Current time in Montenegro

Пляжи Ораховац

To plan a vacation trip you need to know the time in Montenegro, how much it differs from the time zones of Russia. A mistake can spoil the vacation, the exit is to remember how much to translate the clock upon arrival at the resort. This can be done at the airport or on the plane. Traveling by car translate arrows when crossing the border of the Balkan Peninsula

About the time zone of the state

Find out how much time is up to a second online in the country on this site. However, there will be useful interesting information about the time zone of the resort. In the country, he is one because of the small area. He is tied to the capital – Podgorica. The symbol is Europe / Podgorica. The difference between Moscow is 1 hour.

Information about Montenegro, time, name, facts:

  • Belt – UTC / GMT + 1.
  • Code – CEST AM / PM.
  • There are transitions to the summer and winter mode, coincide with the Russian.

Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic Sea. The population is 667 thousand people. Popular resort towns are Budva, Herceg Novi, Niksiche. There are many local historical and natural sights. Now the current level of tourist service is approaching the European.

When is it better to go

Traditionally, vacation time in the country is summer. Here you can sunbathe on the beach, they are public, admission is free. It is recommended to visit the historical sights – the Ostrog monastery, the fortress of Mamula, the Old Town in Budva. For travel you can rent a car.

It is possible to relax in the winter. However, we must remember that time in Montenegro also translates into winter mode. Ski resorts are developed worse than the sea. Popular skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles.