Ski resorts in Slovakia in the Tatras, TOP 3

Горнолыжные курорты Татр

The territory of Slovakia is occupied by 2/3 of the Carpathian mountains. This was the reason for the emergence of ski lodges and sports complexes for winter sports. However, choosing a suitable ski resort in the Tatras is not easy, you need to know the location, the route map, service features and prices.

Features of winter holidays in the Tatras

Active winter recreation areas in the country are divided into two parts – High and Low Tatras. In the first area, the height of the slopes reaches 2400 m, in the second – up to 1600 m. The weather conditions differ, the higher the ski resort, the more snow and the lower the temperature. This is influenced by the location of mountain ranges in Europe. Therefore, before the trip, you need to study photos, reviews and a map of the slopes of suitable camp sites.

Горнолыжные курорты Татр

Tips for tourists and independent travelers:

  • Visa processing. To travel to Slovakia, you need a visa, which you can apply for on your own or through a travel agency. This must be done 1-2 months before the start of the trip.
  • The country has 3 international airports – in Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad-Tatry. Most of the tourist charter flights arrive in Bratislava. From here you can get to the ski base by car, train or book a transfer in advance.
  • About language. In large tourist areas, they understand and speak Russian. If this is not the case, the staff of any ski Tatra knows English.
  • Ski gear and equipment. Many camp sites have rental offices, prices are posted on official websites. Some of the equipment can be taken with you, the rest can be rented locally.
  • Currency. In Slovakia, the Euro is used, so all prices are pegged to this currency.

You need to book rooms in hotels and inns in advance, before the start of the trip, 2-4 weeks in advance. Before the New Year and Christmas, most of the places are occupied. An alternative is to rent apartments in the nearest villages from local residents. This can be done through special sites.

Tip: Traveling around Slovakia by car is popular in winter when there are many clear days. So you can see local sights, visit several ski sports complexes during your vacation.

TOP 3 resorts in the Tatras

Before choosing a ski resort in the Tatras, basic requirements are made. For recreation with children, the camp site should have the appropriate infrastructure – playgrounds, hotel rooms provide cots, tables for meals. Additional entertainment – excursions, organization of tubing, ice rinks, snowmobile trips.

If the purpose of the holiday is an active winter holiday, you need to study the route map of the ski resort in the Tatras. Fans of extreme winter sports choose places with the opportunity to do freeride, freestyle. For the latter, there should be special tracks with artificial obstacles and difficult terrain.

GK Smokovets

It is the oldest and largest ski resort in Slovakia, located in the Lower Tatras. It was formed after the merger of several villages of the same name. Located 10 km from the airport Poprad-Tatry. Nearby are the tourist centers Strbske Pleso, Tatranska Lomnica, which can be reached by rail.

Турбаза Смоковец

Description of GK Smokovets:

  • The season starts in December and ends in April.
  • The heights of the tracks are 800-1480 m.
  • Number of descents – 7.
  • The total length of the tracks is 7 km.
  • There are 13 lifts – 11 ski lifts, 1 funicular and a baby lift.
  • For experienced athletes, the Horna Luka slalom track has been made.

On the territory of the recreation center Novy Smokovec, some of the slopes are illuminated at night. There are also snow guns. There are trails for cross-country skiing, they pass through the forests and protected areas of the region. The hotels have spas and gyms. You can order a sauna or bath.

Hostel Tatranska Lomnica

The sports complex is located in northern Slovakia, in the eastern part of the High Tatras. Feature – the maximum height – 2650 m above sea level. Due to weather conditions, a stable layer of snow forms at the end of November and lasts until April. This famous ski resort in the Tatras is designed for families with children. The infrastructure is developed here – a choice of hotels, inns, sledding, tubing. There are preventive complexes that are useful for people with diseases of the respiratory system.

Лыжный комплекс Татранска Ломница

General description of GC Tatranska Lomnica:

  • The total length of the slopes is 17.5 km.
  • There are 16 routes marked on the trail map.
  • Lifts – 3 rope tows, 4 cabins, 3 chairlifts and 1 funicular.
  • 15 routes for cross-country skiing have been developed.

Prices for ski-pass – from 6 Euro for 1 lift. Here you can rent ski equipment and gear. The price of a standard set for 1 day is from 55 Euro. It is possible to rent separate equipment.

For food choose local restaurants or bars. They serve good national Slovenian and European cuisine. An alternative is to book a hotel room with breakfast or full board.

GK Strbske Pleso

The Strbske Pleso ski resort is located on the shores of the lake of the same name in the High Tatras. It is designed for active and extreme winter recreation. Competitions are often held here, many difficult tracks have been developed for alpine and cross-country skiing, slalom, and biathlon. There are places for freeriding. For a relaxing holiday, you can visit the bathhouse, sauna, indoor pool, go to the spa.

Горнолыжная база Штрбске Плесо

Description of Strbske Pleso Group of Companies:

  • The height of the ski area is 1480-1840 m.
  • The number of slopes is 6. Of these, 2 are blue and 4 are red.
  • There are 2 chair lifts and 3 drag lifts.
  • The maximum length of slopes is 800 m.

Price for ski – pass for 1 lift – from 11 Euro. A weekly pass can be taken for 480 Euros. There is a ski equipment rental. You can take equipment for cross-country skiing. The Tatra ski resort has good equipment – the snow cover is maintained here, all slopes are illuminated.

Winter holidays in Slovakia are a convenient way to gain strength and see a beautiful country. Judging by the reviews, the service at most camp sites is good, the advantage is the proximity of sports complexes.

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