Lightweight tents for hiking: features, models

Легкая палатка для пеших походов

For multi-day hiking trips, you need a reliable tent. It should be light in weight, but at the same time have sufficient volume to accommodate equipment, supplies and clothing. Additionally, water resistance, resistance to mechanical stress are taken into account. A comfortable lightweight hiking tent is an essential component for long trips.

How to choose

The first rule is that good camping equipment cannot be cheap. Buy models only in specialized stores, choose well-known brands. Study the technical specifications, they must correspond to the weather conditions of the trip. Consider maximum and minimum volume cargo.

Легкая палатка для пеших походов

What you need to know about the models:

  • Frame models with the possibility of storage in a case are not suitable, they are unreliable.
  • The tent should be for 2-3 people, do not take with a reserve of space.
  • Water resistance from 4000 mm, bottom – from 6000.
  • Choose a standard design. The simpler the installation and assembly method, the more convenient it will be on hiking trips.
  • Double layer coating. Condensate will not penetrate into the living area.
  • The presence of a vestibule. You only need to store things from the rain, if there is free space in the living space, you can buy a lightweight tent for hiking without a vestibule.
  • Windproof skirt. Needed only for cold weather, when the temperature drops below +5°C.
  • Reliability of corners and seams. They must be glued or boiled. From this depends mechanical strength .
  • To reduce the weight, the arcs are made of aluminum, their number is minimal.

An alternative to new models is second-hand light tents for hiking. They may not be inferior in quality, but everything needs to be checked before buying. Be sure to assemble and disassemble it, check the seams, joints.

Tip: the maximum volume of the model should be 10% more than the planned load. So you can compensate for excess weight.

Feature overview

Before buying, you need to study all the parameters of light tents for hiking. To do this, you can go to the website of the online store, or to a specialized service. In the latter, take the instructions, compare the models. Consider the model, manufacturer, reviews of scarves from independent sources.

Палатка экстренной помощи

Characteristics :

  • The awning material is polyester; the inner layer is breathable polyester.
  • Weight – up to 3 kg.
  • Frame made of duralumin or aluminium.
  • Form – house, cone , cap .
  • Price – up to 25 thousand . rub .

For hiking, light double models without a vestibule are suitable. If you are planning a long trip with several overnight stays, take a more expensive tent. Gathering gear shouldn’t take long. Sometimes this is done in bad weather – rain, snow. Installation speed matters.

Tip : Only one person is needed for installation. If this is not possible, do not choose or buy such camping equipment.

TOP 3 models

When compiling the rating, the operational and technical qualities of tourist equipment were taken into account. The TOP-3 light tents for hiking include models of foreign manufacturers. They are adapted to different weather conditions.

MSR freelite

This series was launched in 2016 and has become popular for short day trips. The height of the tent is 91 cm. There are models for 2-3 beds. Asymmetric aluminum frame, design with increased living volume. For commits bottom need Score pegs from one side.

MSR FreeLite

The inner lining is breathable, the outer lining is protected from snow and rain. In the interior space you can place things, the headboard area is clearly marked. The price starts from 6000 rubles. depending on the design and volume.

Big Anges Copper Spur UL

To facilitate the design, the side walls became almost sheer, and the shape was asymmetric. It expands towards the head. This made it possible to increase the useful volume of the tent by 20%. It is easy to assemble; it can be done by 1 person. New high-strength nylon fabrics are used.

Big Anges Copper Spur UL

Arcs are aluminum, segments are anodized. There are lightweight pegs and fittings. Suitable for multi-day camping, this tent can sleep two people. The sides are high, well protected from water. There are several pockets inside. The disadvantage is the price. For this tent for hiking, you will have to pay from 25 thousand rubles.

Hilleberg Anjan

The design is made on the basis of the Nallo model, changes have been made. For production, nylon is used, which is impregnated with silicone. This increases the moisture resistance. The inner layer is made of a similar material, but with vapor permeability. Minimum area required for installation. Convenient for a long stay, you can spend time here.

Hilleberg Anjan

First, the tent is installed, then the rest. This can be done by one tourist in a short time. The advantage is that the awning can be used to protect equipment without bringing it into the living area. Disadvantages – few air valves, a small window does not allow the proper amount of air to pass through.

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