The best ski resorts in Norway, TOP-3

Лыжные курорты Норвегии

Winter holidays in Scandinavia are an opportunity to get positive impressions, to get to know this region of Europe better. For the first visit, it is recommended to choose one of the ski resorts in Norway. Winter sports are traditionally developed in this country – ski slopes, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and freestyle.

Features of winter holidays in the country

Norway is one of the safest and most comfortable countries in Europe. Most of the territory is covered with mountains, thanks to which many ski bases and sports complexes were built. The first of them appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Feature – mild winter climate. In Oslo, the temperature drops sharply below -10 degrees. In the mountains, this figure can reach -15-20 degrees. What kind of weather contributes to the uniform formation of snow cover, which is convenient for ski slopes and slopes. This allows almost the entire winter to engage in freeride, skiing and snowboarding. A high level of service, average prices and a developed ski school are the advantages of a winter holiday in this country.

Лыжные курорты Норвегии

Holiday features in Norway:

  • The ski season lasts from November to April.
  • International airports are located in Oslo and Bergen.
  • The national currency is the Norwegian krone.
  • The network of public transport is developed – buses, taxi services, suburban electric trains.
  • The snow is dense, but for freeriding you can find slopes with a loose cover.
  • In stores, you can buy ski equipment and equipment relatively cheaply.

In addition to ski resorts, Norway has many historical and natural attractions. You can visit the fjords, book a bus tour of historical sites. The country is convenient for independent travel. However, when traveling by car, you need to take into account the complexity of local routes. Often there is ice, in the mountainous part of the road winding.

Advice: it is recommended to book rooms in hotels before the New Year holidays and Christmas in advance. Early booking discounts available. This should be done 2-4 weeks before the start of the trip.

Trysil Sports Complex

The Norwegian ski complex Trysil is located 160 km from Oslo. It is located in the eastern part of the country, on the border with Sweden. This is the largest ski resort in Norway, the slopes are surrounded by large coniferous forests. They and large mountain ranges create good climatic conditions for skiing. Snow cannons and snow groomers work to maintain the snow cover. Thanks to this, the ski season starts in mid-November and ends in April. Skier slopes guests of the hostel can order sleigh rides, snowmobiles. In winter, a large outdoor skating rink is flooded.

Лыжный комплекс Трюсиль

Description of the Trysil ski resort:

  • There are 51 slopes marked on the map of slopes – 10 red, 15 green, 10 blue, 16 black.
  • The total length of the slopes is 71 km.
  • There are 23 lifts – 17 ski lifts, 6 chairlifts.
  • Several routes for cross-country skiing have been developed.
  • The maximum height is 1132 m.
  • Elevation difference – up to 540 m.
  • Created snowboarding tracks with artificial obstacles.

Guests of the sports complex are offered several accommodation options. You can rent a standard double room in a hotel, rent a guest house. You can do this on the official website of the Norwegian ski resort, or at a travel agency. Additional entertainment – there are nightclubs, discos, spas. Ski-pass price – from 37 euros per day. There is a rental of ski equipment and equipment. The rental price of a standard set is from 20 Euro.

There are ski schools for children and adults. Book private or group lessons. The cost of the latter is from 24 euros.

Advice: a large observation deck has been made at the highest point of the camp site. The top offers beautiful views that can be found in the photo of tourists. This is often mentioned in reviews.

Hostel Hemsedal

The modern ski resort of Hemsedal is located between Oslo and Bergen. You can relax with your family there are many entertainments for children and adults. A large children’s entertainment center has been created, where young tourists can learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding. The security system is developed, there are several medical service stations. For adults, discos and nightclubs operate at this ski base in Norway. Most of the trails are illuminated at night. There are snow parks, ski equipment and equipment can be rented. For lovers of cross-country skiing, several routes of varying difficulty have been developed.

Лыжная база Хемседал

About Hemsedal Ski Resort:

  • The total number of descents is 53. Of these, 9 are red, 14 are blue, 23 are green, and 7 are black.
  • The total length of the tracks is 45 km.
  • 10 ski lifts and 8 chair lifts have been installed.
  • There are three ski areas at 1497, 1444 and 1370 m.
  • Part of the slopes is for freeride.

Prices for a ski pass – from 45 Euro per day. For a relaxing holiday, you can visit the SPA center, take a walk in the local park. To keep fit, it is recommended to enroll in fitness centers, gyms. A large climbing wall has been created for children and adults.

Advice: when choosing a place to stay, consider the location of the ski lifts. Most of it is located on the eastern slope.

Ski resort Hafjell

The Norwegian ski resort of Hafjell hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. The reason is the wide and very long tracks. The maximum length is 7 km. The advantages of this ski resort in Norway are the opportunity to improve your skiing and snowboarding skills. There is a bobsleigh track where you can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h. A detailed map of the slopes of the prices for services is available on the official website of the camp site. About 80% of the slopes are serviced by snow cannons. Snow cover is uniform, regardless of weather conditions. Some of the tracks pass through the trees, which increases the difficulty. Due to the location in the forest, there is practically no wind here.

Лыжный комплекс Хафьель

Description of the slopes of the Hafjell resort:

  • The number of tracks is 24. There are seven green, 8 blue, 5 red, four black tracks.
  • The maximum elevation difference is 832 m.
  • The total length of the tracks is 39 km.
  • 15 lifts have been installed – ski lifts, chair lifts, gondola lifts.
  • The 7 km long slope has artificial lighting.

It is convenient to relax with the family at this ski resort in Norway, other athletes can choose a difficult ski route. In addition to active winter recreation, you can visit the indoor pool, order a sauna or bath.

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