The best ski resort in Finland Himos: description, prices, slope map

Лыжная база Химос

The Finnish ski resort of Himos (Jämsä) is a convenient place for an active and relaxing holiday, where you can go skiing and snowboarding. It is located in the central part of the country, has a developed infrastructure, historical and natural attractions are located nearby. Before the trip, it is recommended to find out more about the sports complex.

Description of the hostel

The peculiarity of the ski complex is a family business founded in 1984. It started with a small holiday home opened by Juhani Ojala and Kuokkanen. The surrounding nature, the constantly growing number of slopes and the development of infrastructure have made the Himos ski resort popular in the country and among foreign tourists, independent travelers. The camp site is designed for families. For adult guests, slopes of varying difficulty are equipped here, there is a bowling alley, billiards. There are playgrounds for children, events are held periodically.

Лыжная база Химос

General description of the winter camp site:

  • The season starts in November and ends in April.
  • For accommodation, you can choose a hotel, hotel or rent a guest house.
  • The slopes are in good condition, the snow cover is maintained by special equipment.
  • Some of the trails are illuminated in the evening.
  • Several routes for cross-country skiing have been developed, there are zones for freeride and freestyle.
  • You can order a sleigh ride, rent a snowmobile.

In 2017, Himos Resort was in the TOP-5 of the best bases for an active and relaxing family holiday. In addition to sports facilities, there are shops and spas. You can order a group or individual sightseeing tour. Detailed information on the official website of the camp site.

Tip: the sports complex is not designed for active youth, there is only one nightclub. But for sports and recuperation, it is suitable for all ages.

How to get there

Location in Jams, the center of Finland, allows you to quickly get to the ski resort from any city in the country. For Russians, it will be convenient to travel from St. Petersburg by car or bus, or by plane to Helsinki International Airport. From here you can buy a ticket to Jyväskylä ( Tikkakoski ). The distance to the base from this city is 75 km. Buses run from here to Himos.

Карта проезда к Himos

How to get to the sports complex:

  • By bus. You can order tickets from St. Petersburg to Lahti. From here there are regular flights to Yams. On the way you will need to cross the border checkpoint. The method is economical, but inconvenient for travelers who are sent with full equipment and equipment.
  • By car. You need to go to the checkpoint “Cowberry – Nuijamaa ( Nuijamaa )”. Then exit onto Highway 7 and Kouvola. Route number 12 leads from this settlement to Lahti. The last leg of the journey is to Yamsi. It is located at the intersection of highways 24 and 9.
  • By train. A high-speed train departs from the Finnish Station in St. Petersburg to Helsinki. From the capital, you need to buy a ticket for a suburban train to the city of Yams. From there you can reach Himos ski resort in 15-20 minutes by bus. Distance – 7 km.

For large groups of tourists, you can order a transfer from Helsinki Airport. This is a convenient option for a quick ride to the sports complex. However, it is the most expensive. Usually it is used when buying group tours.

Tip: it is recommended to fill up the car before crossing the border, as fuel is expensive in Finland.

Descent map

The layout of the slopes in the Himos ski resort is diverse. The slopes are the longest and highest in the country. They are located on two slopes – North and West. On the territory of the latter there is a snow park, where there is an obstacle course for snowboarders, a superpipe and a street, and freestyle tracks. There is a separate slope for beginner skiers and children.

Схема спусков курорта Химос

Trail description:

  • The total number of slopes is 18. 8 are located on the Northern slope, 10 on the Western slope.
  • The maximum height difference is 151 m.
  • Height above sea level – 370 m.
  • The length of the longest descent is 950 m.
  • There are 12 lifts – 11 ski lifts and 1 double chairlift.

To maintain the snow, cover in good condition, 20 snow cannons have been installed, snow groomers are working. Price ski – pass for 1 day – 37 Euro. Subscription for 3 hours costs 32 Euro. The minimum price of a ski pass for 7 days is from 157 Euro. The southern slope is under development.

To learn skiing and snowboarding, you can enroll in the ski school of Himos Ski Resort.

Accommodation options

The hotel infrastructure of the tourist base is large. Several accommodation options are available for guests in the Himos ski resort – hotels, inns, houses. The latter are the most in the resort, they are designed to accommodate 2-10 people. This is a convenient option for large companies. You need to book rooms in advance, especially before the New Year holidays – 3-5 weeks before arrival.

Отели Himos

Overview of accommodation options:

  • Honkaranta cottages. Designed to accommodate 4 people. The house has a large living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen. Free Wi – Fi is available. There are places for storing ski equipment, drying equipment.
  • Cottage complex Lomahimos. A group of up to 6 people can stay here. Features – in the large living room there is a fireplace, an open terrace. There is a parking lot nearby.
  • Himoshotel. _ There are apartments for 2 guests, rooms for 6 people. There is a restaurant, several cafes and bars. For children there is a playroom. You can play billiards.

All hotels and guest houses have traditional Finnish saunas. Staying in them will allow you to recuperate after a long skiing and snowboarding.

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