Choosing a gas stove for a car and independent travel

Газовая плита для машины

To prepare for an independent trip, you need to equip the car. They do maintenance, improve its technical and running characteristics. For autonomy of living, you need a gas stove, a place to store cylinders, and other kitchen appliances. Before choosing, study the varieties and determine the degree of convenience.

Types of cookers for the car

A complete set of a car for independent travel is done after analyzing the necessary things. Gas appliances are used for cooking, not electric appliances. This will reduce the consumption of electricity, no need to take additional bulky batteries with you. Cylinders take up less space. But the auto gas stove is connected in compliance with safety rules. So pick up for her accessories.

Авто газовая плита

Types of kitchen gas equipment for the machine:

  • Burner. The number of burning points is 1-4. By design, they are built-in or portable. Latest can use for picnic , take out behind limits car .
  • Infrared burner. The whole surface is heated on it; you can cook several dishes. The disadvantage is that ceramic elements burn out, which reduces efficiency and power.
  • Hand burner. Used for kitchen or technical work. Cooking is inconvenient, you need an additional fixative.
  • Slab-petal. This is a single burner model, convenient for hiking and hiking. The motorhome uses as auxiliary.

All auto gas stoves run on liquefied gas; to connect to the main line, you need to replace the fitting. The position is horizontal, a change can cause the burner to go out, creating a dangerous situation.

Characteristics of gas surfaces

Having chosen the type, an analysis of the technical parameters is made. Each auto gas stove has special properties; they must meet the requirements for installation in a van or car. When buying used models, they are checked – they turn on the burner, adjust its power, and control the operation of the automatic protection against flame extinction.

Газовая плита для машины

Parameters of gas burners for independent travel:

  • Number burners – 1-4 pcs.
  • Power. Affects cooking speed and fuel consumption.
  • Type of ignition – piezo or manual.
  • Dimensions for embedded models.
  • The location of adjustable handles – side, end on the surface.
  • The presence of wind protection – side panels.
  • Type of connection to the cylinder – collet.

It is necessary to choose models with protection against inadvertent switching on when the gas flow is activated, but there is no flame. Usually the flame temperature does not exceed +650°C. This parameter is higher for hand burners that can be used for technical purposes.

The average cost of models is 1200-3000 rubles. The price depends on the brand, technical parameters. You can order delivery when ordering through the online store. Details and specifications can be clarified by phone.

Additional accessories

To use a gas stove in a car, additional components are bought. If it is a built-in model, purchase mounting brackets in the kitchen set. For mobile stoves, a flat substrate is made of non-combustible material. For ease of use, it should be adjustable in height. This will prevent overturning, flame extinction.

Gas is stored in special cylinders. They are equipped with reducers and pressure gauges for connecting and controlling the volume of fuel. Capacity varies from 5 to 30 liters, depending on the possibility of installation in a car for independent travel. You can use disposable cylinders; they are relevant for hiking.

Buy repair kits for cleaning cooking surfaces, pipelines. Spare fuel hoses are needed. They must be of different lengths.