Finland’s northernmost ski resort – Pyhä

Лыжный курорт Пюхя

For lovers of extreme winter recreation, we suggest considering the unique ski resort of Pyuha, located 53 km from the Arctic Circle. This is a small tourist complex, convenient for families with children. A modern map of slopes has been made here, on which beginners and experienced skiers can train. The disadvantage of the resort is its remoteness from large settlements, a long time on the road.

About the Finnish camp site

The sports complex is located in the northern part of Finland. It is located on the territory of the Puhä-Luosto and Pyhätunturi National Park. Relatively small height differences, unique northern vegetation and clean air are created for a relaxing holiday. However, the temperature in winter can drop to -30°C. Therefore, you need to choose the right ski equipment and equipment. Keep in mind that Pyh ä Ski Resort offers not only skiing and snowboarding, but also hiking in the national park.

Лыжный курорт Пюхя

Good infrastructure is designed for an active and relaxing holiday for children and adults. There is a sports school for young skiers, hiking trails, exciting trips on snowmobiles, reindeer or dog teams are offered in the nature center. The official website of the Pyhä ski resort contains information about activities, promotions and events.

General description sports bases:

  • Ski season starts in November. It usually ends in April.
  • The base is open during the summer. They offer active recreation – travel to the sights of northern Finland, there is a rope park.
  • The spa offers cosmetic and medical procedures, massage.
  • A go-kart complex has been built.
  • Developed routes for climbing.
  • Excursions to visit local hills and farms, where you can see real wild reindeer, the unique life of the Finnish inhabitants of Lapland.

The slopes at the Pyha ski base are professional, and ski slalom and giant slalom competitions are often held here. A good ski school has been established. They teach children and adults of all skill levels. Group and individual programs have been developed.

Tip: ordering a ski pass on the official website of the Pyuha ski resort will be cheaper than buying it upon arrival.

How to get to the sports complex

For a trip to the ski base, you need to plan a travel route. The nearest airport is in Rovaniemi. The distance to it is 130 km. However, it does not belong to the international class. From Russia, you can buy an air ticket to Helsinki Airport. Then make a transfer to Rovaniemi. An alternative is to drive by car to the settlements of Kuusamo or Kittila. From here there are buses that take you to the Pyhä ski resort.

Карта проезда к Пюхя

how get there before camp sites :

  • By bus. Bus routes Pyh ä Ski run from airports and bus stations bus. Time them departures bound for arrival aircraft.
  • By car. You can rent a car and combine a trip around the country with a trip to the resort. However winter This difficult due to difficult weather conditions.
  • Transfer. It can be ordered in advance on the website of the sports complex. This is convenient if a company or family is traveling with their own ski equipment and gear. Price transfer depends from quantity passengers and volume luggage.

On the road you need to take warm clothes. If you plan to travel independently by car in the northern regions of Finland, a route is being developed. The location of gas stations, campsites and hotels for overnight stays is taken into account.

Important: to travel by car from Russia, you need to apply for a visa. Finland-Russia border checkpoints are located at Torfyanovka, Brusnichny and Svetogorsk.

About the slope map

For the convenience of holidaymakers, the slopes of the Pyha ski resort are located on two slopes – Polar and family. The first is designed for experienced skiers, there are many “red” and “black” slopes, developed routes for snowboarding with obstacles. For freestyle, a separate platform has been made, on which artificial springboards, railings, and difficult terrain are installed. A separate training track is equipped, the length of which is 200 m. A baby lift is installed there.

Карта спусков Пюхя

Description descents sports complex:

  • 14 tracks are open – 8 blue, 4 red, 2 black.
  • Maximum difference heights – 500 m.
  • General length descents – 12 km.
  • Lifts – 7 ski lifts, 2 chair lifts.
  • There is paragliding.
  • Freeride is possible. To do this, you can order a trip on snowmobiles, sledges.

Prices for ski – pass – from 35 Euro in the low season. Children under 5 years old are free of charge. There is only one ski equipment and equipment rental point. The price of the basic set is from 50 Euro. Individual items can be ordered.

On the map of the slopes of the Pyhä ski resort, cross-country skiing routes are marked separately. They pass through the territory of the national reserve. Education for children is possible, individual programs have been drawn up for them.

Advice: the hostel is located far from populated areas, if you went to freeride, warn the staff about it.

Accommodation, catering

For accommodation, the resort administration offers hotel rooms, apartments and rental cottages. Pyh ä tunturi is located in the center of the camp site, next to the ski lifts. In-room shower, Wi-Fi, free parking space. It is possible to accommodate 2-6 guests in one room. Self-catering apartments, but groceries need to be stocked up in advance. The resort has few shops and no supermarkets.

Отели Пюхя

For large companies offer accommodation in cottages. Up to 10 residents can stay here. In addition to a large hall, several bedrooms and a kitchen, there is a sauna. For a relaxing holiday built open and closed terraces.

The ski resort has cafes and restaurants. Most of them relate to hotels and hotels. Here they organize breakfasts for tourists. serves national Finnish cuisine, you can try the classic Lapland menu.

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