Holidays in the ski resort of Turkey Palandoken

Лыжная база Паландокен

Not far from the city of Erzurum, Turkey, there is a new ski resort Palandoken. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts and professional skiers can enjoy skiing and snowboarding here. Convenient location, developed and modern infrastructure, good service are the features of the sports complex. Before traveling, we recommend that you study its features – a map of routes, location, prices.

Description of the hostel

The infrastructure of the ski base is designed for young and active tourists, independent travelers. There are several hotels and hotels, discos, nightclubs. Recently, the camp site has become the official training ground for the Turkish national ski team.

Лыжная база Паландокен

General description of the hostel:

  • The season starts in December and ends in April.
  • The weather is mild, with light snow almost all winter.
  • Sometimes, due to warming, the snow cover partially melts on some routes. Therefore, it is recommended to look at them through webcams.
  • Several routes for speed slalom have been developed.
  • In addition to outdoor activities, you can go on an excursion to local natural and historical attractions.

For a relaxing holiday, you can visit a classic Turkish bath, go hiking along the developed routes. The official website of the ski resort Palandoken has a list of current events – festivals, concerts, competitions.

Tip: almost all the staff of the sports complex knows and speaks Russian. This is convenient for vacationers from the CIS countries.

How to get there

The location of the ski resort Palandoken is convenient for tourists. 5 km away is the large resort town of Erzurum. Travel time from the international airport is 15-20 minutes. You can get to the Palandoken ski resort and the peak of the same name by bus, car, or order a transfer, information is available on the official website of the hostel or hotel.

Карта проезда к Паландокен

How to get to the sports complex:

  • By train. Trains from the big cities of Turkey – Ankara, Izmail, Istanbul or Antalya are scorched to Erzurum. After arriving at the train station, you need to take the G bus. It leaves every 30 minutes. Ticket price – from 5 euros.
  • By bus. Travel time from Ankara will be 12 hours, from Istanbul – 19 hours. This is a convenient way if you are planning a trip by car in Turkey. Otherwise, it is better to choose a train ride or arrival at the airport.
  • By car. You can buy a ticket to Istanbul, then rent a car. From the city you need to follow highway 04, then exit onto highways D – 200 and D – 100. Given the complexity of the mountain roads, travel time will take most of the day.

You can order a transfer from the airport or bus station to the Palandoken ski resort. This is convenient for large groups of tourists who travel with their own ski equipment and equipment. The price depends on the number of passengers and luggage. This service is still under development.

Tip: in Turkey it is recommended to order a taxi from official services. Private cab drivers raise prices if they see that a tourist does not understand local prices.

Descent map

On the slope map of the ski resort Palandoken, most of the slopes are located at an altitude of 2200-3175 m. Beginners and experienced skiers can ski here. Freestyle routes have been developed, there is a separate slope for snowboarders with obstacles and difficult snow cover. The central hotel has a gentle and short descent for beginners and children.

Схема спусков Паландокен

About the descents of the camp site:

  • Elevation difference – 976 m.
  • Number of tracks – 17. 8 red, 7 blue and 2 black.
  • The length of the longest descent is 11 km.
  • There are 7 lifts – 2 gondola and 5 ski lifts. There are 2 children’s cable cars.
  • For experienced skiers, it is recommended to choose the southern and western slopes. The rest are designed for intermediate level athletes.
  • Freeride is possible. You can rent a helicopter or snowmobiles to climb to the top.

For hotel guests ski – pass is included in the room rate. Resort guests have to pay for a ski pass from EUR 45 for 1 day or EUR 364 for 10 days. Classes in the ski school are possible according to individual or group programs. Price – from 40 euros for 1 lesson.

There is a rental of ski equipment and equipment. You can take the basic equipment with you on vacation at the Palandoken ski resort, and rent the rest on the spot. The price of a complete set starts from 72 euros.

Important: some slopes are illuminated after sunset. The administration of the ski complex informs about this in advance. Consider the operating hours of the lifts.

Accommodation and meals

The advantage of the sports complex is the choice of accommodation in the ski resort of Palandoken or booking rooms in hotels, Erzurum hotels. The first option is convenient for a long vacation, the second – for a short one. You need to book rooms before the New Year or Christmas in advance, 3-5 weeks in advance.

Отели горнолыжного комплекса

Hostel hotels:

  • Located in Erzurum, guests are provided with free Wi-Fi, parking. Convenient for economical vacation.
  • Dedeman Palandoken Ski Lodge Hotel. It is located in the center, next to the ski lifts of the sports complex. There are places to store skis, snowboards, equipment. There is a sauna, a hammam, a large swimming pool.
  • palan Ski & Convention. Convenient for a long stay at the camp site. In addition to standard rooms and services, you can visit the spa, large indoor pool, saunas, baths. Ski equipment rental is available on site.

You can book a room on the official website of the hotel or through services. Early booking prices are lower.

Contact details

Official website – https :// www . ejder _

Phone – +90 442 317 08 04.

e – mail – info @ snowdora . com

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