Rating of the best cars for traveling on your own

Машина для путешествий


Independent travel by car gives freedom of action, the ability to change the route at will. But this requires a reliable and comfortable vehicle model. The best car for travel should be versatile – for long trips and everyday use.

Choosing a car for travel

Buying a car only for long journeys is costly and unprofitable. He must perform everyday tasks – a trip to work, transportation of children, small loads. Re-equipment for independent travel is done in a garage, without the help of specialists. Provides comfort for the driver and passengers.

Машина для путешествий

Characteristics of the car for long trips:

  • Salon. Comfortable for long stays. The rear seats fold down completely to expand the luggage compartment, make sleeping places.
  • Trunk. Roomy, from 500 l. The door opens around the entire perimeter of the compartment to get and fold bulky goods. There is possibility attach to opening tent or awning .
  • Fuel consumption. On the highway, it should not be higher than 8 liters per 100 km. This will limit the possibility of using the best car to travel in “deaf” areas with poor infrastructure.
  • The suspension is soft, compensating for bumps in the road or rough terrain.
  • Repair in the field. Changing a wheel or a fuse is done by the driver. The more popular the car, the more likely it is to find a car repair shop and spare parts in the vicinity.

It will be difficult for a beginner to choose a car according to these criteria. You can contact specialized companies that will compile a list of current offers on the market.

Rating of the best sedans

Sedans are the most common private vehicles. The advantage is the choice of models and manufacturers, different prices. The latter increases with the growth of comfort and safety. These are not the best cars for traveling long distances. The reason is a small trunk, there is only enough space in the cabin for three passengers and the driver.

Toyota Camry

Class D cars are popular. Price – 17 thousand dollars, there are several types of equipment. The interior is spacious, you can take a model with air conditioning or zone climate control. Good security system, the driver does not get tired while driving during long routes.


Features of Toyota Camry as the best car for traveling on your own:

  • economical consumption fuel ;
  • plenty of space in the back seat;
  • sensors parking , roundabout review ;
  • there is sun protection curtains .

The suspension of the car is soft, it is not necessary to drive off-road on it. It is designed for smooth roads, sensitive to off-road.

Volkswagen Jetta

Middle class car, cost – from 12 thousand dollars. Comfortable sedan for trips around and Europe. The interior is medium in size, the maximum equipment is zone climate control, head restraints for the rear seats, rear and front view cameras for parking.


Volkswagen benefits Long distance Jetta:

  • system recognition fatigue driver;
  • multifunctional multimedia system;
  • fuel consumption – 5.1 liters per 100 km.

Suspension of medium hardness, trips on country and dirt roads are possible.

Honda Accord

This model can be called a family sedan. Soft adjustable suspension, safety system and comfortable ride make Honda The Accord is the best travel car in its class. A navigation system is supplied as standard, and multimedia equipment can be integrated with smartphones.

According to the rating, this is the best car for traveling according to the following indicators:

  • spacious salon;
  • 6.2 liters per a hundred km ;
  • can flood gasoline AI-92;
  • power engine 180 hp.

The rear seats are spacious, passengers can sleep on the road. This makes the model the best travel car.

Renault Logan

New generation Renault Logan has made the car comfortable for long journeys. There will be no high speed on highways and autobahns, engine power is 82 hp . But in this price segment, this is the best car for traveling. Manufacturer added updated multimedia system , touch screen.


Peculiarities use car:

  • small space in the rear seats;
  • consumption 5.8 liters per 100 km;
  • can move over rough terrain;
  • good review for driver.

The disadvantage of the model is hard steering and interior trim. The latter does not affect convenience.

Minivans for travel

Minivans are the best family travel vehicles. The trunk is combined with the cabin, which increases the free space when folding the seats. So you can sleep while driving or in parking lots. The disadvantage of minivans is poor aerodynamics, which increases fuel consumption.

Mercedes – Benz R -class

Designers and manufacturers have developed a family minivan for travel. Three rows of seats can accommodate six people. A two-zone climate control system is installed to regulate temperature and humidity. Minimum power engine – 224 hp . There is constant full drive.

Mercedes-Benz R-класс

Why this minivan is the best travel car:

  • active and passive safety systems, road traffic control;
  • steering wheel with control paddles;
  • 8 pillows security;
  • nine options configuration .

The disadvantage is the cost of the car. In the automotive market, the base model can be purchased for $25,000.

Toyota Alphard

Belongs to the business category, cost – from 44,000 dollars. Roomy interior, 275 hp engine, cruise control make this model the best travel car. Several configurations are available, individual options can be ordered. Consumption per 100 km – 10.5 liters.

Toyota Alphard

Benefits of a Toyota Travel Car Alphard:

  • on the roof there are two observation hatches;
  • ground clearance 160 mm;
  • acceleration to 100 km / h in 8.3 s;
  • panoramic windshield glass.

There may be service issues while traveling. Therefore, it is necessary to make an inspection, repair work.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

The salon is designed with improved ergonomics. This is the best car for traveling and long distance business trips. The rear side doors of the compartment, which is convenient for boarding passengers. The luggage compartment is roomy, to increase it, you can fold the rear row of seats. Blind zones ‘ missing that raises security on the lively tracks.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Advantages of a car for independent travel:

  • automatic box gear;
  • contemporary multimedia system;
  • built-in navigator;
  • comprehensive lighting salon.

The disadvantage is the low ground clearance, which affects the off-road patency of the car. Price – from 19 thousand dollars.

Ford Galaxy

Modern design, panoramic roof, spacious trunk make this model the best travel car. The dimensions of the car are not increased, it is maneuverable on tracks and highways. Engine power is 140 hp, outside the city it consumes up to 5 liters per 100 km. Power unit diesel what reduces expenses on the travel.

Ford Galaxy

Peculiarities car:

  • the layout of the seats is separate; each can be fully folded;
  • security system for all road users;
  • equipment options when buying a new car.

This is a mass model that can be bought at a car dealership or on the secondary market. For the latter, you need to analyze the condition, identify defects.

SUVs and crossovers

For trips over rough terrain or bad roads, choose the best car for traveling – an SUV. They take all-wheel drive models with ABS and other auxiliary functions. Crossovers have worse performance, but they are more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Renault Duster

Budget option for long journeys, can be used to transport small loads. Capacity – up to 5 people. It has good cross-country ability, but there is no all-wheel drive. It can be purchased as a separate option. The price of the basic configuration is from 12,000 dollars.

Renault Duster

Qualities for lengthy trips:

  • ABS system;
  • multimedia complex;
  • additional option – air conditioning;
  • GUR.

To improve comfort, you can order a model with seat adjustment, parking assistant, cruise control.

Land cruiser Prado

For 25,000 dollars. you can buy the basic package of this model. It includes air conditioning, navigation, airbags, driver control. The size of the cabin is large, there is enough space in the trunk to accommodate all things. The best travel car can be equipped with additional protective outer elements – kenguryatniks.

Land Cruiser Prado

Advantages car:

  • the possibility of installing a third row of seats;
  • adjustment of the lumbar support for the driver;
  • installation of headrests in the rear seats;
  • high ground clearance for off-road driving.

Part of the luggage can be placed on the roof. Some drivers install an expeditionary trunk, strengthen the suspension for traveling to hard-to-reach places.

Ssangyong Stavic

This is a Chinese-made frame SUV. The power of the diesel power plant is 149 hp, with a fuel consumption of 6.9 liters. The design of the model is modern, but without frills. The salon is spacious; the volume of the luggage compartment is 600 liters. The rear row folds down, the driver has a good overview. Additionally installed sensory multimedia sensory screen.

SsangYong Stavic

This is the best car for travel in terms of:

  • included full drive;
  • good patency;
  • tall ground clearance;
  • price repair and maintenance.

Except these machines can buy Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Creta or Audi Q7. The latter refers to business cars, but after modification it can be used as the best car for traveling around Europe.