Choosing a portable refrigerator for installation in a car, price characteristics

Холодильник для машины

When preparing a car for an independent trip, you need to analyze all the components. The comfort and convenience of the driver and passengers will depend on this. To store food, they buy a refrigerator for a car, which differs from household models.

Types of auto-refrigerators

They differ from conventional refrigeration units in their small size and low power consumption. The latter is done to save the car’s battery power. Embedded models are installed in trailers, campers, vans, cabs of cargo tractors. Most refrigeration units do not have a freezer compartment, as it consumes a lot of electricity.

Конструкция холодильника для машины

Kinds auto-refrigerators:

  • Thermoelectric. The principle of operation – when a current is passed through two plates, one of them is cooled. An additional function is polarity reversal. For better cooling in the design there is a fan.
  • Compressor. A refrigerant is used that, when compressed by a compressor, lowers its temperature. After expansion, it rises. Advantages – a wide range of adjustment, less power consumption, there are portable models for use on hikes, on the beach.
  • Absorption. For cooling, a car or a gas cylinder is connected to the mains. Price these models higher but _ they more economical analogues.

For a long independent trip, you can buy a thermoelectric or compression model. You need to know not only the characteristics, but also the internal ergonomics; the maximum amount of food should fit in the refrigerator for the car.

Characteristics of refrigerators for the car

Before choosing, you need to do an analysis of the proposals. You don’t need to buy a used refrigerator for a car, there is a possibility of a hidden defect. They are not guaranteed. For reliability, they acquire new factory models. They last longer and the price difference is small. Repairing a mobile refrigeration unit can be more expensive than the cost.

Холодильник для машины

Characteristics refrigerators for machines:

  • installation method – stationary or portable;
  • dimensions;
  • length network cord;
  • power supply – 12 or 220 V;
  • cover – horizontal or vertical;
  • power cooling;
  • amount cameras;
  • Possibility of horizontal and vertical position.

Prices for car refrigerators – from 5000 rubles. the cost depends on the volume of the chamber, functions, mobility, keeping cold after turning off. To improve the last parameter, manufacturers offer special insulating bags.

Model overview

The rating of popular models is based on an analysis of their parameters, owner reviews and cost. Each presented refrigerator for the car was tested on an independent trip. Selection conditions – reliability, price, autonomy of work.

Mobicool G30

It belongs to inexpensive models, can be installed in a trailer, motorhome, truck cab. The weight is 4.3 kg; the volume of the refrigerator compartment is 30 liters. For even distribution of cold, two fans are installed in the top cover. There are adapters for connecting to a network of 12 and 220 V. fast cooling, lowering the temperature relative to the environment by 18°C.

Cost – from 81 dollars. This model is made in Germany, according to European standards. The manufacturer gives a guarantee; you can install additional components. The disadvantage is the complexity of the repair. When it breaks down, buy a new refrigerator.


Thermoelectric cooling, optimal dimensions, price are the advantages of this refrigeration unit. The case is made of durable plastic, there is a convenient carrying lid. There are two modes – cooling and heating. In the first one, the temperature drops by 16°C, in the second it rises to +65°C. This can be interpreted for defrosting food.

Компактный холодильник для машины

This mobile refrigerator for the car costs from 46 dollars. The case is lightweight and does not require much effort to carry. The disadvantage is slow cooling. It is taken on long journeys, where the freezing speed is not a critical indicator.

Mystery MTH – 40B

A feature of this model is a convenient retractable handle. When not in use, it can be folded, it will take up 1/3 less space than a standard one. The disadvantage is the cooling rate and the minimum temperature of 13°C relative to the environment. With intensive use, the refrigerator will work without breakdowns for five years.

Cost – from 59 dollars. It has a large volume of the refrigerating chamber, can be transported on special wheels located at the bottom. It is convenient to take it to the beach, leaving the car in the parking lot. To improve performance, they buy a protective cover with a temperature preservation function.