Choosing an expeditionary trunk of a car for independent travel

Экспедиционный багажник

Preparation for an independent off-road trip begins with the choice of components for the car. In addition to maintenance, improved suspension and performance, you need to properly place the load. For this, an expeditionary trunk is used for the car, which you can pick up yourself.

The purpose of the forwarding trunk

This design is installed on the roof of a car – a jeep, an SUV, a van, a car. It occupies the entire area; steel or aluminum pipes of square, round section are used for manufacturing. In the middle part there is a protective mesh made of bars. The outer parts of the expeditionary trunk on the car are protected with a rope. This will secure the cargo, reduce the likelihood of damage.

Экспедиционный багажник

Purpose of the basket:

  • distribution of cargo for independent travel throughout the volume of the vehicle;
  • reducing the load on the internal trunk, shifting the center of gravity to the lower part of the car, which increases stability;
  • protection of the roof from damage, if you pull the cables from the kenguryatnik to the trunk – the glass will not suffer from branches.

To complete a car for travel, you need to pick up a ready-made grid or make it yourself. The latter applies if the size of the roof is non-standard or the design of the trunk should have additional compartments, be with the best stiffness indicator.

Types of luggage

For SUVs, they buy factory-made baskets. They are in special stores; the price is 3000-34000 rubles. depending on the design and characteristics. Before buying, you need to form requirements – size, shape, the presence of side or rear stairs. If the mesh is made of aluminum profiles, it will be light. Metal ones are cheaper but heavier.

Багажник экспедиционный

Characteristics of forwarding trunks for a car for travel:

  • Types – universal, individual. For a specific car model. Universal is suitable for most SUVs, for a specific brand of car, it takes into account all the features. Individual are made to order.
  • Mounting method – on roof rails, gutters or on the roof. The first ones are unreliable, since these structures cannot withstand heavy loads. Fastening is done using special clamps. Installation on the roof is difficult, without additional construction it can be damaged.
  • Area – protection of the entire surface of the roof or a specific part.

If the standard model is not suitable for installation, it can be upgraded. Additional stiffeners are mounted, the size increases or decreases. It is difficult to remake the mount, so you need to choose a basket according to these characteristics. Sometimes a remake costs more than a finished model.

Selection by characteristics

After drawing up the requirements, you need to study the proposals for ready-made forwarding trunks for the car. To do this, analyze the assortment and prices of stores, Internet sites. Home-made structures are not always reliable, they are inspected on the spot. Factory models are guaranteed, there are user reviews about their features and qualities.

Конструкция экспедиционного багажника

Characteristics of nets on the roof of the car:

  • dimensions – should cover the entire area, not go beyond its boundaries;
  • material – steel, aluminum, pipe shape (rectangular, round);
  • the number of support points – 4-8 pieces;
  • method of connecting elements – mechanical, welded, combined;
  • the ability to connect to the car’s electrical network.

For the installation of spotlights in the trunk must be special areas. The sides are equipped with swivel joints. For long trips, get water- repellent awnings. This will protect the cargo from moisture, they can be used as sheds in parking lots.

Optional equipment

After the purchase, you can make a design upgrade. This is necessary to improve the quality of the vehicle, increase the visibility from the jeep at night, optimize the location of the load in the grid. Some of the options are in the factory trunks for cars, some improvements need to be done by yourself.

Be sure to install additional lighting – a spotlight. These are several points located on the end of the basket. Additionally, they put several spotlights at the back. They are connected to the on-board system; the inclusion occurs from the passenger compartment. The location of the side is manually adjustable.

Fastening of a spare wheel, a shovel, a sealed stationary container. It is important that the weight of the load does not shift the machine’s center of gravity upwards. Otherwise, the probability of a coup will increase, controllability will deteriorate. When traveling over rough terrain, they make a place for fixing the hook of the cable.