Choosing the right guide, tips for independent travelers and tourists

Экскурсовод по месту отдыха

During an independent trip or a vacation on a tour, you always want to see local attractions. However, planning an independent trip can turn into a bad experience. The reason is that it is not always possible to find out everything about the place, to make the right routes. To do this, you need to know how to choose a guide, you can do this before the start of the vacation or during it.

Order a guide in advance

The first option is to sign up for a group or individual tour during the tour. Often the cost of the tour is included in the total price of the tour. This will allow you to plan your costs better. It is important to understand all the nuances of the program – duration, time, total cost, route. The question of how to choose a guide most often arises for independent travelers or when ordering an individual tour.

Заказ экскурсовода

Tips for choosing a guide before traveling on vacation:

  • Qualification. It must be an experienced person with the appropriate specialized education.
  • Read the reviews of tourists, travelers. They can be subjective, so you need to read carefully.
  • Experience. This is an important factor that determines the degree of professionalism.
  • Service cost. They should not exceed the market price, but also not be too low. Last thing indicates on the lack of demand guide .
  • Knowledge of the language of tourists. This is one of the prerequisites.

There may be additional conditions. So, for an independent trip around Georgia, you can choose a local individual guide who organizes the entire trip. It is possible to change the program as it is being executed.

Tip : before choosing a guide, it is recommended to find out about his education. Preference is given to historians or people with specialized tourism education.

Choosing a tour guide

It is not always possible to plan a trip to the sights before the start of the trip. Tourists will learn about many interesting places after checking into a hotel. The way out is to book a tour or an accompanying person on the spot. At the same time, a number of important factors are taken into account that can affect the convenience of the trip and the impressions from it.

Экскурсовод по месту отдыха

What to look for when choosing a local guide:

  • Having a license. This is a mandatory condition for many foreign countries. Without a license, guide services will not be considered official with all the ensuing consequences.
  • Experience. It usually takes at least 3 years for good guide skills. But this is subjective, depending on the specific resort and country. The ability to interestingly talk about the features of this place depends on this.
  • Overview of tours. A professional guide should have several programs, different options for the same sights. So can choose comfortable program travel .
  • Place of residence. This is important for planning your trip. The guide must be near the starting point of the journey.
  • Methods of transportation – on foot, by public transport, by car. There will be a separate driver or functions performed by the same person.

It is preferable to choose the latter option. But there are situations when public transport is justified. For example, planning a sightseeing tour of a big city.

The attitude of the guide to his work is important, how professionally he treats it. It is difficult to determine this at the first meeting or in a telephone conversation. The way out is to study the reviews before choosing a guide. This can be done on specialized resources.

Tip : You can use the recommendations of friends or relatives who booked a guide while traveling around the country.

What to look out for

The first is the level of knowledge. A professional guide should know as much information about the sights and the country as a whole. Remember that he is the main source of information and the journey depends on his competence. Feel free to ask questions, clarify the program. This must be done before payment is made.

In addition, technical equipment and communication methods are being studied. This is necessary for hiking to natural attractions, where there is a risk of getting lost. Be sure to check the necessary equipment that you need to take with you. The list of things is compared with the same from other guides.

Remember that a cheap tour guide is almost a guarantee of a bad trip. The services of an experienced guide cannot be cheap. Special attention is paid to prices and additional services.

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