All about the ski resorts of Andora: slopes, location, accommodation options

Лыжные курорты Андорры

Ski slopes, good freeride tracks, service are the main reasons why tourists return to Andorran ski resorts every year. The location of the country in the central part of the Pyrenees made it possible to organize a network of sports and tourist ski bases. However, for a good rest, you need to study each sports complex – its location, route scheme, ski pass prices and other features.

About winter holidays in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra is located between France and Spain. This is a dwarf state with a population of only 90 thousand people. However, the location in the Pyrenees buy the tourism industry. Several ski resorts have been created on the territory of the state. Andorra successfully competes with recreation centers in France, Italy, Finland. About 9 million tourists visit the principality every year. They replenish the country’s budget by 80%. The bus and rail network allows you to quickly reach the ski resorts of Andorra. For settlement offer hotels, hotels or guest houses-chalets.

Лыжные курорты Андорры

The culture of the country is associated with France and Spain. After long ski slopes, you can try national dishes. They fill up well. The sports complexes have a network of ski schools. They can teach children and adults. Developed ski equipment rental system.

About the ski season in the country:

  • Beginning in December, ending in March.
  • Snow cover is monitored at all camp sites. Work snow cannons, snowcats.
  • The average altitude of the resorts is 1500-1700 meters above sea level.
  • Most of the slopes are illuminated at night.
  • Compared to European bases, prices are lower.

An additional advantage of the treatment of the country is ecology. There are practically no industrial enterprises, the air is always clean. The temperature in winter does not fall below -10 degrees. There is no own international airport, so tourists and independent travelers need to buy tickets to Barcelona or Toulouse. The distance from them to the principality is 200 km, the travel time is 3 hours.

Tip: When booking a hotel room, ask about seasonal discounts. It is possible to provide a preferential price for ski – pass .

Base Soldeu El-Tarter

The sports complex is located in the Grandvalira region. Here are the highest peaks and fairly steep slopes. This made it possible to make the map of slopes of ski resorts as diverse as possible. The total length of the tracks is 210 km. For accommodation offer places in hotels and inns, which are located in the villages of Soldeu and El Tarter. Lifts are located on their territory, which makes it easier to climb to the top of the slopes.

Карта спусков Сольдеу Эль-Тартер

General description of the ski resort Soldeu El Tarter:

  • The number of slopes is 128. Of these, 16 are green, 51 are blue, 42 are red and 19 are black.
  • Elevation difference – up to 920 m.
  • Altitude – 2140 m.
  • Rope, chairlifts, gondola lifts work. There is a baby lift on the training track.
  • There are separate routes for cross-country skiing.

On the map of the slopes of this Andorran ski resort, places for freeriding are marked. Separately made trails for freestyle and snowboarding. Children’s entertainment – tubing, skating, playgrounds. There is a kindergarten, youth sports are developed.

Prices for ski-pass – from 40 Euro for 1 day. You can buy a subscription for several days. The cost of renting ski equipment and equipment is from 60 Euros for 1 set. There is a rental of snowmobiles and cross-country skis.

Important: if you want to leave the hostel before the end of the ski pass, the difference in price will not be returned.

Sports complex Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig

This is the highest ski resort in Andorra, located on the border with France. It is family oriented, there is a lot of entertainment for children and adults. On the territory of the recreation center there is a large shopping center, there is après-ski. There are good conditions for snowboarding and freestyle. The tracks are equipped with artificial obstacles, difficult terrain, relatively large angle of inclination. Skiing after sunset is popular, for this a system of artificial lighting has been made in the ski resort of Pas de la Casa and Grau Reut.

Карта спусков Пас-де-ла-Каса и Грау-Ройт

About the sports complex:

  • Elevation difference – 590 m.
  • The maximum height is 2620 meters above sea level.
  • The total number of descents – 55 pcs. 8 green, 11 blue, 23 red 13 black.
  • There are 20 ski lifts and 11 chair lifts.
  • There is an artificial snow system.
  • Made a track for snowboarding. There is a fan park, halfpipe, boardercross.

The advantage of the ski resort of Andorra is that there are many slopes on the map of slopes for experienced skiers. There is a ski school for beginners and young tourists. Prices for ski-pass – from 27 Euro. If you plan to spend a long time at the camp site, it is recommended to take a weekly subscription.

Tip: chalets often have places to store and dry ski equipment and equipment. But you need to know about this in advance.

Sports complex Vallnord

The ski resort of Vallnord is located in the west of Andorra. It is located in the La Massana region. The capital of the region of the same name is also located here. The sports complex is divided into two bases – Arinsal and Pal. They have a common infrastructure – ski lifts, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and bars. The sports complex is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. The peculiarity of the complex is a large elevation difference up to 1100 km.

Схема спусков Вальнорд

Description of the ski resort Vallnord, general information:

  • Height – up to 2560 m.
  • The total area of the base is 707 ha.
  • The number of slopes is 42. 7 green, 15 blue, 16 red and 4 black.
  • 30 lifts have been installed – 9 chair lifts, 9 drag lifts, belt lifts and a baby lift.
  • There are snow cannons to maintain the snow cover.

For cross-country skiing, a track has been made, 8 km long. 2 freeride zones allow you to train your skills in this type of riding. The ice rink is in operation. There are ski equipment and equipment rentals.

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