How to quickly heat a tent on a camping trip, an overview of methods and means

Обогрев палатки в походе

An independent trip or a hike in the forest begins with the choice of equipment. The temperature can drop below comfortable, so you need to consider raising it. This is true for summer and winter travel. There are several options for how to heat a tent on a camping trip, using factory models or homemade devices.

Tent heating rules

The first protection against low temperatures is hiking clothes, a sleeping bag and a tent. They must retain heat, creating ventilation for air to circulate. The heating system complements this by setting the temperature at a comfortable level. Choice facilities depends from season , region , duration travel.

Обогрев палатки в походе

Requirements for a mobile heating system:

  • protecting the tent from high temperatures, this applies to appliances using solid or liquid fuels;
  • adjustment power ;
  • mobility, weight and dimensions should be small;
  • simplicity installation and use ;
  • performance of several functions – heating, cooking.

Before you heat the tent in the forest, you need to prepare it for using the heater. The place of its installation is selected, the ventilation system is equipped. There must be a supply of fresh air to maintain oxygen levels.

Improvised tools and homemade products

For autumn, the old method is suitable, how to heat a tent on a hike with a candle. It is installed in the burner, you can use a reflector to concentrate heat in a certain place. The advantages of the method are simplicity and cost. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for winter, fishing, you need to monitor the state of the flame. Since it is difficult to heat a tent on a camping trip in this way, you need to explore other options. Them choose in time preparation for independent travel.

Печка в палатке

Therefore, other methods of heating the tent are used. In a fire, you can heat a large quality of stones and place them on a heat-resistant tray. They will give off heat for a long time, but they take up space, there is a chance of damage to the equipment. Volume heating time – 5-10 minutes. But it will also cool down quickly if the dome is not airtight. In independent travel, it is difficult to fulfill the last condition.

The best method is to install a homemade solid fuel stove. It can be a camp kitchen for heating or cooking. But how to heat the tent if there is smoke from the fuel in it? To do this, make a chimney that exits through the vent.

Overview of factory portable heaters

The use of homemade devices for heating the tent is unsafe. Therefore, it is better to buy factory-made camping heaters. They are designed for specific operating conditions and can work automatically. Types of fuel – liquid, firewood, coal, gas, electricity. The latter are suitable for camping and car independent travel.

Avenger Portable Forced Air Propane Heater

Avenger Liquefied Gas Air Heater is a powerful tarpaulin heater with a solid construction. Its engine is protected from thermal overloads; the maximum power is 6 kW. With him, you do not need to think about how to heat the tent on a hike, even if it is with a large volume. You can adjust the adjustable heating angle to raise the temperature at a specific location.


Push button start, low noise. It does not need to be assembled to activate, the weight of 7 kg allows you to put it in a hiking backpack. Smooth power adjustment, fuel consumption control. Cost – from 130 dollars.

The disadvantage is that the tank fittings are reverse threaded, which can make it difficult to connect a gas cylinder. Before supplying fuel to the burner, the fan must be turned on. At maximum power, high fuel consumption, you need to take several gas cylinders. The model is taken for traveling by car, motorhome.

Mr. _ Heater Little Buddy

It is a compact, lightweight and portable heater that is safe for tents. Its weight is only 7 kg; power is 3.8 kW. Installed horizontally, you can change the direction of the heat emitter. There are low oxygen sensors, rollover protection. A folding handle is provided for carrying.

Mr Heater Little Buddy

Benefits of this camping tent heater:

  • maximum time work – 5 hours;
  • simple nutrition and control;
  • takes up little storage space thanks to its compact design and foldable handle;
  • built-in piezo element for inclusions;
  • protective cover for high temperatures.

Suitable for emergency heating when the main heat source fails. Not suitable for long independent trips or hikes in the forest due to the short working time. There is no power control function.

Portable Heater Mr. Heater Little Buddy is compact and can quickly heat up a large area. If it’s going to be a short trip and you need to keep the bulk of your campsite to a minimum, this is one of the best heaters to keep your tent warm on your camping trip. His can buy behind 32 dollars

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Gray Indoor-Safe Portable RV Propane Heater

Portable Heater Big Buddy by Mr. Heater is the best device with which you do not need to look for a way to heat the tent while camping. It can be used for tourist trips by car, extreme tourism. Its power is adjustable from 4 to 18 kW, there are modes of low, medium and strong air heating. Design protected from moisture, you can use on the open air.

Mr Heater Big Buddy Grey

It will automatically turn off if low oxygen levels are detected or if it is accidentally knocked over. Must be connected to a propane tank that is not enabled via the quick connect system. Can be connected to two fuel sources at the same time. The weight of the structure is 7.7 kg.

The built-in fan increases the heat output and combines convection and radiation. The fan runs on 4 D -size batteries or an AC adapter. To turn on, a manual piezoelectric element is used. There is a protective wire mesh. At an altitude of more than 2000 m, it can automatically turn off due to lack of oxygen. In this case, you need to come up with other methods of how to heat the tent. Price in stores – from 50 dollars.

Zodi Outback Gear X-40 Hot Vent Tent Heater

This professional grade portable heater is the best tent heater on the market. But it is more expensive than other portable models. For uniform distribution of hot air throughout the volume, there are two flexible hoses with a diameter of 80 mm. It has a simple setup, you only need to connect a gas cylinder and a 12 V battery. The air is heated in a few seconds.

Zodi Outback Gear X-40

Peculiarities models:

  • lasting metal body;
  • grate made of stainless heat-resistant steel, which does not affect the purity of the air;
  • there is a bag for storage and carrying;
  • can work automatically at night.

The disadvantage is the cost. Its price is $500, which is an order of magnitude higher than other models. The weight of 15.5 kg makes it difficult to use for hiking. It is chosen for traveling by car or hiking in large groups, when it can be carried by one tourist.

Mr. Heater BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

Portable heater MH 9 BX Buddy is compact; its weight is 4.3 kg. It has a large heating surface. Foldable handle also helps to save space when using or storing

A piezoelectric element is used to start, there are two heating modes for the tent – 4 and 9 kW. This facilitates the question of how to heat the tent on a camping trip in winter or on a cold night while fishing.

The design provides an automatic shutdown mode in the event of a rollover or low oxygen content. Can be connected to propane tanks of different sizes. Cost – from 144 dollars.

It is not necessary to choose electric models of heaters for hiking. They consume a lot of electricity, although they are small in size and weight. They can be used for trailers and motorhomes. An alternative to gas heaters for tents is kerosene. But for them there is a problem with carrying and storing fuel.