Family Finnish resort Messilä, features of recreation

Лыжная база Мессиля

The modern ski resort of Messilä is located in the southern region of Finland. It first received guests in 1969, but the infrastructure was developed only by 1999. It is located in a picturesque place, on the shore of a large lake. It is protected from bad weather by the Salpausselkä mountain range. Before planning a trip, you need to find out all the features of the sports complex – infrastructure, slope map, location, prices for accommodation and meals.

General description

The convenient location of the Messilä ski resort is 10 km away. from the cultural and entertainment center of Lahti, will allow you to choose the types of winter recreation. The sports complex Messil ä is located on the territory of an old manor, which has been converted for a comfortable stay for guests and independent travelers. Here you can ski down the slopes, cross-country ski trails, go freeriding or book a snowmobile ride.

Лыжная база Мессиля

The climate in this region of Finland is mild, in winter the temperature does not fall below -12°C. The mountains protect from strong winds, but at the beginning of winter and in March, due to the proximity of the lake, there can be high humidity. In February, it is recommended to take warm equipment for skiing, this month is the lowest air temperature.

General description of Messil ä Sports Complex:

  • The season usually starts in November and ends in April.
  • Tracks for snowboarders and freestylers have been developed.
  • There are children’s slopes with a baby lift.
  • children’s ski school Werneri operates.
  • Additionally, you can order hiking in the reserve, winter fishing.

An entertaining snow town has been built for children. Every year, ice castles are erected in it, several skating rinks are poured. There are complex labyrinths here. They offer slopes for tubing. Adults and children can order skiing on “cheesecakes”.

Messila ski resort is popular with Russian tourists due to its proximity to the border. Residents of St. Petersburg and the region often come here to relax. Therefore, the attendants understand Russian well.

Tip: when booking a ski pass through the official website of the Messil ä resort online, a discount of up to 15% is possible. It also contains information about events at the camp site, current prices.

How to get there

The sports complex is located just 163 km from the Russian-Finnish border. This makes it possible to reach it by car, bypassing the border checkpoints. The alternative is to get to the Messilä ski resort by train. A high-speed Allegro train leaves St. Petersburg every day. It follows to Lahti station. From Moscow you can take the Lev Tolstoy train. It is recommended to take train tickets in advance, in the winter before the holidays there are very few seats.

Схема проезда к Мессиля

How to get to the camp site from Lahti station:

  • By bus. Every hour there is a regular route No. 4c. It runs from Monday to Friday. The fare is 3.6 Euro. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to accommodate with a large amount of luggage if you are traveling with a full set of ski equipment.
  • By taxi. Services of a licensed service cost from 20 Euros. The price depends on the number of passengers, the amount of luggage. The average travel time is 10 minutes.
  • Order a transfer. A convenient option for a family vacation, or if you are traveling with a large group of tourists. In the latter case, you can order a minibus, which will fit guests of the resort, and luggage.

When planning a trip from Russia to Finland by car, you need to complete all the documents, including visas. To do this, you need to book a hotel in advance, confirm solvency with a bank card with a certain amount of money. Registration takes 3-4 weeks. Air travel to Helsinki International Airport is possible.

Tip: the distance from St. Petersburg to Lahti can be covered in 3-4 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to leave early in the morning in order to be in time for the check-in time at 14:00.

Descent map

The camp site has all the conditions for winter sports. On the map of the slopes of the Messilä ski resort, difficult, medium-light and training slopes are marked. Created routes for cross-country skiers, an ice rink is flooded in winter. Most of the satellites have artificial lighting, snow groomers work. Several snow cannons have been installed. The trails are located on the slopes of the Salpausselkä mountain. There are three ski jumps, international competitions are often held here.

Карта спусков Мессиля

There is a ski school for children. Programs have been developed for young skiers, relatively experienced athletes. The angle of inclination on the training slope is small, which allows you to learn stable skiing and snowboarding. It is possible to rent children’s ski equipment and equipment.

Description of the slopes of the sports complex:

  • The number of tracks is 10. 2 green, three blue, five red.
  • There is a large snow park, which has a street, rails and jumps.
  • The maximum height difference is 111 m.
  • The longest track is 950 m.
  • Mobile belt lifts.
  • On the children’s slope you can ride a sleigh.

The price of a ski pass does not include a plastic card – 6 Euro. The cost of lift services for 3 hours is 37 Euro. Day pass – 41 Euro. At the ski resort for a month or you can get a ski-pass for 7 days for 230 Euros. Ski equipment rental price – from 60 Euro per 1 set. For this, a SkiMac rental office works. Here you can rent individual items of equipment.

Important: freeriding is allowed only in designated areas. Before the trip, you must warn the administration of the camp site.

Accommodation, catering

For accommodation in the Messilä ski resort, you can choose a hotel, a hotel or rent a guest house. The choice depends on the number of tourists and the length of stay at the camp site. Most of the hotels are located near the ski lifts. An alternative option is to rent an apartment in Lahti and take a bus to the resort every day.

Отели Мессиля

Accommodation options:

  • Hotel Messilä. They offer standard rooms for 2-6 people. Conditions – free Wi-Fi, cleaning, upon request, they can provide a bed for a child. In some hotels you can park your car free of charge.
  • Guest house. There are several options depending on the area and the number of bedrooms. It is possible to accommodate 4-12 guests. The layout is a kitchen, a large hall, storage space for skis and equipment. Some have open and closed verandas.
  • Apartments. They differ from hotel rooms in the presence of a kitchen. Products can be bought in shops and supermarkets of the base, or drive to the city.

There are restaurants, bars and cafes on the territory of the camp site. It serves European and traditional Finnish cuisine. The price of a dinner for two is from 35 Euro.

The Messilä ski resort is a convenient place for a family holiday. The disadvantage is that there is little nightly entertainment for adults. Discotheques are held periodically, but there are almost no nightclubs.

Resort Reviews

Most of the tourists staying at the sports complex note in the reviews a cozy family atmosphere. Convenient location and short travel time made the resort semi-polar among residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

According to the reviews, you can see the shortcomings – a relatively small infrastructure, not a rich nightlife. Although the resort is positioned as a family. Therefore, these disadvantages can be ignored.

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