Holidays in the Italian ski resort of Livigno: location, slopes

Горнолыжный курорт Ливиньо

Livigno is a popular family ski resort in northern Italy. A large infrastructure has been made here, there are convenient tracks for beginner skiers and experienced athletes. Tourists and solo travelers can book a room in one of the local hotels.

Description, location

The tourist base is located on the border of Italy and Switzerland in sunny Lombardy, the nearest town of Bormio is located 35 km away. The advantage of resting at the camp site is that it is part of the Alta Valtellina complex. This makes it possible to ski in other places in the region using a single ski – pass. Free buses run between them.

Горнолыжный курорт Ливиньо

Features of the recreation center:

  • The infrastructure is constantly developing, new routes are opening, hotels, restaurants, places for entertainment are being built.
  • Lots of places for freeriding and snowboarding.
  • Long season. Starts in November, ends in March.
  • Freestyle competitions are held here.

To ensure a stable snow cover, snow machines are in operation. The comfort of travel will not depend on the weather, with the exception of snowfalls and winds. But they rarely appear here, more often the sun shines, calm weather.

Regular customers are provided with bonuses and discounts. Examples: reduced price for accommodation, use of a ski pass, rental of ski equipment. This must be found out in advance, the information is posted on the official website of the Livigno ski resort.

An alternative to foreign winter holidays is a visit to the ski resorts of Abkhazia . The infrastructure is developed here, there is a variety of slopes, good service.

Interesting: Livigno is a commune with about 5,000 inhabitants. A duty-free zone is organized here, so the prices for goods and services are lower than in other regions of Italy.

How to get there

The advantage of the location of the camp site is the proximity of several international airports. Innsbruck is 180 km away. If you flew to Bergamo, you will have to travel 196 km. From Milan – 250 km. Munich and Verona are located farthest – 310 and 288 km. The most convenient way to get to the ski resort of Livigno is to book a transfer from the airport. This can be done at the time of booking a room at a hotel or with transport companies.

Карта Livingo

How to get there on your own:

  • Shuttle bass Livigno express. It runs from airports in Milan, Bergano and Innsbruck during the ski season. The cost is 35-48 Euro.
  • Taxi. Convenient, as there is no binding to the departure of buses. However, the price is 250-380 Euro.
  • Car rental. It is necessary to take into account the cost of gasoline in Europe, as well as the cost of toll roads.

An exotic way is a helicopter flight. The maximum number of passengers is 4 people. The price for such delivery is 3100 Euro. This is the fastest way to get to Livigno ski resort. The costs do not include an airport tax of 100 Euros.

Tip: solo travelers traveling to the hostel in their own car must take into account all permits. In the mountains there is bad weather, low visibility. This option is suitable for experienced drivers.

Trail map

The recreation center is located at an altitude of 180 m. This made it possible to make several trails of varying difficulty. Beginners and experienced athletes can try their hand at them. For the first, the services of an instructor are provided, which will help to master or restore the skills of skiing, snowboarding. The total length of the slopes is 110 km. The maximum length is 3000 m. There are 18 drag lifts and 7 chair lifts. Separately built 3 lifts with cabins.

Схема трасс курорта Ливиньо

Description of trails depending on difficulty:

  • Newcomers. Suitable trails located on the slopes of the Val Federea valley. Here are relatively gentle slopes, always a good snow cover. Ski lifts lead to the top.
  • Middle level. We recommend climbing Carozello, which is accessed by several rope tows. At an average height, you can practice skiing for beginners, then climb higher.
  • For high level skiers. At an altitude of 2790 m, red runs begin, but without much difficulty. The funicular leads there. To get up to the Motolino slope, you need to take a lift with a cabin. The height of this track is 2350 m. From here you can ski down or continue climbing Monte della Neva. Difficult black descents begin from the top. Then it is recommended to try to ride on Trepalla (Trepalla). They are designed for experienced skiers.

The current map of the slopes of the ski resort of Livigno is available in hotels, ski rentals and on the website. For all slopes there is a single ski-pass. It is convenient for a long stay at the recreation center.

Tip: if you are planning a long vacation, it is better to take your skis and equipment with you. Rental prices are relatively high.

Accommodation, food

It is better to book rooms in hotels and inns in advance. There is a large flow of tourists here. Additional pre-booking can give a discount. To stay at the tourist base of Livigno, you can choose a local hotel at the camp site or stay in city apartments. Accommodation prices depend on the season.

Отели Livingo

Review of hotels and hotels:

  • Spots Hotel 4*. Located in a small valley, the buildings are made of natural stone. Nearby are the slopes of the ski resort of Livigno Carosello 3000 and Mottolino. There is a SPA center, gyms.
  • Hotel Garnì al Plan 3*. It is located next to the ski lift “25 Livigno – Tagliede”. Guests enjoy free parking and Wi-Fi. It is possible to book with breakfast or complex meals.
  • Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality 4*. Large hotel, made in country style. There is a large gym, spa center. Nearby there is a stop through which buses pass to the ski lifts.

Accommodation prices – 35-80 Euro. Ski equipment rental and ski – pass can be taken at the camp site in Livigno. The price of a ski pass for 1 day is 36 Euro. The longest subscription for 13 days is 299 Euro.

Reviews of tourists

The hostel infrastructure and service are the advantages of a holiday in this part of Italy. Reviews about the ski resort are positive, the quality of the slopes and snow cover are noted. Many hotels, hotels for settlement. The restaurants serve Italian and classic European cuisine.

The lack of reviews about the ski resort of Livigno is the price. They rise for the Christmas and New Year holidays. But if you need to relax and ski without additional entertainment, you can come in February.

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