The Italian resort of Sestriere, a convenient place for relaxation and skiing

Горнолыжный курорт Сестриере

On the border of Italy and France, there is a large ski resort of Sestriere. In 2006, the Winter Olympic Games were held here, thanks to which the infrastructure of the recreation center was improved, new slopes, services for tourists and independent travelers appeared. Before the trip, we offer to study the features of recreation, prices, accommodation, meals.


Alpine hostel Stazione sciistica Sestriere is located 110 km from Turin International Airport. On the territory of the Sestriere sports base, several dozen slopes of varying difficulty have been made, there are places for freeriding and snowboarding. There are ski equipment and equipment rentals. Guests in this area of the sports complex can be accommodated in hotels and there are several restaurants and bars.

Горнолыжный курорт Сестриере


  • The majority of tourists are Italians. A lot of skiers come from Turin on weekends.
  • There are other sports complexes – an indoor tennis court, a stadium, places for playing football, basketball.
  • In addition to the slopes, cross-country skiing trails have been developed.
  • Additional services – snowmobile rental, excursions to local natural and historical attractions.

Prices for holidays in the region depend on the season. On the official website of the Sestriere ski resort , you can see current offers, book a hotel room, find out the ski – pass price , study other information. Additional services – instructor, transfer from the airport and back, children’s nurse.

Tip: for a comfortable stay, it is recommended to book a tour in February. If you make a reservation 1-2 months in advance, hotel accommodation will be cheaper.

How to get there

The nearest international airport is located in Turin. From this town you can get to the ski resort of Sestriere by shuttle bus, rented or own car. An alternative is to book an airport transfer at the time of booking a hotel room. This is convenient for tourists who have taken skis, snowboards and other equipment with them.

Карта проезда к Сестриере

Ways of travel:

  • On buses. Routes to settlements Oulx , Cesana , Sauze di Cesana . The fare is 5-26 Euro.
  • By car. You need to leave Turin on the A32 highway. Then take the SS 24 motorway towards Cesana , Sauze di Cesana .
  • By train. Buy a ticket for the Turin-Bardonechia train, go to the Oulx station.

Renting a car is recommended only in case of independent travel around the country. Parking at the camp site is paid, this will increase the cost of recreation. Usually they choose to travel by bus or suburban trains.

Important: Please include baggage when calculating your travel costs. Many carriers charge extra if it is overweight.

Descent scheme

The location of the popular ski resort Sestriere is convenient for the formation of slopes of varying difficulty. It is located at an altitude of 2800 m, the drop is almost 800 m. Because of this, 3 ski areas were formed – Monte Sizes, Monte Banchetta, Vialattei and Freiteve. They have a common ski-pass, but they are at a considerable distance. You need to plan your vacation and know where it is convenient to ski, snowboard.

Схема спусков Sestriere

Description of the slopes of the sports base:

  • Made 42 descents. 22 red, 11 blue and 10 black.
  • Several lifts lead to each. Most of the tows, there are saddle and cabs.
  • Snow cannons work. This makes the resort independent of the weather, skiing remains comfortable.
  • The price of a ski pass for 6 days is from 136 Euro. In the high season, it increases by 30%.
  • There are schools for skiing and snowboarding.

Rental of ski equipment and equipment depends on the models. The average set costs 200 euros for 6 days. If you are planning a long vacation, it is better to take this with you. The reason is that there is not always the right model of skis or equipment.

The layout of the slopes in the ski resort of Sestriere is convenient for beginners and experienced skiers. Part is illuminated at night, which makes it possible to ski after sunset. However, consider the opening hours of the lifts.

Important: you can ride in the freeride area. But permanent teams of doctors do not work there, the tracks are not checked.

Accommodation, food

On the territory of the camp site there are several hotels and hotels. You need to book rooms in advance, in December and January there is a large flow of tourists. At this time prices are high. The way out is to book a room 1-2 months before the settlement. Meal options – breakfast, or a complex organization. You can also spend the evening in one of the restaurants or bars of the sports complex.

Отели Сестриере

Where to stay:

  • Grand Hotel Sestriere 4*. Large rooms, private spa. However, this is the most expensive hotel in the camp site.
  • Hotel Cristallo 4*. You can choose relatively inexpensive apartments, there is an indoor pool.
  • Il Fraitevino 4*. Convenient location in the center of the resort.
  • Hotel Biancaneve 3*. Families often stay here, there is a laundry, babysitting services.

When choosing a hotel, you need to focus on the location of the ski lifts. Sometimes the path to them can be 5-10 minutes. first study the map of the slopes of the Sestriere ski resort so that the hotel is close to the desired slope.

Tip: Local restaurants and bars serve authentic Italian cuisine. But there are places where you can try French or Russian dishes.


Tourists note good service, comfortable slopes and accommodation options. Reviews of the Sestriere ski resort indicate that it is convenient to relax here in February. But at night the temperature is low, you need to take warm equipment.

The downside is the prices. It is recommended to book a hotel room in advance, take ski equipment and equipment with you. Ski-pass is common for all slopes of the valley.

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