Winter holidays at the tourist base Jasna, Slovakia

Лыжный курорт Ясна

For outdoor activities in winter in Slovakia, you can choose the Jasna ski resort, located in the Low Tatras. This is the largest recreation center in the country with a developed infrastructure, many slopes, entertainment for children and adults. Before the trip, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of recreation at this resort.

Description of the hostel

The sports complex is located in the east of the country, on the border with Poland. It is located at the foot of Mount Chopok. Due to its location in the valley, the climate here is mild and there is a lot of snow. The slopes of the mountain range have a different angle of inclination, which made it possible to develop a diverse scheme of tracks in the Jasna ski resort. It can be found on the official website.

Лыжный курорт Ясна

General description of the hostel:

  • Season – November-April.
  • There is a ski school, there are courses for adults and young skiers.
  • Trails for freeride and snowboarding have been developed.
  • There are trails for cross-country skiing.
  • There is a SPA center, cosmetic and medical procedures are offered.
  • It is located on the territory of the Demanovsky National Park.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can book a walk to local attractions, natural and historical. playgrounds have been made for children. Adult vacationers and independent travelers can order a bath or sauna, relax in local nightclubs, discos.

Tip: before arriving for the New Year holidays or Christmas, it is recommended to book hotel rooms 2-4 weeks before the start of the trip. At this time, there is a large influx of tourists from Europe at the sports base.

How to get there

The nearest international airport is located in Kosice. You can get to the Jasna ski resort from the city bus station by bus, ordering a taxi or a transfer. The alternative is to rent a car. The distance from Kosice to the sports ski complex is 190 km. it is located in the north of the country. Travel time will be 2.5-3 hours. From Bratislava, the distance is even longer, so buying tickets to the capital of Slovakia will be inconvenient.

Карта проезда к jasna

How to get to the camp site:

  • By bus. From Kosice airport you need to get to the bus station. Regular buses depart from it every 40-50 minutes. If the amount of luggage is large, you need to pay for it.
  • On a commuter train. At the railway station, buy tickets to the stations Liptovsky Mikulas or Brezno. The distance from them to the sports complex is 10-12 km.
  • By car. You need to follow the highway E 571 / E 58. You can rent a car at the airport. To do this, you need a passport, credit card, driver’s license.

You can order a transfer when booking a room in a hotel or inn. This method is convenient for large companies that go on vacation with their ski equipment and equipment. You can get to the Jasna ski resort in 3-4 hours. This must be taken into account when checking into a hotel.

Tip: You can see the sights of Slovakia along the way, sometimes tourists plan a trip by car lasting 2-3 days.

Trail map

The sports complex has developed several types of slopes of varying difficulty. The total length of the trails of the Jasna ski resort is 60 km. There are trails for amateurs and professionals of skiing. There are separate tracks for children. They are located in the Lower Tatras, but the peculiarity of the rest is the possibility of buying a common ski – pass , which is also valid in the Upper Tatras.

Карта спусков Ясна

Trail description:

  • Altitude – 900-2000 m.
  • Number of slopes – 17. Black – 5, red – 8, blue – 4.
  • There are 17 lifts – ski lifts, chairlifts, some with a large cabin.
  • There are separate slopes for snowboarding. There are obstacles, complex surface drops.
  • Some routes are illuminated at night. But the skiing time is limited until 23:00.

In winter, an open ice skating rink is flooded. Here you can rent skates, a convenient way to take a break from the ski slopes in Jasna. For lovers of cross-country skiing, several routes of varying difficulty have been developed.

Prices for a ski pass – 20 Euro for 1 day. Ski – pass for 5 days’ costs 95 Euro. If you are planning a complete vacation for 10 days, you need to pay 180 euros for the summit card. Prices for lessons in the ski school – from 150 euros for group exercises. A private lesson costs more.

Advice: You don’t have to take your skis with you, they are rented at the ski equipment rental. Here you can take additional equipment.

Accommodation, food

For accommodation in the ski resort of Jasna, you can rent a room in the hotels of the camp site. There are 5 hotels near the ski lifts. The disadvantage is that there are no cottage settlements, guest houses for tourists are not rented out. However, hotels have good infrastructure – close proximity to the ski lifts, storage space for equipment and equipment. There is a separate area for children.

Отели jasna

Sports complex hotels:

  • Grand Jasna 4*. Convenient hotel located 50 m from the ski lifts. Rooms are designed for 2-6 people. Nearby is a large nightclub Happy End. You can book rooms with breakfast or full board. The hotel has a restaurant and several cafés.
  • Chalets De Luxe 4*. The hotel was built in the form of a chalet – these are several houses connected to each other by common walls. Breakfast is brought to the room, for lunch and dinner you can visit the local restaurant Grand Jasna.
  • Druzba Ski & Wellness Residence 4*. The hotel is located next to the highway “White Way”. Advantages – average prices, good service. Wellness center services are paid extra. There are free shuttle buses from the hotel to the ski lifts.

You can consider accommodation options in Chopok hotels wellness Hotel 4* and Tri Studnichky Hotel 4*. Here guests have free Wi-Fi, there are swimming pools for children and adults.

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