Serbian ski resort Jahorina, description and prices

Горнолыжный курорт Яхорина

For an active winter holiday, it is recommended to visit the Jahorina ski resort , which is located in the Republika Srpska, on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This tourist complex hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984, when there was Yugoslavia. But since that time, a comprehensive reconstruction has been carried out – new routes, hotels have appeared, the infrastructure has been updated.

Description of the hostel

The tourist complex is located on the slope of the mountain of the same name. The popular Olympic venue is only 30 km from Sarajevo, the country’s capital. Over the past 2 years, work has been carried out to improve the infrastructure – the quality of service has improved, new slopes have been made, excursion routes have been developed.

Горнолыжный курорт Яхорина

General description of the hostel:

  • The season is from November to April.
  • Some of the trails are located on the slopes of Mount Ogorelitsa.
  • The average height of the slopes is 1950 m.
  • There are places for freeride, freestyle.
  • There is a ski school, there are children’s groups.
  • Conduct international competitions.

are several hotels and inns located on the territory of the famous ski complex Jahorina. It is possible to rent a house or apartment in Sarajevo by planning daily trips to the resort. The official website of the Jahorina ski resort gives prices for food, ski – pass, rental of ski equipment, equipment.

Tip: most of the staff understand and speak Russian. This is convenient for tourists and independent travelers from the CIS countries.

How to get there

The nearest international airport is in Sarajevo. However, there are no direct flights from Moscow or St. Petersburg. You need to book tickets with a transfer in Istanbul or Belgrade. From the airport you should get to the local bus station. There are regular bus services to the Jahorina Ski Complex from here. An alternative is to book a transfer or rent a car.

Карта проезда к Яхорина

How to get to the sports complex:

  • By bus. They depart from the bus station every 15-20 minutes. But you need to choose a bus with a luggage compartment if you went on vacation with ski equipment. It is necessary to look for flights to Jahorin.
  • By car. A car can be rented at the airport. Then follow the central highway Sarajevo-Niksice. Travel time – up to 20 minutes. The distance from the airport to the camp site is 27 km.
  • Transfer. Convenient for large travel companies. They order a bus where you can load skis, equipment, and other luggage. The service is ordered on the official website of the Jahorina ski resort or when booking a hotel room.

Ordering a taxi is not recommended, fares are higher than standard. The reason is that there are few official taxi services in the country. Therefore, it is better to take a bus or book a transfer. There is no railroad near the sports complex.

Advice: petrol prices in Bosnia are high. If you are not planning a road trip, it is better not to rent a car. There may be additional expenses at the resort – payment for parking.

Descent scheme

The infrastructure of the ski complex is constantly updated. On the map of the slopes of the Jahorina ski resort, most of the slopes are red, for skiers with an average level of skiing. For beginners and children there is a training slope. The snow level is almost constant, snow groomers and snow machines are working to maintain the cover. Part of the slopes is illuminated, you can ski in the evening. However, you need to take into account the operating time of the lifts.

Карта спусков Яхорина

Description of the slopes of the tourist complex:

  • The maximum height is 2067 m.
  • Elevation difference – 547 m.
  • Number of tracks – 12. There are slopes for professionals and amateurs of skiing.
  • There are 9 lifts – chairlifts, rope tows.

Ski pass prices – from 12 euros for 1 lift. You can take a subscription for 10 days for 340 Euros. Prices may vary depending on the season, the current ones are posted on the official website of the Jahorina ski resort, there is also the cost of renting ski equipment and equipment.

12 routes for cross-country skiing have been developed. They pass through the national park. Rental prices for skis and snowboards – from 60 euros per set. You can take individual components of equipment.

Important: the lifts are open from 9:00 to 19:00. Sometimes it is extended until 21:00 for night skiing.

Accommodation, food

Near the recreation center and on its territory there are several hotels and hotels. Booking a room is done online, sometimes you need to make an advance payment. Before the New Year holidays and Christmas, the number of guests is large, so you need to order in advance, 2-4 weeks before the trip. You can book a room with breakfast or full board.

Отели Яхорина

Ski resort hotels:

  • Aparthotel Vucko 5*. Comfortable resort hotel. It has an indoor pool and spas. The rooms are designed for accommodation – 2-6 guests. Recently renovated, the infrastructure has been updated. The disadvantage is the highest prices for accommodation.
  • Termag Hotel Jahorina 4*. The hotel is made in the national style, but the rooms are standard. Prices are average, there is a restaurant and a cafe in the building. Advantage – there are storage rooms for equipment, skis, snowboards.
  • Hotel Lavina 4*. A modern hotel designed for youth recreation. In addition to the standard infrastructure, there is a nightclub here, they offer snowmobile and sleigh rides. There are saunas and baths.
  • Hotel Bistrica 3*. The advantage is affordable prices. A convenient option if you only need to spend the night in a hotel.

Restaurants and cafes often serve national Serbian cuisine. There is a European menu. It is recommended to try meat snacks, local wine. They make good mulled wine here.

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