Holidays in the Levi ski resort in Finland, description, prices

Горнолыжный курорт Леви

The northernmost ski resort in Finland is Levi. It is located in Lapland, just 170 km from the Arctic Circle. There are conditions for skiing for experienced skiers and beginners. There are entertainments for children and adults, the infrastructure of hotels is developed.

Description of the hostel

The sports complex is located in the western part of the Kittila district, on the wide slopes of the mountains, which protect it from strong winds. Levi ski resort can accommodate up to 24 thousand vacationers, tourists and independent travelers. For this, there are 7 hotels, many lifts. The slopes of the camp site are wide, which opens up opportunities for family skiing.

Горнолыжный курорт Леви

General description of the sports complex:

  • The season starts in October and ends in April.
  • Tracks for fast descent, carving, snowboarding have been developed.
  • The snow park is open.
  • There are routes for cross-country skiing, the total length is 230 km. They pass through the hills, you can choose an easy or difficult route.
  • Levi ski school has Russian speaking instructors.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can choose other types of recreation. They offer reindeer sleigh rides and snowmobile rides. For lovers of winter fishing , an area has been allocated on the local lake. You can go hiking as part of a group.

International competitions are often held on the territory of the sports complex; events are organized for guests of the camp site. There are several shops selling ski equipment and equipment. There is a rental shop for skis and snowboards.

Tip: it is recommended to book rooms in hotels and hotels in advance. You can choose to be close to a particular slope or lift.

How to get there

The nearest major airport is in Kittil, but there are no international flights. To do this, you need to buy an air ticket to Helsinki and from there fly to Kittil. Flight time – 1.5 hours. These flights are operated by 6 companies. Then you can buy tickets for a regular bus, pre-order a transfer or go on vacation by train.

Карта проезда к Леви

How to get to the camp site:

  • By train. You need to buy tickets to Kolari or Rovaniemi station. The distance from the first to the sports complex is 80 km. It takes longer to get to the Levi ski resort from Rovaniemi, you need to drive 170 km. Regular buses depart from these cities.
  • By bus. They depart from Kolari bus stations, Kittilä airport or Rovaniemi. The schedule must be confirmed in advance. With a large amount of luggage, you need to pay extra for the fare.
  • By car. One big road passes through the camp site. But traveling by car in Finland can be tricky due to frequent snow drifts.

You can order a transfer when booking a hotel or as a separate service. This is convenient for large companies of travelers who travel with their own gear and equipment. This must be done in advance.

Advice: you can rent a car at airports or big cities. To do this, you need a license, a passport, a credit card. However, the cost of fuel in Finland is high.

Descent map

The slopes are located on 4 slopes; they have different complexity. Therefore, you need to choose carefully. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the map of the slopes of the major ski resort Levi on the official website. There are also conditions for the rental of ski equipment, equipment, ski-pass prices. The site has a list of current events, entertainment for children and adults.

Схема спусков Леви

About the slopes of the ski base:

  • Equipped with 22 red runs, 18 blue and 2 black.
  • The slopes of the front slope are suitable for experienced skiers. There is a relatively steep descent, difficult terrain.
  • On the southern slope there are routes for beginners. It is relatively gentle, you can practice skiing and snowboarding.
  • Fans of extreme sports are engaged in the northeastern slope. Carving, freeride and freestyle.
  • There are 27 lifts – chairlifts, gondola lifts, rope tows. For the children’s track, 1 rope lift was made.

Part of the slopes is illuminated at night, snow groomers and machines are working to maintain the snow cover. The flooring is in good condition. Prices for a ski pass for 1 lift – from 7 Euro. A day pass costs 22 Euro. If you plan to stay in the Levi ski resort longer, it is recommended to take a ski-pass for 10 days for 460 Euro.

Rental of ski equipment and equipment – from 110 euros for 1 set. You can take individual components to improve your equipment. The alternative is to try learning how to snowboard or practice cross-country skiing.

Advice: if you decide to go freeriding on an unequipped slope, warn the hostel staff about it.

Accommodation, food

There are 21 hotels on the territory of the sports base. Guests and independent travelers can choose to stay in the Levi ski resort – hotel rooms, chalets or guest houses. It is recommended to book in advance, so you can rent a room at a price below the standard. Consider the location of the hotel in relation to lifts and slopes.

Отели в Леви

Tourist complex hotels:

  • Levi Spirit 4*. This is a complex of villas, which is located a 10-minute drive from the sports base. The river Ounas flows nearby. Guests are provided with a sauna, a kitchen, a bathroom with hydromassage. Cottages are two-storey. Every day there are buses to the ski lifts.
  • Karhunkieppi Chalets 5*. Advantages – ski slopes are 200 meters away, there is a sauna, a shared kitchen. Guests can relax on the outdoor terrace. Wi – Fi is provided, there is a place to store ski equipment.
  • Golden Crown Levi Igloos. Located next to the Levi ski resort. The rooms can accommodate 2-6 people, there is free parking for guests. Additional services – canoeing, ski equipment rental, bicycles. You can order a transfer from the airport.

Almost all service personnel understand Russian, which is convenient for guests from the CIS. In addition to outdoor activities, you can book excursions to local historical and natural attractions.

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