Winter holidays in France at the sports base Waldeser

Горнолыжный курорт Вальдезер

On the site of the old Savoyard village of Val d’Isère, a large ski resort in France has been created in 20 years. This recreation center is the highest in the world and can accommodate many tourists and independent travelers. Now the Waldeser ski resort is a lot of slopes of varying difficulty, a hotel base and a place for winter recreation for children and adults.

Weather and snow cover

The snow level in Val d’Isère is high, which makes it possible to ski, snowboard and freeride. Even in bad snowy years, the Waldeser Ski Resort remains accessible due to its high altitude location. Most trails are above the middle of the mountain, providing accessibility.

База отдыха во Франции

Val Snow Center is the largest in Europe. The new €2 million Snow Factory will provide guaranteed snow cover from November to May. Artificial snow helps keep the ski area in pristine condition even in dry winters. 650 snow cannons cover 40% of the ski area.

Description of the recreation center

Val d’Isère is a lively city full of bars, restaurants and high-end shops. Here you can meet tourists from Europe, America and Asia. This is a great place for skiing with 300 km of slopes connecting Tignes and its glacier. Some of the ski lifts are located in the city center, although many take the free bus to La Daya with a funicular that takes you quickly to Tignes. Buses between La Dai and Val d’Isère take 7 minutes, or 15 minutes on foot.


The village of Val d’Isère lies at 1850 meters and the ski area peaks at 3350 meters on the Glacier Du Pissaillas. Together with Tignes, there are 300 km of world-class variety of pistes that attract recreational and experienced skiers from all over the world.

For beginners, there are blue and red ski runs that run through Espace Killy . This ski area is good for skiing. They have a large length, which allows you to develop the skills of a quick descent.

There are many places for skiing in the vicinity of the Waldeser ski area. You can plan a route through forests and mountains, but before that you need to find out the exact information about the area. It is recommended to use proven routes.

About descents

More than 20 tracks of varying difficulty have been made at the recreation center. Some of them are located at the middle level of the slopes, the complex ones are located at the top. Ski lifts and saddle lifts lead to them. Prices for a sky pass depend on the conditions, for those staying in a hotel or inn they are lower. The cost of a daily subscription will be more expensive than a weekly one.

Карта трасс

List of trails for beginners:

  • Diebold – Bellevarde Mountain, Val d’Isere;
  • Plan Millais – Mount Solaz, Val d’Isère;
  • Genepi – Grand Motte Glacier, Tignes;
  • Cornish, Rhododendron, Melez and Mirtil – Mount Aigul Perse, Tignes.

For experienced athletes and skiers, the following slopes are prepared at the ski resort:

  • Combe Folle – Mount Tovire, Tignes;
  • Double M – Grand Motte Glacier, Tignes;
  • OK – Coupe-du-Monde – Mount Belvar, Val d’Isère;
  • Orange – Mount Bellevarde, Val d’Isère;
  • Arcelle – Mount Solaise , Val d’Isère;
  • Germain Mattis – Mount Solaz, Val d’Isère.

For skiing on extreme descents, you need to prepare professional equipment. Before that, you can practice on easy tracks. List of slopes of increased difficulty:

  • Descente – Grand Motte Glacier, Tignes;
  • La Sache – L’Aiguille Percee Mountain, Tignes;
  • La Face – Bellevarde Mountain, Val d’Isere;
  • L’Epaule du Charvet – Bellevarde Mountain, Val d’Isere;
  • Rhone-Alpes – Mount Solaz, Val d’Isère.

At the recreation center there are rental points for ski equipment, snowboards and special clothing and shoes. They are located at the lifts. You can rent skis for a day or a week. For beginners, they offer equipment with full protection.

Accommodation options

Tourists and independent travelers most often stay in the city, near the ski lifts in the Solaise and Bellevarde areas. Other accommodation options are in modern neighborhoods at the foot of La Daille. In la Daille is located most of the self-catering apartments. Here you can rent an apartment or a hotel room.

The Waldeser ski resort has a large selection of chalets to suit all budgets. They can accommodate families or groups of vacationers. If you prefer to stay in hotels, you can analyze different options, including the new luxurious Chalet Hotel Le Savoie and all-inclusive Club Med Val d’ Isere.

Holidays for the whole family

The Val d’Isère ski resort is well suited for a family skiing holiday. This is a comfortable holiday base for an experienced family that can ski to a high standard as the ski area is very large. New developments on Mount Solaise make the resort much better for beginners, with improved climbing options. Another feature is the easier slopes and special lifts, well suited for those who want to learn how to ski or snowboard.

Group ski vacation

Val d’Isère is a large ski resort suitable for groups of all sizes. The large village includes many shops, restaurants and a bar, and in a huge 300-kilometer ski area there are slopes of any complexity and length. The resort has one of the best ski scenes in Europe with excellent bars such as Folie Douce, Cocorics, The Morris Bar and Dick’s Tea Bar. So there are plenty of places to choose from if your group wants to unwind after a big day. on the slopes.

Горнолыжный курорт Вальдезер

There is a wide range of accommodation for groups, from budget self-catering apartments and hotels with chalets to luxury residences and chalets. The choice depends on the price and the holiday seasons. The cost decreases at the beginning and end of the season, the highest prices are for New Year and Christmas.

Val d’ Isere for beginners

The new beginner ski area at Solaise aims to encourage beginner skiers to get up the mountain and away from the Front de Neige. So they can experience the mountain in all its glory. Beginners can confidently climb the mountain in the Solaise gondola and take a few test rides.

To develop skiing skills, you can order the services of an instructor. It will be useful for beginners and young tourists. The first specs should be done on easy tracks in order to master the primary skills. Then you can move on to more complex ones.