Popular ski resort Sölden, Austria, full description

Лыжный курорт Зельден

Austria is home to many ski lodges and winter sports complexes known throughout the world. One of the most popular was the ski resort Solden (Solden), located in the Otztal valley. It has a well-developed infrastructure, a convenient location, a large map of slopes. It is recommended to find out more about skiing, snowboarding conditions, accommodation options and catering before going on holiday.

General description of the hostel

The uniqueness of the ski complex is due to its location – the hulls and slopes with slopes are located in the valley, which protects them from strong winds. This created favorable weather conditions, the temperature in winter rarely drops below -10°C. The snow cover is stable, snow groomers and snow cannons work to keep it in good condition.

Лыжный курорт Зельден

The famous ski resort of Sölden has a well-developed infrastructure – hotels, hotels, restaurants and cafes are built next to the ski lifts. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can go freeride here, there are slopes for snowboarding with artificial obstacles, pipes, railings. For children, there is a training track equipped with a baby lift.

General description of the hostel:

  • The season starts in November and ends in April.
  • There is an indoor swimming pool and several saunas.
  • You can visit the SPA center, sign up for cosmetic and medical procedures
  • In addition to the indoor skating rink, a large outdoor skating rink is poured in winter.
  • Ski equipment and equipment rentals offer sets of different brands; you can rent individual items.
  • For active recreation, snowmobiles and snowmobiles can be rented.
  • There is a shooting range for 10 stands.
  • International ski competitions are often held here. Winter sports culture is popular in Austria.

With the right organization of recreation at the sports base, you can relax with the whole family, there is entertainment for adults and children. Several playgrounds have been built, kindergartens are operating, there is a slope with tubing.

For lovers of cross-country skiing, several interesting routes have been developed. An alternative is hiking in local natural attractions. Cafes and restaurants where you can eat, taste national Austrian cuisine will provide a relaxing holiday.

Tip: Most hotels and inns are located near the ski lifts. You can find information about the location on the map of the slopes of the ski resort or on the official website of Sölden.

How to get there

The convenient location of the sports complex makes it possible to reach it in several ways – by car, bus or train. The nearest international airport is in Innsbruck. The distance to it is 85 km. further drive from Munich Airport – 223 km. You can quickly get to the Sölden ski resort by car. They do this on their own transport or rent a car at the airport.

Карта проезда к Зельдену

Routes by car:

  • From the west side. It is necessary to follow from Vorarlberg to the Arlberg Pass. Then drive through the tunnel towards Landeck. Here turn onto the A12 and go to the Ötztal junction.
  • From the north side. The path lies through the Aiken Pass along the B181 highway. Here you need to turn onto the A12 autobahn and go again to Ötztal.
  • From the east side. You need to go from Munich or Salzburg along the A93 highway. Then take the A12 highway.

Suburban trains arrive at the Otztal railway station closest to the resort. Travel time from Innsbruck is 1.5-2 hours. From Salzburg the journey will take 4-5 hours. Buses run from the station to the camp site. The alternative is to hire a taxi.

You can get to the ski resort of Sölden by ordering a transfer. This service is provided by local hotels, hotels. Such a trip is convenient for large groups of tourists traveling with their own ski equipment and equipment.

Advice: it is recommended to buy train or plane tickets in advance. The price will be lower than the purchase immediately before departure or flight.

Descent map

The advantage of the ski complex is a large map of slopes. In Sölden there are trails that are 15 km long. An example is the tracks leading from the peaks of the Big 3 (“Big Three”). Several trails are connected here, allowing you to ski from the Schwarze Schneide to the Gaislachkoglbahn staging post. Most of the slopes on the map of the slopes of the ski resort Sölden are designed for vacationers with an average level of skiing. But there are also routes with “black” markings for professional athletes.

Карта спусков Зельден

Freeride routes have been developed, they can be reached by snowmobiles or ordered by helicopter. A mogul track has been made, on which competitions are often held. It is characterized by sharp turns and difficult terrain. Artificial obstacles have been created in the snowboard park – half-pipe, railings, springboards.

About the slopes of the sports complex:

  • The maximum elevation difference is 1873 m.
  • The total length of the tracks is 146 km. of which 70 km are for beginners, 45 km are of medium complexity, 29 km are difficult.
  • Routes for cross-country skiers have been developed. Their length is 16 km.
  • Part of the slopes is illuminated at night, the total length is 4 km.
  • 34 lifts have been installed – 16 chair lifts, 9 drag lifts and 8 gondola lifts.
  • There are 2 snowboard parks.
  • On the slopes you can ride a sled, the number of zones for descents is 13.

A feature of the camp site is the opportunity to go skiing in the summer. To do this, they organize trips to local glaciers. To improve skiing and snowboarding skills, there are good ski schools. There are individual and group lessons. The price of the latter is from 40 Euros.

The cost of ski-pass depends on the time of action. The price of a ski pass for a week is from 293 Euro. You can take a subscription for 1 day for 50 Euros. Children from 5 years old go to the ski lifts for free. The deposit for the chip card is 2.5 Euro.

You can get acquainted with the schemes of the tracks on the official website of the ski resort Sölden. Routes are on information boards located on the territory of the sports base. Part of the slopes may be closed for maintenance.

Important: if you plan to leave before the end of the ski-pass, the price difference will not be refunded.

Accommodation options

For accommodation in a ski resort, you can choose a hotel room or rent a chalet. Prices for booking double apartments – from 42 Euro. When choosing a hotel or guest house, you need to find out their location relative to the lifts. So it will be convenient to organize an active winter holiday. Breakfast is often included in the rental price. Full board offers are rare. An alternative is catering in local restaurants and bars.

Отели в Зельдене

Hotels in Solden:

  • Alpenheim Simone. The hotel complex is located in the village of Zwieselstein, 3 km from the ski resort. Buses are free to the ski lifts. The rooms have balconies, some of the apartments are equipped with a hotel and a kitchen. Free Wi-Fi is available for guests. The peculiarity is that separate beds are not issued for children.
  • Bergland Design & Wellnesshotel. Located in the central part of the ski resort, a superior hotel. Nearby there are several lifts, you can get a ski-pass. There are several restaurants and bars on the territory, breakfast is included in the rental price. Children are welcome, and free parking spaces are available for guests.
  • Alphof Solden. This is a large hotel complex, the infrastructure of which includes restaurants, bars, a large indoor pool, spas. Breakfasts are made from local farm products, there is a large outdoor terrace. The disadvantage is that pets are not allowed.

For large tourist groups, it is recommended to rent guest houses. They are located in cottage towns or in the ski resort of Sölden. The chalet has several bedrooms, a large kitchen and a living room. Some of the houses are equipped with panoramic windows and open terraces.

The problem of the tourist complex is the difficulty of accommodation with animals. This disadvantage has not yet been addressed. Therefore, before booking an apartment, you need to find out in advance about the possibility of ordering this service.

Tip: when staying with children, transfer beds can be provided. Price – from 10 euros per day.


The ski resort has a developed network of restaurants, bars and cafes. For catering, you can visit establishments at hotels, or go to other restaurants. In the first case, the price will be lower, but there may be a restriction in the choice of dishes. In the cafe you can recuperate after a long skiing. It is recommended to try the local coffee from Tyrol or mulled wine. The price of lunch for 1 person is from 30 Euro.

Венские колбаски, блюдо австрийской кухни

Dishes that are recommended to try in Sölden:

  • Vienna sausages. They are made from different varieties and types of meat. You can choose with a minimum fat content, dietary. There are Viennese sausages without the addition of meat – soy or vegetable.
  • Pancake soup. This is a classic broth to which pancake strips are added. Well restores strength after a long skiing, snowboarding.
  • Soup with meatballs. They are made from liver, this dish is traditional for the Czech Republic and Bavaria. Sprinkle with grated cheese before serving.

Some cafes and restaurants are located on the tops of the slopes. According to tourists, it offers good views of the mountains. Photos of the slopes and alpine nature will allow you to remember the rest at this ski resort.

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