The best ski resorts in Romania for winter holidays

Лыжные курорты Румынии

For a complete winter holiday, you can consider sports facilities located in the Carpathians. This is a good alternative to the European Alps. Skiing conditions are not inferior to Austrian or Norwegian camp sites, and prices are much lower. To save money and enjoy skiing and snowboarding, it is recommended to visit ski resorts in Romania, located relatively close to Russia.

Features of winter holidays in Romania

The Carpathian Mountains in the country occupy the northern and northeastern regions. Modern ski bases with developed infrastructure have been created here. Winter recreation in the south is not developed due to climatic conditions. There is almost no snow, the temperature rarely drops below -5°C. But in the Romanian Carpathians, nature has created comfortable conditions for skiing – steep slopes, thick snow cover all season. Here you can do freeride, go sledding, plan hiking.

Лыжные курорты Румынии

About winter holidays in Romania, Carpathians:

  • The ski season starts in November and ends in April. The higher the sports complex, the earlier it opens for guests.
  • The lowest temperature was recorded in January. This month, the thermometer can drop below -15°C. Frequent snowfalls.
  • Convenient transportation. You can get to the ski resorts of Romania by train, car or public transport. There are many car rental locations.
  • Prices. They are lower than in European camp sites. To attract skiers from other countries, discounts on accommodation, ski-pass are possible.
  • Traditional Romanian hospitality. Most of the attendants understand Russian, and the national dishes of Romania will allow you to quickly recuperate after long skiing and snowboarding.

For arrival in the country, you can choose international airports located in the cities of Bacau, Bucharest, Constanta. The alternative is to travel by car. To do this, you need to cross Belarus, Poland, Slovakia. This is a convenient way to see the sights of countries, choose a convenient ski resort in Romania.

Tip: if you are planning a trip with your own ski equipment and equipment, you can order a transfer from the hotel. This is convenient for large tourist groups.

Camp site Sinai

The sports complex is located in the vicinity of a small town of the same name. The infrastructure has been created in the Prakhovy valley, which belongs to the Southern Carpathians. The layout of the slopes in this ski resort in Romania will allow you to choose slopes of varying difficulty. Features of the sports complex – a lot of trees on the slopes. The exception is the training tracks on which classes are held, as well as children ride. Baby lifts are made to climb to their tops.

Схема трасс Синая

About Sinai Ski Resort:

  • Created two areas for skiing – Sinaia and Scar. The first is designed for beginners, the second – for more experienced skiers.
  • The maximum height is 2000 meters above sea level.
  • There are 23 runs – 10 red, 3 blue, 3 black, 7 green.
  • There is a snowboard park. Artificial obstacles are made on its routes – railings, pipes, jumps.
  • The maximum length of the descent is 1312 m.
  • There are 10 lifts leading to the peaks – 6 rope tows, 2 cabin and 2 chair lifts.
  • There are spa centers, nightclubs, discos, an indoor pool.
  • Several good routes for cross-country skiers have been created.
  • In winter, an open skating rink is flooded, you can book rides on sledges and snowmobiles. For children there is a tubing, a snowpark.

Prices for ski-pass – from 21 Euro. You can buy a weekly subscription, which costs 280 euros. There is a rental point for ski equipment and equipment. Classes at the ski school are offered according to different programs – for children, beginners and more experienced skiers.

Tip: for freeriding, you can choose one of the nearby slopes. You can get to it from the ski resort of Romania by rented snowmobiles, by helicopter or on foot.

Azuga Complex

This is a relatively new ski resort in Romania, which is located near the city of the same name. It is located next to the popular camp sites of Sinai and Pryadel. For the first time in the country, an artificial snowmaking system was installed to create a stable snow cover. There are still a few trails, but the sports complex is developing. You can go freeride, check the cross-country skiing routes. The advantage of the camp site is low prices for ski passes and accommodation. In addition to the hotels of the Azuga ski resort, you can rent guest houses or apartments in the city.

Схема трасс Азуга

About the sports complex:

  • Height – 1100 m.
  • The number of tracks is 2. Sorika has a length of 2100 m, the maximum width is 50 m. Snow cannons are installed on it. Cossack refers to the training slopes. Its length is 400 m.
  • The slopes are illuminated at night.
  • There are three lifts – one gondola and 2 ski lifts.
  • Prices for ski-pass – from 13 Euro.

From entertainment, you can choose excursions to local attractions. It is recommended to visit the Rhein wine cellars, which offer wine tasting. Until 1945, this area was the main supplier of the royal court of Romania. The ski resort is suitable for families, but experienced skiers will be bored here.

Tip: you can come to the sports complex by your own car, there are free parking lots for guests.

Sport complex Bushten

Skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering can be enjoyed in the Romanian ski resort Busteni. For the latter, it is recommended to consider the rocks of Mount Bucej. The sports complex is located between Sinaia and Braskov. Bucharest is 135 km away. There are mineral springs on the basis of which sanatoriums and SPA centers are made. For winter recreation, the Busteni ski resort has several slopes. For professional athletes, it is recommended to choose trails with a black mark. Inexperienced skiers, young tourists can enroll in a training center. For each category of guests there are individual programs. It is recommended to choose group training.

Схема трасс Буштень

About the ski resort of Romania Busteni, description:

  • The maximum height is 2200 m.
  • Number of descents – 8 pcs.
  • The length of the slopes is up to 1350 m.
  • Lifts – rope tow, chairlifts.
  • Snow cannons are installed on some routes.

The maximum length of the cross-country ski run is 3 km. In addition, you can rent snowmobiles, order a sledding service. When booking a guest house, a sauna is provided. The base price for a ski-pass is from 18 Euros. The cost of a weekly subscription is from 420 Euros. For family tourists it is recommended to stay at the hotel “Orizont”. There is a large indoor swimming pool, folklore and music festivals are regularly held. There are entertainment for children – playgrounds, kindergarten.

Tip: when booking a room at a local hotel, you can get a discount on a ski pass. The information needs to be clarified on the official website of the Romanian ski resort Bushteni.

Recreation center Brasov

Ski resort Poiana Brasov (Poiana Brasov) opened in Romania relatively recently. It is located next to the city of the same name. The peculiarity of the sports complex is the multitude of facilities for winter sports – cross-country skiing tracks and a bobsleigh complex are made here. There are large indoor skating rinks. A system for freeride has been developed. Inclined tourists are delivered by snowmobiles or helicopters. Sauna visits are offered for a relaxing holiday. You can enroll in a sports complex, which has indoor pools.

Карта спусков Брашов

About ski resort Brasov:

  • The maximum height is 2150 m.
  • Number of tracks – 10 pcs. 3 reds, 3 blue, 4 black.
  • There are 9 lifts – 6 rope tows, two funiculars and one cabin.
  • Price for ski – pass – from 20 Euro per day.

For accommodation built inns and hotels. You can rent a guest house, which has a large hall, several bedrooms. Some cottages have an open terrace, places for barbecue. In addition to skiing, you can visit local attractions. It is recommended to go to the ancient feudal Bran Castle, Peles Palace.

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