TOP 3 ski resorts in Serbia for a budget holiday

Горнолыжные курорты Сербии

To organize a winter holiday, you can consider the option of traveling to Serbia. This is a small country in Eastern Europe with a developed tourist infrastructure. In winter, ski resorts in Serbia are popular, most of which are located in the central part and southern regions.

Features of winter recreation

The country is located on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia and Hungary. Mountain ranges are located in Central Serbia and Kosovo. Tourist bases are made on the slopes of Strana-Planina and the Dinaric highlands. Part of the sports complexes is located in the East Serbian mountains. The highest point in the country is Pancic Peak (2017 meters above sea level).

Горнолыжные курорты Сербии

Features of winter holidays in Serbia:

  • International airports – Belgrade, Nis, Pristina.
  • By train. The Moscow-Sofia train departs from the Belorussky railway station in Moscow.
  • Currency – Euro.
  • They accept cash, credit cards.
  • The ski season starts in December and ends in April.

To travel around the country by car, you need to apply for a visa, prepare documents for customs posts. So you can visit several ski resorts in Serbia, try your hand at several slopes. It is recommended to rest on proven camp sites.

Tip: most of the ski equipment can be rented on site. the rest of the equipment is brought with them, its volume depends on the method of travel – by plane, car or train.

GK Stara Planina

Ski resort Stara Planina is the oldest tourist center in the country. But its infrastructure meets European standards – there are comfortable hotel rooms and guest houses, trails of varying difficulty, snowboarding routes have been created. You can go freeriding.

Турбаза Стара Планина

The sports complex is located at an altitude of more than 1800 m. Most of the slopes begin on the slopes of Mount Babin Zub, at an altitude of 768 m. The camp site is located on the territory of a nature reserve, so cross-country skiing routes have been developed here.

General description of the hostel Stara Planina:

  • The highest point is on Mount Midzor – 2109 m.
  • Elevation difference – up to 495 m.
  • The total length of the tracks is 13 km.
  • 7 slopes have been developed – 3 red, 3 blue and 2 black.
  • FIS tracks for snowboarders .
  • The longest descent is 1155 m.
  • There are 6 lifts – 1 gondola, 1 tow, 2 chairlifts and 1 double.
  • On 30% of the tracks there are systems for the formation of artificial snow, snow groomers.

Some of the slopes are illuminated at night, but you need to find out the opening hours of the lifts. Price for ski – pass – from 6 euros for 1 lift. The cost of a weekly subscription is from 420 Euros. This Serbian ski resort has ski equipment and equipment for rent. There is a ski school for young athletes and adult beginner skiers.

Tip: in addition to slopes, the camp site has spas, saunas, cozy cafes and restaurants. You can order a walk through the reserve, ride a snowmobile.

Hostel Zlatibor

The sports complex is located on the territory of the country’s national park of the same name. It is located in the south of the country. The highest point is Mount Tornik. There are many health centers here. Therefore, you can combine an active winter holiday with therapeutic or preventive procedures. The season in this Serbian ski resort starts in December and ends in mid-April.

Спортивный комплекс Златибор

The slope map shows routes for beginners and experienced skiers. Some of the slopes pass through a coniferous forest, so you need to be careful when choosing a route. Due to the difficulty, professional athletes often come to the Zlatibor ski resort to train.

About the sports base:

  • The maximum height of the slopes is 1150 m.
  • 7 tracks have been developed – 3 blue, 3 red and 1 black.
  • Elevation difference – up to 370 m.
  • The total length of the slopes is 8 km.
  • There are 3 lifts, 2 rope tows and 1 chairlift.

The price of a ski pass is from 16 Euro. If you are planning a long stay at the resort, it is better to buy a weekly pass for 480 Euros. The cost of renting ski equipment and equipment is from 15 Euro for 1 day. For accommodation, you can book a room in a hotel, inn or rent a guest house.

Tip: for tourists with children there is a reduced price for a ski-pass, but subject to booking a room at a local hotel.

Ski resort Kopaonik

It is the most popular winter sports destination in the country. The infrastructure is developed at a large ski resort in Serbia, the total length of the slopes is 70 km. the maximum height difference is 500 m, which made it possible to create slopes of varying complexity – from children’s trails to slalom routes. The resort has 19 slopes, which are 15 lifts.

Лыжный курорт Копаоник

Additionally, there are slopes for night skiing. Part of the equipment and equipment can be rented locally, to improve skiing and snowboarding skills, enroll in a ski school. There is a kindergarten for children from 3 to 8 years old. Classes are held on the basics of skiing, including cross-country skiing.

Holidays in the ski resorts of Serbia are different from the European ones. The level of service is slightly lower, but the price is more affordable. This is a good option for a budget winter holiday. Additionally, you can buy a comprehensive tour with accommodation and meals.

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