Koli is a convenient ski resort in Finland for families

Лыжный курорт Коли

In Finland’s Kolin National Park kansallispuisto is the popular ski resort of Koli. It is located near St. Petersburg, which allows you to plan a winter vacation here for 3-7 days or for a weekend. Before the trip, you need to find out the features of the sports complex – location, infrastructure, slope map, accommodation and food options.

General description of the sports complex

The ski base is located on the slopes of two mountains – Ukko-Koli and Loma-Koli, in the region of Finnish Karelia. The first is the highest mountain range in the country, the peak point is at an altitude of 347 m. For Southern Finland, given the low hills, this is a good indicator. The location in the national reserve makes it possible to organize hiking and ski trips, winter fishing, and freeride.

Лыжный курорт Коли

On the territory of the famous northern ski resort there is a large hotel, several restaurants and bars. Conditions for a relaxing holiday have been created – classic Finnish saunas and a SPA center are working. For the convenience of vacationers, ski equipment and equipment can be rented. An alternative to living in a camp site is renting an apartment in the nearest town of Joensuu. It is located 1 hour away.

General description of the sports complex:

  • The ski season starts in November and ends in April.
  • To maintain the snow cover, there are snow groomers and snow cannons.
  • There is a training slope that children and adults can ride on. For the first there is a baby lift.
  • You can order walks in the picturesque park on reindeer sleds, snowmobiles.
  • In the indoor area there is a large water park, several pools.

In addition to ski slopes, the hostel offers excursions to local attractions. You can visit the village of Juuka , get to know the life of the locals. There is also a hydropathic Bomba . There are many shops and supermarkets in the city of Joensuu, here you can buy ski equipment, equipment, Finnish souvenirs.

Tip: there are several unique saunas in the Koli ski resort – peat, soapstone. They recover well after long skiing, snowboarding.

How to get there

The convenient location allows you to get to the Koli ski resort by car, public transport or by ordering a transfer. The distance from St. Petersburg is 514 km, and from Helsinki – 502 km. Therefore, it will be unprofitable to buy a ticket to the airport of the capital of Finland. An alternative is to get to the Koli ski resort by car or train. Border checkpoints are located in Torfyanovka, Brusnichny and Svetogorsk. Before the trip, you need to apply for a visa and documents for the car.

Схема проезда к Коли

How to get to the camp site:

  • By car. From St. Petersburg you need to go to Kuopio. The journey will take 2.5 hours. From there to Joensuu another 1 hour. From Helsinki, the trip will take 4 hours. There is only one road leading to the resort.
  • By train. Several branded trains depart from Finland Station to Helsinki – Lev Tolstoy and Allegro. Travel time – 3 hours. Tickets must be taken to the Kuopio station.
  • By bus. You can get to the Koli ski resort in winter on regular routes. Ski & Spa tourist buses run from the Joensuu bus station for guests of the sports complex.

An alternative is a flight from Helsinki to Joensuu or Kuopio. domestic flights depart several times a day. You can order a transfer, which is convenient for large tourist groups traveling with their own ski equipment and equipment. You can do this on the official website of the resort or one of the hotels located on its territory.

Tip: you need to order a transfer before the New Year holidays, Christmas in advance. At this time, there is a large flow of tourists, there is not always free suitable transport.

Descent map

The slopes of the ski resort are located on two slopes – Loma-Koli (Loma-Koli) and Ukko-Koli (Ukko-Koli). They are located opposite each other. The first is designed for beginner skiers, there is a training track. It has a baby lift. On the map of the slopes of the Koli ski resort, slopes with artificial lighting are marked, which makes it possible to ski after sunset. But you need to keep an eye on the working hours of the lifts.

Карта спусков Коли

Ukko-Koli has the most difficult black track in Finland. There is a large angle of inclination, complex terrain. Some of the routes intersect, which makes it possible to increase the length of the descent. Trees are left behind on some routes, so be careful while skiing and snowboarding.

About the slopes of the ski base:

  • The total number of tracks is 12. Most of them are red and blue. There are 2 black ones and some green ones.
  • Elevation difference – up to 347 m.
  • The maximum length of the descent is 1.5 km.
  • There are 6 lifts – ski lifts, chair lifts.
  • The length of the slope for snowboarding is 740 m. There are obstacles on it, there are segments with difficult terrain.
  • For cross-country skiing, several routes have been created that pass through the territory of the reserve.

Prices for ski-pass for 1 lift – from 23 Euro. A weekly subscription costs 380 Euros. Children under 6 years old go to the ski lifts for free. On the map of the slopes of the Koli ski resort, trails closed for maintenance are marked. This information can be obtained from the official website. For longer stays, it is recommended to take a SkiData Key card, which can be loaded with a certain number of lifts.

There is a ski equipment rental. The rental price of a standard set is from 28 Euro for 1 hour. You can take individual components of the equipment – protection, helmet, boots. Additionally, you can rent snowmobiles or book a dog or reindeer sledding trip.

Accommodation, catering

For ski resort accommodation, Joensuu hotels are recommended. It is 1 hour away, with regular buses departing from the central bus station every 30 minutes. Hotels and hotels of the city are made for skiers. There are large storage rooms, places for drying equipment. Tour agencies work, you can rent a car.

Отели Коли

An alternative to hotels in Finland is renting a guest house. There are relatively many cottage settlements here, you can choose a house for a large company or family. Often the infrastructure includes a traditional Finnish sauna, there are open and closed terraces for a relaxing holiday.

Popular resort hotels:

  • sokos Hotel Koli. The hotel complex is located on the territory of the camp site, next to the ski lifts. The rooms have free Wi-Fi, a bathroom, parking is provided. The price includes breakfast. Price – from 8200 rubles.
  • Aada Hotel. The hotel is located in the city center, there is a bus stop nearby. The interiors are made of wood, there is a place to store equipment. The rooms can accommodate 2-6 people. For families, a baby cot is provided.
  • Vanhan Koulun Majatalo. Travel time from the hotel to the Koli ski resort is 10 minutes. This is a budget hotel complex, convenient for unpretentious tourists. An alternative is to use it for temporary residence when traveling by car in Finland.

For catering, you can visit local restaurants and bars. It serves Finnish cuisine; you can choose a European menu. There are several cafes at the top of the slopes of the Koli ski resort. There you can recuperate after a long skiing, snowboarding.

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