 131 hp, the gearbox is manual. The disadvantage is low ground clearance, about 140 mm. This can be changed by making a suspension modification.

Peugeot Boxer

The van is designed for road trips; it is possible to go to the dirt road. Off-road, the vehicle has low cross-country ability. For alteration, you need to buy a model with an enlarged roof. Diesel engine, average fuel consumption per 100 km with a combined cycle – 6-7 liters. Expensive maintenance, year of issue – 2012-214.

In the cabin there is a split-system, a tank for cold water, a dry closet. For cooking there is a gas stove, a washstand. Salon transformer, in the stowed state can accommodate 6 passengers, sleeps 4. There are holders for bicycles, a ladder to the roof. Solar panels have been installed to save electricity. The cost of a complete travel van car is $46,000.

Motorhome Carado A 464

Motorhome based on Ford Transit, country of origin – Germany. Engine power is 140 hp , fuel type is diesel. The gearbox is mechanical, the body dimensions are 7.28 * 2.3 * 3.2 m. The weight of the travel van car is 3600 kg. The price of a car is from 60,000 dollars, used models are cheaper by 20-25%.

Carado A 464

The motorhome is prepared for a comfortable trip for four passengers and the driver. In the back there is a large double bed. On the side there is a dining table and four passenger seats. The bathroom is located at the entrance, there is also a shower. A place for cooking in a separate area, there is a gas stove, a surface for food, a refrigerator.

Drawers and cabinets for storing things and products are placed around the entire perimeter. Water tank and generator in separate outer compartments with locking system. A storage compartment for sewage has been installed. An extra bed is provided above the driver’s cab.

Fiat Ducato Crystal Winner

This model can be used for independent travel or as an office on wheels. The car is based on Fiat Ducato third generation. The volume of the diesel engine is 2 liters; the power is 150 hp. Transmission automatic or five-speed manual. Dimensions body – 5.59 * 2.02 * 2.58 mm . Road clearance – 140 mm.

Fiat Ducato Cristall Winner

Inside the car, the travel van is equipped with everything you need:

  • four beds and six seats;
  • climate control for three zones;
  • a place for cooking – a gas stove, a table for cooking, a refrigerator;
  • bathroom with shower;
  • two table .

The van has good thermal insulation; it is convenient for winter travel. You can install an electric heater by connecting it to a regular generator. The advantage of the model is the cost. The price of a used car in good condition – from 17,500 dollars.

Van Matrix

Van Adria Matrix 670 SP is a convenient and comfortable car for long trips. It was developed recently, in 2018 a company from Italy is engaged in the production of the wheelbase, a Slovenian company is reworking. The power of the diesel power plant is 140 hp, the gearbox to choose from is automatic or manual. Dimensions – 7.38 * 2.2 * 2.9 m. Internal height is 1.95 m.

Adria Matrix 670SP

The travel van is designed for 6 passengers. There are beds, tables and lockers. The climate control system works in several zones; the manufacturer has installed a convenient multi-system. Additional options – safe, webasto. The cost of a van is from 87,500 dollars. Over time, the price of a used model may decrease.